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September 30 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x02 "Heavy is the Head". Season 2 continues with an episode written by Paul Zbyszewski and directed by Jesse Bochco.


You goober! Shall we riff?
Only the actual First gets to do that here.
I've lived my entire life wanting to say that, roddikinathome!

ETA: How do you know I am not the actual First?

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You don't SEEM like the ultimate evil. Of course that is how it usually starts, isn't it.
Do you ever see my actual appearance?
Yes. But I can't say more. Classified.
Has a start date for the UK ever been announced ?
great beginning.
Seems like they're not trying to keep the dates so tight together between North American airdates to the international ones.
Good start. Must. Get. Pretzels.
Oh, goody. Talbot. Please let's keep the A-Team Homage to a minimum, eh Jed?
@Sunfire: You are scaring me...
I don't think the studio has all that much control over the dates. It's just a matter for me of knowing when to loosen the screws on the spoiler tongue clamp. :)
Nebula1400, I'm willing to admit you might be a Turok-Han, but the First? That would be ambitious :P
Fitz needs some soup and a hug...
And she is fridged. Hartley, we hardly knew ya. :^(
I wished military interference in MCU was a tad bit less US-centric, considering how the council was made up with people from different nations.

That's been bothering me since the end of Winter Soldier, with so much emphasis on the council during the movie, yet the ending shows Natasha explaining herself to the US government.

Wonder if / when we will see where actual Simmons is...

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Glad imaginary simmons is still around.
Ooooo, Casper Simmons has good ideas.
Isn't analyzing DNA more Simmons bag? Fitz isn't the only one mad that Simmons bailed.
Dear Catastrophe Waitress...
I foresee Fitz making a breakthrough, but too late for that poor waitress.
Catastrophe Waitress! If she became a Marvel character, what would she be called? Is "Catastrophe" taken?
So, if Simmons is saying the words, then Fitz is thinking them. Right.
Still not really sold on Hunter, decent fella, but it will take a some time to really warm up to this character.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2014-10-01 02:29 ]
Catastrophe Waitress! If she became a Marvel character, what would she be called? Is "Catastrophe" taken?

Yay! She's baaaack!
Welcome back Raina.
Yesss Raina's back!
Ha. I love how excited everyone is to see her.
And another simulpost with nebs... Don't tell your boy/girl-friend. I don't wanna get shot. :)
thank you for that.
How did she track him? Who is she working for?
I love Raina. She seems a little fanatical though.
He better not be a double crossing double crosser!
Remember when Raina was a drag? Man, is Season 1 paying off.

Also, bless Fitz!
Not even going to speculate.
Well crap. I liked that guy more this episode, too.
This is gonna be... a double cross. Colour me shocked.
Never ever trust someone who's been captured by the enemy, and then let go.
What's up with Blood?
I think it's a double cross to kill Crill (or however it's spelled.) So, romantically motivated double cross I guess maybe I can forgive... uh, maybe.
It could be a triple cross.
He just wants a little vengeance, I think. Not sure he's working for the general.

They can't do Ward Part II so early in the game.
We're just talking over each other now, roddikinathome.
Raina? Mockingbird?
Well... so it was for love. But he's still a dumbass.
"That's just marvelous!" Hee.
Mmmmmkayyyyy... what?
He can't use chalk?
Show me my daughter.
So... the sleeper has awakened?
Skye's dad is the spirit of Cary Grant. This explains a lot.
Well, paint my toenails and call me Lucy!
Skye's dad looks like Kyle McChlachlan.
He can't use chalk?

NYPinTA | October 01, 02:52 CET

Best comment tonight!
It was a double triple cross with a half-twist. Difficulty factor 5.
@Sunfire Ha!

@Nebula1400 Thanks. :)
Ahhhh... preview....
But tastes good and goes down smoothly.
No, Simmons. Nooooo!
Not a bad episode tonight although I liked the premiere a little more.Loved the tag with Talbot and Coulson and the preview for next wekk looks wild.
.... wait, did I miss something with Simmons?
Simmons is HYDRA! Holy crap! I mean I'm kind of concerned it's a either a mislead or she's a double agent, but holy crap!
AHHHHHHH that preview!!!!!!!!!
No way Simmons is Hydra.
Noooooooooooooooooooooo my future wife.
Bet Simmons is just scouring HYDRA for tech to help heal Fitz. But we'll see...
Simmons = red herring? Looks like we're looking at a lot of duality this season.
If Simmons was really Hydra, they wouldn't put the reveal in a preview. They'd save it for the show.
I'm not jumping to any conclusions. That leads to broken toes.
I' m with Squishy.
Dark Simmons...she already raided Willow's closet.
I've been assuming she's off working on something to help Fitz related to the alien cure stuff she was frustrated about in S1. HYDRA is pretty much the only game in town for that sort of thing right now.
Maybe the cure will give Fitz some funky superpowers. But at a price, of course!!
I'm a little bummed they took down the absorbing man so easily. He's a heavy hitter among Marvel super villains and that really didn't come across here.
Oh I'm sure he'll be back with a vengeance. Talbot can't contain him THAT long.
Because Talbot is kind of a num num. Loved how he blamed Coulson for Crill (am I spelling that right?) escaping the first time.
Every time they said Creel/Crill all I could think of was Sabertooth.
I have a feeling Creel, Catastrophe Waitress, and Hartley will all be back, unless they plan to pull out much bigger guns beyond the second or third episode.
Aren't Hartley and the waitress dead? Did I miss something suggesting ambiguity on this point?

