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October 06 2014

Nicholas Brendon to appear on "Faking It". Entertainment Weekly has the scoop.

He will be in the finale of this season.

this season of faking it just keeps getting better
cause i don't think i've seen nick anywhere outside of buffy, so, cool
Fantastic News, Faking It is one of my top two current shows with Hannibal, it's just so good!
What a treat to come home too! It was only a matter of time before Faking It spilled onto Whedonesque I s'pose. I've been on the show since the pilot and it's been a blast.

We shot his scenes today, he was a treat to work with and his performance was amazing. He really demonstrated how much a performance can affect already great dialogue, he nailed it, it was awesome.

You've no idea how much I appreciate being a part of a show in which the creator, the writers, the directors, and the entire cast care so much about what they are making. They're an amazing bunch of people to work with, and the entire crew is hard working and friendly to boot. I've been so happy to see the fan response, because this is one of those shows that needs to keep going.

Tomorrow (Oct 7 for those of you already there) is our last day of shooting for the season. Please keep watching the show, help keep it going!

ETA: Sorry if I gushed about the show too much. I'm really excited to see it on Whedonesque.

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When I first saw the promos for this show I thought it would be pretty lame and I never gave it a chance. Then I caught a marathon in a hotel room and got totally hooked. Glad Nick will be on, can't wait to see him.
Cool. I just started watching this show. It will be good to see him
Thanks for the insight, bobw1o . Faking It is a very funny and cute show and have a good fan base here, in Brazil. Congrats to work there. Can I ask what exactly you do in the series?
Great news! I love Faking It, and it'll be really cool to see a Whedonverse actor appear in it :)
I'm a camera operator.
Didn't know about it til I saw this news, watched a couple of episodes now and I kinda like it. It doesn't take itself seriously but not too much - unlike what happened with Glee.

Will catch up to watch Nick's episode.
Cool, and thank you again, bobw1o.

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