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October 03 2014

(SPOILER) Watch a Simmons clip from the next Agents of SHIELD episode. TV Guide has the exclusive preview.

When did Dr. Silberman from The Terminator join HYDRA?

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Never heard that song before me, but I'm buying it now. Really hit the spot for me, musically for some reason. It's called "God Help the Girl".
THAT is the kind of fun breezy segment SHIELD needs more of - catchy, clever, and neat twist.

Convinced she's a double agent - though it might be more interesting if when confronted by Coulson, she's determined to protect HYDRA until she can find her FitzCure. Yeah, I like that.
I can't wait for Tuesday, this season is really starting out strong. And I love that song, it's so catchy. I'm pretty positive Simmons is loyal to Shield and is on a quest to cure/avenge Fitz.
Remember, too, she was trying to figure out how Coulson was brought back from the dead, and how Skye was miraculously cured. SHIELD is stripped of their resources (fueling high-tech jets notwithstanding). She's trying to find a way to fix Fitz.

On the other hand, she seemed to be hiding something last season. I still think she may be from somewhere other than SHIELD or Hydra.
There were a couple of scenes last season where I did wonder about Simmons. I'm guessing Coulson is playing a long game here. And the clip reminded me of Angel Season 5 a lot.
I did too @Simon. I thought she was Hydra -- or Hydra lite or Hydra plant once TWS was released. Simmons was just off slighltly.

What a clip! The pacing, the music, even the dress (pant suit?) she chose - shades of black, white and gray.

I just saw last Tuesday's episode. I had a lot of school stuff this week with the kids so I'm catching up. The first half moved slow, but holy wow on the second half. I am adoring this season. Whos is Fitz's new partner? I missed it, but he's great. No one can die. Not a one. I like them all.

And I'll get that guy's name fast of IMDB or old posts here. I am so looking forward to next Tuesday's ep. I am so glad that there are no breaks.

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Hann23, Fitz' new bro is Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie :)
I love the way a top-secret underground agency has a gigantic HYDRA logo on the wall. It makes about as much sense as the top-secret agency in The Winter Soldier with a glass elevator on the outside of the building: "They have pictures of all our agents and allies! How did they get the information?"
I have to say...the That Girl/Mary Tyler Moore style opening with Simmons going through her morning routine while we hear that song really counterbalances the whole "Simmons is working for HYDRA!" twist and the questions it raises: Has she been HYDRA deep cover all this time and not even Ward was in the know about her as a fellow plant? Is she still a SHIELD agent and going deep cover with HYDRA to get more info on ways to help Fitz and figure out how Coulson and Skye were cured of their mutual lethal injuries? Is Simmons part of a third party organization like STRIKE or MI-6?

Personally, I'd like to see the plot twist that Simmons is an undercover agent for the group represented by Kyle Maclachlan's mysterious character. Just imagine Simmons as an Inhuman!


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