I actually missed a fair bit of dialogue this ep.

[ edited by Squishy on 2014-10-01 03:36 ]
Eh, I think Hartley may be kaput. I mean, they hired Brad Dourif to sit in a chair and read a few lines of a screen, so them killing Xena in episode 1 isn't that shocking when you think about it.
Maybe that's an AoS trademark. The bigger the star, the deader their role. Catastrophe Waitress was a bigger star than any of them.
Huh - bit of a mixed bag this one. Some of the issues from Season 1 raised their annoying little heads, but the last 10-15 minutes saved it, and provided they stick to the stated goal of keeping things moving it's all good.

On the positive front:

*Coulson / Talbot is quickly becoming my favorite TV duo
*Raina - Good to see her back - creepy n sexy n' damn odd
*Didn't see the inevitable betrayal coming in the van
*Kyle appears ready to out Big Bad Reed Diamond as this season's Big Bad
*Simmons Preview - I called it last season!! (tho' I doubt it now)
*I like the dude who's partnered w/ Fitz - character name escapes

Downside? I've given up on this show (TV?) being able to portray action scenes with a comic book blockbuster vibe. As mentioned earlier the Absorbing Man was reduced to being a tough guy in a tee shirt, in the same way Deathlok came off as a spandex Power Ranger cosplay last season. If the budget/schedule doesn't allow for impressive action set pieces than avoid writing in those type of heroes/villains, because that fight scene was right out of the Rockford Files

Other annoyance? I get they're pushing for a "darker" tone, and this includes a gruffer edgier Coulson. If that's the case you have to lose the yoga jokes, and bathroom re-done quips. Tonally it just feels off

Enjoyed it - but looking to next week more w/ Simmons and Skyedad stuff gaining center stage

[ edited by TallMichaelJ on 2014-10-01 04:00 ]
So... any chance at this point that Raina is Skye's mother? Agent Cooper told her to bring him "my daughter" rather than "our daughter," but then Raina and Skye apparently share the ability to handle the Obelisk without getting fried.
Did Skye handle the Obelisk?
No... but Raina asked "The Doctor" to show her how to use it, and he said "Bring me my daughter, and I'll show both of you."
Doubt it. Raina looks too young to be Skye's mother. It's almost certain now that she and Skye are descended from the same type of "monsters" now. So we have Skye's father and Whitehall aka Craken as powered villains now.
Depending on what she is, though, Raina's appearance may not have anything to do with her actual age.
True. But Raina knew Skye was shot and didn't seem to care which wouldn't add up if she was one of the ones to slaughter a village to get her back, and Raina seems to want to know how she is or if she can become "gifted". She would already know if she gave birth to an 084.
Wait, I missed something I think. Who played the waitress?

Edit: Oh, you're poking fun. n/m :P

[ edited by Grack21 on 2014-10-01 05:29 ]
Yeah, I was, but not at anyone. Just liked saying Catastrophe Waitress.
Downside? I've given up on this show (TV?) being able to portray action scenes with a comic book blockbuster vibe. As mentioned earlier the Absorbing Man was reduced to being a tough guy in a tee shirt, in the same way Deathlok came off as a spandex Power Ranger cosplay last season. If the budget/schedule doesn't allow for impressive action set pieces than avoid writing in those type of heroes/villains, because that fight scene was right out of the Rockford Files

Completely agree. It was a good episode, but my god do they need to beef up the action/choreography in those scenes. It hasn't really improved from S1. Maybe the PTB's can get the guys that do the fights on Banshee.
I have to assume that people who believe that TV may be unable portray action scenes with a comic book blockbuster vibe are simply not watching Arrow. I love SHIELD, but for action, it's Arrow all the way: absolutely gorgeous choreography damn near every time.
"Arrow" is dark, murky, and convoluted. I have tried to get into it, but it just doesn't click with me. Frankly, despite liking Marvel superhero movies, and Gotham (which has Ben Edlund!), I find action scenes generally to be filler for lack of good stories. I'm really OK with AoS not being Iron Man or Captain America.
Cool. I love both SHIELD and Arrow, but right now Arrow wins out between the two for me because their action sequences are executed with much more finesse. I find the stories to be equally engaging. If you only gave Arrow a few of episodes, I would recommend revisiting it.
I never watch the previews and now you guys have me freaked out! Can't wait for next week's episode. How long is the run of episodes again, before the christmas / Agent Carter break?

