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October 08 2014

(SPOILER) EW interviews Elizabeth Henstridge about last night's episode of Agents of SHIELD. She talks about how she learned about the new twists and about her character's current state of mind.

The link is not working.
It's funny that she was so defensive of how the promo made her character look. I was one of the ones who figured she was undercover, although I assumed she was on her own, not there at Coulson's direction... And interesting response about her learning how to lie. I guess it's a skill that can be learned, but Simmons was so bad at it before, it's hard to believe she could have gotten that much better, that quickly. So I'm worried for her :)

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All fixed now.
Thanks Simon!

I'm worried about Jemma as well. I keep playing the scene where she tells Jasper Sitwell that he has a nice head and that she likes guys her height but heavier than her. :) Plus, her preparation in the past was horrible as well, what with the multiple prostitutes.

I also thought that she decided to infiltrate Hydra on her own, out of some need to get revenge on behalf of Fitz or find a cure for him. I wonder if that brainwashing device they used on Agent 33 can some how repair Fitz's brain.
Coulson's advice to her is quite sound: tell the truth selectively. It works pretty well.

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