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September 30 2014

(SPOILER) Promo for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x03 'Making Friends and Influencing People'. This episode will air next Tuesday.

Is that Lucy Lawless at 3 seconds?!?!
SO not okay!!!! I cannot deal with a whole week thinking Simmons is HYDRA!!!
After 2x01 I felt like I needed a really good explanation for why Simmons would leave Fitz and the team, and damn it seems like they got an answer way better than what I expected!

I doubt she's really Hydra, so my guess is she infiltrating to destroy them all from the inside, because that's how pissed she is after what happened to Fitz! OR she's somehow being forced to work for them... I don't know... But I like the badass Simmons theory better!
Does Ward know Fitz and Simmons survived?
Yes, after they arrested him and he couldn't speak from the damage May gave him, Coulson verbally ripped into him and included the fact that they survived but "Fitz may never be the same again."
Thanks Dusk. Yeah I remember the scene now. Looking forward for them seeing each other again.
Your welcome. Even if he wanted too Fitz couldn't do any damage to Ward and with his mind the way it is he might not even be able to use a weapon properly. It would probably be another selling point to say Ward feels remorse or the moment where Ward goes full villain and escapes.

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