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September 30 2014

Here's what the Buffy cast look like now. Thanks Buzzfeed.

Time changes everyone, except for Eliza Dushku and Emma Caulfield.

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Terrible choice of pictures for most of them. Sarah still looks amazing, what were they thinking using that picture ?
Wow. Everybody ages, yes, but it's like they chose the worst possible photos they could find.
I suspect they looked long and hard to find those 'now' photos. And how can you compare promo shots with Red Carpet photos?

Really poor article and clearly not aimed at most BtVS fans who already know what the cast currently look like and where they are working.
Some of the article needs some proper updating on content, considering how much information is online.
Some cruel choices of photos and lighting there. Comparing them in '97 with now is even less fair - seven years had already made a difference.The commentary is not very pleasant either.

They nearly all of them look fantastic still, though I worry a little about how much 'work' some of them may have had to look that way.
Yeah, they are comparing photo shoot shots that have probably been touched up and photoshopped, with candid red carpet photos. Thats a pretty extreme comparison, never mind doing it years later.
Clearly the article was aiming a little below the belt on some of these pics, but I think they all look pretty great.

Where's the "slide photo" of Joss?
Yeah, you can see a "glaze" on almost every face in the now shots. Bad way to compare I was about to say Biana Lawson looks great (and she does) but she's definitely had some work done if you ask me.
I think the "now" pics are fine. We are who we are, marchinmg down the road of Time together.
I'm always impressed that several of the actors have basically not aged at all - particularly Bianca Lawson, Charisma Carpenter, and Emma Caulfield.
I think they all look amazing, even in those pictures. And I might even prefer David Boreanaz in the "now" one!
I have to agree with several folks above. You can't fairly compare retouched studio promotional images with close-up red-carpet environmental flash photos. Even so, the cast still looks great. And in the case of the current scruffy Boreanaz, even better than in the Buffy/Angel days.
I'll say this, David has aged really, really well.

My husband likes Bones, I'm pretty sure Boothe is his favorite character. So, in a fit of nostalgia I was watching first season of Angel on Netflix (even though I have it on DVD). His first words to me when he stepped into the living where, "Wow, he looks better now than back then."

My reply, "He's always looked good."

Also, poor Juliet. They found the worse possible photo ever.

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They should have gone to Juliet Landau's facebook page.

She looks great here

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