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October 09 2014

Charisma Carpenter heading to "Sons of Anarchy". Entertainment Weekly has the details.

What a nice treat during "Sons" final season. Looking forward to seeing her.
She'll die a horrible death! Again I mean!
Most unsurprising casting ever and I mean that in a good way. CC is a very avid fan of the show.
Nice. Good for her.
Exactly right IrrationaliTV - her Twitter feed has always been full of weekly reactions to any SoA episode that was on. I wouldn't say she was directly lobbying for a role, but surely they noticed she was a fan. Interesting casting - I would have assumed she'd be playing a biker type, kind of fun that she'll be a "conservative" character
I might have to start watching SOA now.
You should, it's actually an awesome show. And Charisma joining the cast, I just can't wait! She strikes me as a younger "Gemma".

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