No way Raina is Skye's mom, but now that you raised the question, I do wonder who and where she is. Right now I just have trouble seeing Kyle MacLachlan as a scary Alien dude and not as The Captain.

@QingTing, I also LOVE Arrow. I enjoyed it at first, and when I watched season 1-2 for a second time, even more so. The action is extremely well done, AoS is nothing in comparison, sadly...
Simmons must be undercover or looking for a cure or something that hasn't got anything to do with what they want us to think. I refuse to believe that.

Skye's evil papa! Wait, does this mean Raina is an alien too? Had a feeling she was not human.

Ward didn't appear in this episode and I didn't even notice until the promo - shows us how good this episode was.

I love the new char in Mac. He's so - zen. Whenever he's on screen, I feel it's all going to be alright. Perfect balance with Fitz. Also, yay for Fitz saving the day again - now that he has someone to help translate his thoughts, maybe we can start seeing some improvement. But wonder when he's going to admit to himself that Simmons left? Maybe when she comes back.

Phil. Your crazy is showing. May shouldn't let him work with knives! Someone give the man a crayon. Crayons are powerful world saving objects.
I always felt that Raina and Skye were the same, from something Raina had said about Skye in season 1, but I can't remember what it was, argh!
It's like watching a new show. They have totally change their rythm and storytelling, and that's a good thing.
I see a lot of people here are wondering about Raina being Skye's mother. But... Could she be her sister instead ?
I really like Mac. I'm looking up Henry Simmons on IMDB right now to see what else he's done.
I can now say Talbot, Hunter, & Mac are all great additions to the cast. All three really shined in the episode.
What happened to Raina at the end of last season? Wasn't she in SHIELD's custody along with what was left of Garrett's group? I was glad to see her again, but since I thought she was locked up in a cell like Ward's, I was a bit confused.
@Agent-They arrested her before the events of The Winter Solider but Ward freed her after SHIELD fell. She was present to see Garret almost die and then go crazy, she took off before our team got there to stop Garret and Ward. (As did Quinn with the Gravitron ooze). In the the 2nd last scene of S1 she went to some house and told a Bloody Hand she had found it's daughter. We know now Bloody Hand is Kyle Maclachlan. Now apparently she's split with HYDRA because she finds their goals boring.

@Illy-Raina told Ward she heard about a village being slaughtered by monsters who wanted their child back and claimed it was Skye, this was apparently news to Ward. She apparently told him more off screen, as we know from last week Ward wants to talk t Skye about her father. o
No, she and Quinn both left the Cybertek facility after Garrett killed the general.
Oops! Well, they still got out and are on the loose for this season.
I was talking to Agent. I didn't see your post when I made my one. You summed it up well Dusk. :)
Oh, haha! I'm foggy on minor details since I haven't seen S1 since May, but thanks!
Thanks everybody!
The part about Raina telling Ward about Skye's father was also a big help. How he had that piece of information was also head-scratching, but I had assumed he got info from Hydra somehow.
Yes I remembered Raina telling Ward about Skye ("maybe you two can be monsters together"), but there was something else she said, that I still can't remember... oh well.
I have absolutely no doubt that Raina and Skye are "Inhumans"... who in the Marvel comics were a race of super beings created by the Kree (the blue peeps). The crux to the Inhumans story is that at a certain age individuals are exposed to Terrigan Mist (sp?) and out pops a latent super power. Hey, now I can fly! Hey, now I look like a fish! Hey! I have mandibles for teeth! etc etc.

Given Raina's constant references to "what she will become", the hints that Skye's parents were super powered, and dancing around the blue-maybe-Kree dude issue ... some version of that tale, altered for TV purposes, will be the end game. That's my guess for now
I think Raina said something along the lines of her wanting to understand about Skye because in that way she could understand herself. She said that to Garrett. Maybe someone remembers that dialogue more accurately?
I think Raina says that kind of thing about everyone with powers.
Finally saw it. I love Mac! Really looking forward to seeing more of him.

And he's so nice to poor Fitz.
Yeah, as far as partners for Fitz go, it's like Mac is the new Simmons. Plus, the actor's name is Simmons. So really, Simmons is the new Simmons.
End_of_the_world_optimist - thanks, I think that was it! Something along those lines!

Jason_M_Bryant, I realized the same thing today :-) his new Simmons! And I really feel like watching Man Up! now, he was so funny on there..
Man I found this episode boring, and the dialogues were pretty bad at times. Episode 1 was far from great, but it was decent enough. I'm really expecting better after the end of season 1, but I'm really not convinced by season 2 so far.
Nico-Angel it looks like you don't get this show. Probably time to move on.

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