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September 28 2014

10 Buffy & Angel Easter Eggs you might have missed. Whedon's the master of hiding little "gifts" in his shows. How many do you know already...?

Are these really "Easter eggs"? They just seem like pop-culture references to me, for the most part.
Most of them I already knew, rcrpt that Nerf Herder had played at Bronze and that they were Sta Trek uniforms.

Also, the Halfrek/Cecily matter was explained in one of the comics.

Someone has any video or image from SMG cameo in Funny Farm? I had saw the movie a couple of times and searched the net but never found nothing.
I knew most of the "story-content" trivia (Angel's phone call, "Counting down to 7-3-0," etc.), and some of the background stuff (like Fury's roles), but a few, like the "Happiness is a warm gun" reference, I had no clue about.

I rather like that Nerf Herder actually showing up at the Bronze counts as a sign of the apocalypse.
The only one I didn't already know that is actually an easter egg was the Nerf Herder appearance. That's kind of funny. What's the supposed timeline problem with Halfrek being Cecily, though? I thought the earliest mentioned appearance of Halfrek was when she and Anyanka caused the Russian Revolution, which would certainly take place after Spike became a vampire...
I think Cecily appeared in Fool For Love flashback, wich was around 1880, while the Crimean War from Selfless was near 1853. So, in the comic Spike: Old Times Halfreak showed as Cecily working in a vengeance job.
Small Easter Egg in AoS, S.2, E1: Talbot calls out a call sign/code: "Delta 3 6 5 Sierra Victor 9."

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