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October 09 2014

Dark Horse's Scott Allie to retire from the Buffyverse. He's been involved with the comics for 16 years.

That's too bad. He's been attentive to fans and I've appreciated that.
Very sad to see him go.He seems like a good guy and was always nice when I've communicated with him. I wish him the best.

There will be a second part to the interview posted over at Buffyfest later today.
That's sad. I will miss him. I wish him the best in his future projects.
I am curious about what this means going forward.Sierra Hahn is taking over as Buffyverse editor starting with Season 10.I'm assuming the major beats of season 10 are set(back at the original writers summit)but I'm curious about if this will change anything down the line in season 10 and what and what not will come after that.Also I wonder what is the actual last issue of Buffy that Scott is the editor on.Maybe part 2 of the interview will answer some of this.
This is a bummer but I wish him well. He's very nice and knows how to work with fans, perhaps because he is a fanboy too.

I wonder as Editor of all of Dark Horse if he's been transitioning out for a while. I'll have to watch the interview. Thank you @Buffyfantic.
Uhhh....Is it a bummer? I don't know I felt like there was a lot f hate directed towards him over the direction of the stories the comics have taken among other slip ups (twilight reveal, etc). I clicked to this article expecting a "phew good riddance" vibe but maybe that was just the fandom taking things out on him during the years and there isn't lasting hate?
Pretty sure it was just the fandom taking it out on him. Now that everything's calmed down, more of us can appreciate his hard work and dedication to the story.

Yeah, it's a bummer.
Most of the fandom respects his dedication to the comics even if we don't agree with how the stories went, and most of this fandom knows not to cross the line into personal attacks. From the fans' POV Joss has become less and less involved with the comics over the years and it's been a long time since fans have got to ask him directly about them, and the mainstream media focuses mostly on his current Marvel stuff. Scott became the highest ranking person regularly active with the comics and fandom so he got the majority of negativity when the comics took certain turns. Joss would have been asked about the same criticisms if he had the time to directly interact and explain things about the comics.

Even with that said, Scott has always seemed like a fan and someone that truly tried his best to help create the comic Buffyverse. Good luck to him in his other work.
Hey, he's on to a new adventure! I wish him well!
Definitely the end of an era... there's never been a Buffy comic without him. I'm glad Sierra Hahn is there to take over, or I'd be afraid Joss would lose interest in continuing the story.
I think joss already has lost interest in the story :( it's been years since he wrote an issue or even gave a substantial comment on the comics at all.
Well, he's been busy earning enough money to do whatever he wants. Hopefully one of those things will be writing more comics.
Scott Allie has been great throughout his time on these books. And especially during the halcyon days of S8, where the vilification went to a really bad level.
For those worried about the comics future now that Allie is leaving and Hahn is taking over, think of the show runner analogy. When Greenwalt left Angel and Bell took over there was no dip in quality and the show didn't end straight away. I think we will be ok.

I was never a big fan of Allie's personally , but I have to concede that he did steer the Buffyverse in comics with a passion for the world and characters which is appreciated. Best of luck in his future work.

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