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October 01 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith Season 10 #7. A review of the issue at Geeked Out Nation said that "This story arc so far is the best time to get into Angel & Faith if you are a fan of either character". The Unleash The Fanboy review declared that " It's engaging dialogue and exciting action makes it a series that is easy to jump into."

I have my copy of Angel & Faith # 7,"Lost And Found Part II."

Overall a pretty decent issue although Angel's side of the story could use little more meat.But some interesting developments on both sides of the story.From Koh's arrival and Amy wanting to keep tabs on Willow to Sam Finn alive and hooking up with Faith's squad.

I don't really have much to say but decent issue
You can't have Warren back because he is a bad guy. That wasn't a difficult answer really was it! :) Vamps being killed easily by a zombie type gunshot to the head is really bugging me. It was just an OK issue I thought.

Every month/issue seems to get quieter on the boards and now they are having to request letters too. Hmmmm.
Wait...they've actually ran out of fan letters? I'm waiting for the trades but was the letter column just blank in this issue?
The last page for Slay The Critics is just a large pic of the BtVS Halloween cover out on 22nd and above that it asks fans to write in with their views about BtVS or A&F. I suppose it doesn't mean they didn't have any they just didn't want to print(!) but it sure makes it look like their post bag is gathering dust. I was very aware of how many Serenity letters they had been publishing but had just assumed that was to try and cross sell. Perhaps not.
Oh...from the posts on the 3 major boards the discussion seems mostly positive even if much smaller, so I doubt they've gotten a lot of letters just bashing them. And from the individual issues I have from past seasons they seem to publish letters with mixed opinions.

It is probably lack of feedback. Then again, only hardcore fans bother to go on the boards, so perhaps their is dissatisfaction with some of the fandom. Or people don't feel their is much to write about as nothing dramatic has happened in either title. I understand Buffy's doesn't even have a Big Bad yet?

Or 7 years of comics and the way S8 went off the rails, the feelings of lackluster about Buffy's book last season and the Angel "whitewashing" controversy may have just turned too many people off.
I think there are three basic reasons for the declining sales:

1. The novelty has worn off. The early issues of season 8 sold like crazy because it was the first time a TV series had continued canonically in comic form. The show had been off the air long enough that people were jonesing for more Buffy, but recently enough that the fans hadn't yet started drifting on to other things yet.

2. The perception that Joss isn't much involved anymore, and the comics therefore "don't really count." I really hope that after he's done with Avengers 2 he will find the time to write an arc of the comic again.

3. Each season is a continuous story, meaning there is less opportunity for new readers to jump in. Your typical superhero comics resets to a new story every 6-12 issues.

As for this issue... my main question is what Amy really wants Angel for. His experience in bringing Giles back doesn't really apply at all to Warren's case. She has some ulterior agenda that won't be much good for Angel, I think.

I also wonder what Eldre Koh is doing there, and what Amy's intentions are regarding Willow.
I can agree about novelty and the lack of Joss. But I would be surprised if he didn't come back for Avengers 3 so I think his comic time is still limited, and I'd rather he be more involved with SHIELD first.

Regarding continuity, not all superhero books reset, Hickman's New Avengers title is one giant story which will push over 30 issues by the time its done. And Buffy/Angel were never very continuity heavy anyway, all but Angel S3 essentially ended on a reset. It's nothing like Lost was. The comic is similar regarding most major details when reading in trade.
I'm still betting that Joss will call it quits on Marvel movies after Avengers 2. After so many years of telling stories with other people's characters, I think he's going to want to get back to his own stuff. He'll have an automatic green light and the budget of his choice to do pretty much any project he wants.
If Avengers 2 gets anywhere close to or perhaps even surpasses the money/reception of Avengers 1 Marvel will do everything they can to keep Joss in to round out the trilogy. I'm just a fan, but as far as I can tell Marvel and Joss seem to be working really well together. And he may be even more inclined to stay with them with SHIELD still being made by people he is close to personally and/or professionally.
They'll do everything they can, but we're talking about Joss spending the best part of a decade of the prime of his life working as a hired gun. He might stay on as a consultant for the Marvel movies, but I'm pretty sure he's got about a million of his own stories with his own characters that he'd like to tell. Now he has the funding and the industry rep to do that with minimal corporate interference.

