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October 09 2014

Channel 4 sets UK premiere date for Agents of SHIELD Season 2. The show will return on Friday October 24th at 8pm.

We got so many tweets from British fans asking us about this.

Yay! So we'll be... five episodes behind?

Can I take this moment to ask, what is this site's policy for spoilers in the comments? I know to avoid the posts about episodes and general ones about the current season (and okay, probably the ratings threads even though I'm always tempted to read them anyway). But what about less obvious posts? How careful would someone five episodes behind need to be?
Pre-watershed again, so we can - ahem - "look forward to" more cuts, I imagine.
I though the second showing at 7pm on a Saturday got cut. Did the 8pm on Friday showings get cut as well?

How careful would someone five episodes behind need to be?

Assume that general discussion of episodes already aired may occur in AoS entries that are not spoiled tagged.
Thanks, Simon. That's what I expected, though I miss the first half of Season One when UK viewers could keep up with the online buzz. What about non-AoS threads? I'm asking because I read a minor 2.01 spoiler in a thread about Whedonverse easter eggs.

I wasn't aware of any 8pm cuts until I realised I never saw anyone being beaten with their own rib. I have no idea if any other moments were affected.

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