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October 04 2014

Angel the Series premiered 15 years ago today. 'City Of' aired on The WB on October 5th, 1999.

Wow. 15 years!

I only saw 2 episodes of the first season on their first airing on Sky 1, and it wasn't until 2001 that I became a regular viewer with AYNOHYEB. But I got caught up very quickly with season 1 on VHS (remember those?, God I'm old...)

Still my favourite show:)
I love Firefly and Seasons 2-5 of Buffy, but Angel's still my favorite Mutant Enemy show. Every 6-10 episodes there'd be a jaw-dropping twist that would take the show and characters in a completely new and unexpected direction. And then they'd mine that new direction and altered character relationships for all they were worth before ANOTHER jaw-dropping twist was revealed.

My eternal thanks to David Greenwalt, Jeffrey Bell and their respective writing staffs. They took what started out as (and could easily have remained) just another useless spin-off and, during those last four years, crafted one of the finest superhero/horror/fantasy series to grace the small screen and a worthy companion piece to Joss' run on Buffy. Thanks also to Joss for giving David and Jeffrey the freedom to play with his characters and experiment with the rich world he had created. By all accounts he had just as much fun in the Angel writers room as I did watching the show.

Edit: I forgot to mention that when Angel was originally airing I was struggling through a rough period in my life. I suffer from severe bipolar depression, which is just like regular depression except every once in a while you get extremely happy and begin to love yourself again. For about two weeks. Then the sadness and self-hatred come back even worse than before. The characters' lives on Angel sucked, arguably more so than those on all the other Mutant Enemy series. But they kept trying, and fighting, and caring for one another no matter how dark things got. It would be hyperbole on my part to say that I owe David, Jeffrey, Joss and the writers my life, but they certainly instilled me with a sense of hope at a time that I desperately needed it.

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And ended much too soon five years later. Still bitter with the WB over that. Some grudges die hard.
But it was a good ending! And at least they knew well enough in advance.
'Angel' is one of my favorite series of all time. While I thought Season 4 was not so great, it was a riveting series overall. I hate how it is routinely overlooked when articles mention Joss's shows. It was the second highest rated show on the WB, and got great critical acclaim, especially in its last season.
and after all these years, ATS is still my favorite show of all time.
Simon. it would be nice if in the header banner was present also Angel instead of Puppet Angel? Excuse my frankness, I don't want make controversy but I've always found your banner a little insulting to "Angel" and to David Boreanaz. He is the only one that doesn't appear and I find that it isn't fair. :)

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Wow...15 years...just seems like yesterday ;D

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