I love the Marvel movies, but I think they've taken up enough of his time.

The sales numbers of the Buffy comics might not be lighting up the charts anymore, but I think the very fact that they exist is helping to extend the life of the fandom longer than normally would have been the case. Even if not all of the fans are reading the comics, they are keeping Buffy a living story rather than a long-cancelled TV show.

I remember when I was heavily into Xena fandom, which in its day was as big and active as the Buffy fandom. But the show went off the air, there was no canon continuation, and it mostly just faded away. Which is why I hope these comics will continue as long as possible, and that Joss will get back to them someday in the not too distant future.
I would love to see more discussion on these issues too. It is a pity that certain story choices made some people leave the fandom.

Bloody Twilight.
It is more the follow up to S8 that I have problems with. I know a lot of fans who were talking a lot at the beginning of S9 and started to get fed up during that season and eventually just lost interest because of the writing and some really poor characterisation. The recent nonsense with ITL just, for me, underscores what a small amount of effort DH think is acceptable. Fans want consideration and things that work with canon and that isn't what DH are committed to giving. The long and short of it is that the quality of the product is sub-standard to a lot of the fans who gave the comics a go because of their love for the show. They should have put more effort in and they would have kept the readership.
I agree - Buffy S9 simply wasn't good and a lot of the discussion died down during that time. It's a shame because I think the main title is in great hands now with Gage and Isaacs.

A&F... I'm really struggling with pacing as a result of splitting the book. I don't know where Angel's storyline is going and aside from "Amy", "Warren", "Willow" name dropping, is there anything actually happening to be all that invested in? Not yet anyway.

I think it's all very cool that Faith is playing Ripley vs the Aliens in a Predatoresque jungle, but what does it mean for her as a character? What actually matters is whatever happens when she finally comes face to face with Riley and that's being pushed off and pushed off. To this point, this arc feels much more like a pure action movie concept than the Buffyverse.
I hope Joss will write more issues of both Buffy and Angel. Also, Fray! I am not at all interested in Avengers. I decided not to watch the second movie nor the second season of Agents of the SHIELD. I don`t find it interesting at all, and if I was being sincere I would say some negative things about it, but I don`t want to write such things :D My opinion is that Buffyverse is so much more interesting - the most interesting thing that came from Joss. I wish he would come back to it. Buffyverse is such a special place!
I doubt that Amy's plot is solely to do with resurrecting Warren. That's just her way into Angel - this is to do with Willow's connection to the new magic in the world. Hopefully we will get another appearance from Willow again.

Willow, Angel and Faith. It will be like "Orpheus" all over again:)

Not much from Angel in this issue. I would rather a proper 50/50 split between the 2 characters in these issues, rather than the focus being on one for one arc, and the other for next arc, which is what seems to be happening. But it is what it is.

One line in particular caught my attention. When Angel goes back to his apartment and finds Nadira there at first he seems annoyed. But when she says "...something is on your mind. And you want to talk to me" at first he protests. Then he admits :" Okay, let's say I wouldn't mind talking to somebody". That line really stood out. Angel is really lonely. He went from being the loner in the shadows to having a big group of friends and now he is on his own again. The drinking, the hanging out in the pub's his way of trying to be around people.

Man this guy needs a new Fang Gang. I hope by the end of the season Faith is back, Eldre Koh becomes an ally, Nadira becomes a friend and Dowling doesn't turn out to be evil!
I get the feeling that this story arc is going to be all about Faith learning leadership skills. She always inspires people to follow her, but hasn't yet really shined in a leadership role.

It's long past time. She's the most capable slayer out there besides Buffy.

It's interesting that she was in charge this issue, but then Riley's girlfriend showed up and seemed to take over. Maybe Faith will learn a few things from her.

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