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October 08 2014

Ratings for last night's Agents of SHIELD episode. With the final ratings now in, the show got a 1.7 in the 18-49 demo.

Not making excuses but .... Good Lord the rating for the two sitcoms in front of it are just abysmal. Forget who said Selfie was doing well (Andrew?) but may need to rethink that, and 'Manhattan' may not last the month

I imagine some re-shuffling may be in order soon as there's no way ABC can have a primetime show drawing a 0.9 rating for long.
I said Selfie was the top-rated comedy last Tuesday (it was) and that it would be doing well if it maintained the ratings it got for its premiere.

It didn't.

But those two sitcoms would have been bad lead-ins for AoS even if they were getting good ratings. I don't see much crossover between their target audience and AoS's.

It will get adjusted up, but it's still a series low. It's very frustrating because the show has gotten so much better, but it's still suffering badly from the critical and audience backlash it got last season. Short of actually getting Robert Downey Jr. to do a guest appearance, I don't know what they can do to get that audience back. The stink of failure is very hard to get rid of once you acquire it.
Andrew I agree - I think the first half of last season killed the show for a significant number of viewers who don't have the time or interest to check back in ... once you're written off, it's near impossible for folks to come back.

Outside of super special guest star type idea, I'd suggest ABC start playing up the positive reviews in their ads, as an indirect admission that "you may not have liked it then, but check it out now!". Either way I don't see it ever bounces back to the Mid-Two's. I see it middling along in the 1.5-1.9 range this season. That said ABC will HAVE to do some fiddling with Tuesday because those new sitcoms are a black hole right now, so who knows how that'll impact our Agents.
Still not worried. It's ABC's highest demo of the night. And I anticipated a slight drop with Supernatural coming back anyway. (I watched Supernatural first then AoS right after thanks to another province's CTV affiliate in my satellite package). If the comedies sink lower they might move it back to 8 PM.

I wonder how this will effect Agent Carter? People that love her from the Marvel one-shots will check it out, and the fact it is a miniseries might lure in people who are willing to give it chance because it's shorter and will probably get right to the point. That may help the back half of S2. S1 might get worse ratings before it gets better, ratings tend to go down as we get closer to holiday season.
I think Andrew hit this right on the nose. A lot of people not only have written it off, but are actively attached to the narrative that Agent of SHIELD is a poor show. I see that a lot in the comic groups I'm part of. Last year there were extensive threads about how Marvel wasn't able to produce a TV show as good as Arrow (which tbh, I don't agree with even if you just look at early SHIELD). There are still threads like that, and while there are more people popping up going "Hey have you been watching it, it's gotten excellent", a lot of the same people drown out the conversation with outdated comments about Ward and Skye being boring or annoying.

When expectations are CRAZY high at the start of a series, and people feel profoundly disappointed, it's almost impossible to convince them to sit through 15 hours for it to become the show they wanted from the start.
It will get adjusted up, but it's still a series low. It's very frustrating because the show has gotten so much better, but it's still suffering badly from the critical and audience backlash it got last season. Short of actually getting Robert Downey Jr. to do a guest appearance, I don't know what they can do to get that audience back. The stink of failure is very hard to get rid of once you acquire it.

I agree, Downey himself's the only way they regain the audience. At least Selfie, Manhattan Love Story, Forever and Revenge all struggling helps chances for a third season. And with syndication needing 88 episodes these days, a fourth season is almost certain if they can score a renewal this year.

I think Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be Marvel's Angel/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. They both started off strong in the ratings due to their ties to popular series, but hemorrhaged viewers when they didn't live up to expectations. And then they got REALLY good, but the audience wasn't there to reap the benefits. They were subsequently rediscovered on DVD and through streaming and are now (finally) starting to be recognized as genre classics in their own right.

Give it ten to fifteen years. If Maurissa and Jed continue to making it something special, it will find its audience eventually.

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Supernatural was on at the same time? Oh man. Deja vu here. I remember how Fringe's viewing figures plummeted once the new season of supernatural started opposite it, and yet the station seemed utterly clueless that there was a split in the audience because of this. History repeating itself.. :(

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It is ABC's best show of the night... but Tuesday is shaping up to be a really horrible night for the network.

They may eventually have to consider moving it to another night where it can have a stronger lead-in. But it's hard to see where that would be. Maybe it could swap places with "Revenge" and move to Sunday nights, but I don't know if they want to move it all the way to a 10 PM slot. But it would then have "Resurrection" as a lead-in, which has roughly twice the audience of those two Tuesday sitcoms and is a bit more compatible with AoS thematically.

Plus, if they're trying to attract a younger male demographic with this show, Sunday night after football is probably the best place to do that.

I predict that Agent Carter will do pretty well. If they can find a way to tie it in to AoS it might help.
The DVR numbers are more important. Everything is fine.
and while there are more people popping up going "Hey have you been watching it, it's gotten excellent",

There generally aren't, though. In my experience, the people telling me it's excellent now are the same ones who told me it was excellent at the end of last season (it wasn't), and they also happen to be the same people who told me it was quite good at the beginning and my expectations were too high.
So The Flash beat AoS. Ouch.

@TallMichaelJ: I don't think what you're saying is true. People watched the pilot because there was a lot of hype and the show was sold as some kind of Marvel movie on TV. But beyond that, there was never more than 5 to 7 million potential viewers for a show like AoS. Look at Gotham, Arrow or Smallville ratings. Lois & Clark averaged about 13 M viewers because it was more of a procedural rom-com rather than a true comic book show (+ it was another era, no DVR, no Hulu...).

