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October 06 2014

We must discuss the ending of The Cabin in the Woods. Or just mention it in passing? But it was a ballsy ending, nevertheless.

The first time I saw The Cabin in the Woods I hated it. And then the last 30 minutes happened and blew me away. Not only was it mindbogglingly brilliant, it also completely changed my opinion of the first two acts. The first hour works much better on repeat viewing. Always loved Chris Hemsworth's final scene though. That was hilarious.

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The end improved the film a lot for me. Until then I didn't get how it was even a film. The twist was the premise. The premise was the twist. Being unsurprised by weird things unravelling was quite boring for me. Good ending though.
That's a really weird article. For one thing, it doesn't actually talk about the end of The Cabin in the Woods (SPOILERS: the world ends). It talks about almost everything leading up to it, but then stops during the purge.

Also, it describes Goddard as a writer for the early seasons of Buffy, Angel, and Alias, when he was actually a writer for the LATER seasons of all those shows.

So yeah, kind of a weird article.
I also thought the article was about the actual ending which I thought was brilliant. The Cabin in the Woods does not critizise or parody horror movies, it critizes us, the audience, for wanting to see people die horribly. Dana, by choosing not to sacrifice Marty, recognizes that a society that demands the sacrifice of inocents to preserve itself, does not deserve to survive at all.
She was going to sacrifice Marty, until fate (in the form of a werewolf giving her a probable mortal wound) gave her time to change her mind.
I watched it again several months ago and still think it's one of the best black comedy/satirical horror films of its kind. But I still think about whether Curt was somehow involved to get his friends up to his "cousin's" cabin to die since Dana comments she doesn't even think he had a cousin. Curt, not anticipating he would be double-crossed, gets killed anyway. You know a movie is good when a detail like that bugs you years down the road.
It's one of my favorite movies. Saw it opening night. My friend and I were wide eyed and laughing the whole time whilst people expecting a horror movie were getting mad and leaving the theater. I still can't get over the amazing twist.
I wanted to talk about the very, very end. The hand.

I love that very specific detail.
Alliterator, I too think it's a weird article. Or perhaps just badly written.
Tonya, I always thought the "doesn't have a cousin" comment was showing that Curt was being drugged/brainwashed well ahead of their trip. Another bit of proof that their free will (in choosing their manner of death) never existed.
I like that theory but wouldn't Curt have seemed off when he arrived to pick up Dana and Jules? (unless he was implanted with a false memory or something) I know, I need to let it go... :=)

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