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October 07 2014

Robert Downey Jr. would be willing to appear on Agents of SHIELD. He revealed this in response to a question today on Reddit. Though he did say in another answer, "But there might be a fair amount of red tape involved in something like that."

I was thinking whenever ABC gets the Super Bowl back, Agents of Shield would be the perfect post-game show. Go big and get Downey Jr. or Evans or someone.
He answered another question about appearing on the show too.
Yeah, but at what cost, a million for a cameo? He made ridiculous money on Avengers, Iron Man 3 and I assume Age of Ultron so I'd rather see the money spent on many other smaller guests and special effects.
I wonder what "red tape" he's talking about? Can't he just do it if he wants to do it? I'm sure neither Marvel nor Disney nor ABC nor anyone else (except maybe Hydra) would want to stop him.

Having him appear in an episode... maybe one in the second half of the season, scripted by Joss and tying in directly with Avengers 2... would go a long way toward gaining back some of those eyeballs that were permanently lost with all the bad buzz last season.

He wouldn't even need to put on the suit.
It would be really cool to see RDJ make a guest appearance but I'm not holding my breath.Plus I think Marvel may want to save Coulson's reunion with any of the main Avengers in the movies.

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Red tape might be the contractual obligations in his contract. It could have to do with whether an appearance counts as fulfilling part of his contract and if so, Marvel would never do it.
I think it would be awesome for RDJ to reprise his role of Tony Stark in Marvel's AoS, but I doubt it will happen this season. Like Buffyfantic said, I think they are waiting for all of the Avengers to be together when the reveal Coulson is still alive.

But with that said, I'm sure there will be some type of crossover or set-up for Avengers: AoU.
Honestly, I don't think AoS could afford him. He's one of the highest paid movie stars out there right now.

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RDJ's contract with Marvel technically ended (apart from any promotional obligations) when he finished shooting A2, so appearing on AoS should just be a matter of negotiating a one-shot agreement. It could be apart from any new contract he might sign to continue appearing in Marvel movies.

Yes, he is very expensive. They might have to get him to agree to a lower fee than he might charge if he was going to do a walk-on on Big Bang Theory or something. But he and Joss seem to be on pretty good terms... maybe he could be convinced to do him a favor. It's not like he badly needs the paycheck.
I believe RDJ's contract cover A3 as well.
Just because he can command a high salary, doesn't automatically mean he would. I've heard of other actors accepting scale or greatly reduced salaries for something they believed in or for a number of other reasons. If it was a cross with Ultron then it could be seen as promotion instead. Maybe he'd do it just for the fun of it, if it was a one off scene. (I'm thinking him and Fitz. Science Step Bros. ;P ) Or he could have been saying it just to get people to watch.
Lots of big 'IF's being discussed. Sure, anything is possible. But an RDJ cameo on AoS is still unlikely in my book.

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