The thing is comics are very niche. Only a few hundred of thousands of people buy/read them on a regular basis. Serialized fantasy/sci-fi TV shows are just the same. Dozens of millions of people will watch a Marvel movie because it's a one time thing, 2 hours every few months. But watch a weekly TV show based on comics? That's a whole other level of commitement that only a small minority (aka geeks) is willing to make. Of course, there is The Walking Dead but that's the exception, not the rule.

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@obillow, I agree. There's usually only one genre show at any given time that's an honest-to-goodness mainstream hit.

Star Trek: The Next Generation-->The X-Files-->Lost-->The Walking Dead

As a geek, it sucks but I think it will always be that way.

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What IrrationaliTV said. DVR numbers are all.
Louis & Clark was also aired in an era where live viewing was much higher then it is now because people really had no other choice if they didn't want to miss it.

Sunday isn't a particularly strong night for ABC either, football may overrun and I don't know that they'd want male-slewing SHIELD on the same night that opens with female-skewing OUAT.
Most of ABC's shows are female-skewing... not much they can do about that. At least OUAT and Resurrection are genre shows.
True about skewing, I just don't know if their would be much overlap between family-friendly OUAT and SHIELD which seems to be darker compared to last season. OUAT is likely safe as the Frozen arc boosted ratings making it the #1 non-sports program of Sundays. it was down for it's second episode but still did decently particularly with women and teens, and it's not too far from syndication. SHIELD does not have those advantages, I think it is more likely to be moved back to 8 PM then the very last slot at the end of the week.
SHIELD does not have those advantages, I think it is more likely to be moved back to 8 PM then the very last slot at the end of the week.

I hope it doesn't move back to 8pm. The quality of the first two-thirds of last season might be what hurt the show, but competing against NCIS and The Voice didn't help. If they move it to another timeslot (which I don't necessarily think they will) please don't air it against the two most matched shows on television.
Adjusted up to 1.7, 4.73 million viewers. Btw, Supernatural was adjusted down to 1.1 (still amazing got a show in its 10th season).
It was already up against an NCIS spin-off and The Voice last night. I'm not overly worried for it but I doubt going back to 8 PM would hurt it.
Jesus, if it can still pull consistent ratings against NCIS, it might make sense to put it there if all other shows would get COMPLETELY trounced. Sort of making the best of a rough timeslot.
With L3, AoS will tie or beat all its direct competitors. Probably exceed them all with L7. Top 20 show. Carry on.

It was the 5th most watched show on all of TV (broadcast and cable) last night for M18-49. Many cable shows regularly beat network shows in this demo.

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@PaperSock, I hear you. I was just kind of hoping that when The Voice goes from two hours down to an hour in another week or two that AoS would reap the benefits of just competing with NCIS: New Orleans.
ABC is struggling in general. Thursday with the all Shonda Rhimes shows lineup and Dancing With The Stars seem to be the only shows doing anything positive for the network.
Why are folks saying DVR numbers are all?

I loved last night's episode. I reallly hoped that the show was gaining some traction somehow.

But then I don't understand these things. I'm just going to trust that I do not need to worry yet.
It gets a big boost in DVR numbers. Which is a good thing, although how good is up for debate. Shark Tank and OUAT also seem to be relatively stable. SHIELD is right now as well which is good.
hann23 the advertisers now count the part of the live+3 where the ads (which are monitored)are played through the same as live ratings.

One other thing I stumbled across lately. It seems that shows with exactly the same ratings can get vastly different ad rates. I would not
be surprised if AoS did not do a little better than average. Perhaps someone with more knowledge about this could elaborate.

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AoS may get higher ad rates because it does very well with M18-49 which is a demo that demands a higher rate (because they don't watch TV in the same numbers as W18-49). If it is more rare then it gets more money. It's likely there is a premium.

hann23, networks are paid on more than just the viewers that watch it live these days and research shows most people don't fast forward through commercials even when they DVR so advertisers are willing to pay for that now. AoS gets a huge bump in viewers in the 3 days after Tuesday, usually pulling to within spitting distance of NCIS:New Orleans (hardly anyone watches in after initial broadcast) or even beating it. All of this is why looking at ratings from only the night of broadcast is kind of a waste of time and really doesn't tell you anything important. It does seem to be fun for those who get off on doom & gloom though. :)
I know I always skip through ads when I watch stuff on DVR. Including on AoS, which has a crazy amount of commercials. (I usually watch it live and then re-watch it on DVR.)

But as I said before, people who fast-forward through ads still watch them. In fact, they watch them more intently than live viewers, because fast-forwarders have to keep their eye on the screen to see when the show starts up again. They see the ads in fast-motion and without audio, but they still see them.
ABC is not struggling. It was last year. Right now? It's having a great year. Thursday and Sunday are great. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are good. Tuesday is actually the only weak spot.

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IrrationaliTV You mentioned that the advertisers pay more for males 18-49. Could you give us a rough idea of what the premium might be for a series of this type ?
If anyone is still reading this... Nielsen just said they discovered a glitch in their ratings that goes back to March. While I doubt this will have any game-changing effect on the ratings for late season 1/early season 2, it might lead to a small revision. Hopefully upward.
Week 1 final ratings on AoS have been adjusted to a 2.0 by Nielsen.
Live + 3 ratings for this week are delayed for some reason.
If this week doesn't improve its numbers, cancellation is imminent.
crhobbs42 you don't know wth you are talking about.

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