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March 23 2004

MAC Tara & Anya Figs up for Pre-Order. The long awaited Anya and Tara action figures are up for preorder at Time & Space Toys! Woo! I'm sure other stores have them too, but this is one I know of.

If you're at all interested, I'd recommend preordering the two-pack NOW. All the preorders for the Willow figs went out like hotcakes.

More information also available at Diamond.

Holy Toledo...Cinequest has an unspecified Anya VARIANT figure up for preorder too. I'm fairly certain it won't be the Hells Bells Anya - that is a convention exclusive. Cinequest also lets you preorder the normal versions of both Anya and Tara singly. (Time & Space is available as 2-pack ONLY.)

Sorry, but click and enlarge the photo of Tara and Anya and they are SCARY! I cannot believe either of the actresses approved these! They look terrible!
Yeah, I have to agree, zz9. Anya looks possessed.
The Anya doll's eyes are a little freaky, but I like the Tara one.
i want them for the *accessories* - so i can have my giles action figure hanging out in the magic shop rather than the cemetary. :)

anyone know anything about the willow/tara set? that's something i'd like to have for itself.

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