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October 10 2014

US Weekly's 20 most beloved TV characters from the last 20 years. Buffy made the list but where did she end up?

Most of those are just bizarre to me or I have never even heard of them.
It is a weird list. I mean... who is Homer Simpson?
Nope. She belongs way higher. And in the company of Captain Mal at the very least. I could fill that list with Whedon characters, frankly.

And I love Lisa much more than Homer.
Ugh. This is a bad list. Buffy's low, Rachel's #1, Uncle Jesse, anyone from Beverly Hills. Didn't see Gossip Girl but I know of Chuck and Blair, not that guy.

I expected Xena, Mulder/Scully, House, Sheldon, JD/Turk/Dr. Cox... people whose names most people actually know.
Given the rest of the list I'm not concerned with how low they rate Buffy. I'm more surprised that anyone connected with making the list watched the show. In fact, they seem much more interested by the fact that Buffy dated vampires - ooh, she's like the original for Twilight, than what the series was actually about. Completely terrible and misleading out of context choice of excerpt.

And as always these lists are really only about relatively recent shows. Mary Tyler Moore would have out-shone all of these perky comedy women characters put together.
I don't trust anyone who thinks Dan Humphrey belongs even remotely on a list like this. Ugh.
This seems to be quite a random list.

Also, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are two people. I hate when list-makers do that.
That was only one of the problems with the Gilmores' entry (YALE?!).

ETA: Ha! Apparently, I'm not far enough along in Gilmore Girls!

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Beloved? And how does Walter White (still...beloved?)end up on the same list as some guy I never heard of from Gossip Girl? And what barboo said about the list coming from more recent shows. How is Jack Bauer, or whoever-the-hell doctor George Clooney played, more beloved than Alan Alda's Hawkeye Pierce? And why are most of the names on the list from teen-skewing shows and smarmy soap operas?

Buffy being on the dumbest list ever isn't comforting.
Rachael Green is 1st?
A spoiled little girl who whines her way thru life?
The list is explicitly characters from the past 20 years. M*A*S*H ended over 30 years ago now, so it would be hard to argue for Hawkeye's inclusion.
Don't like the list - not just because Buffy isn't higher but because honestly while I like some of these characters, I wouldn't call them beloved - I even dislike many of those in the list.

Right. This is US Weekly. Never mind. I'm actually surprised Buffy's on the list.
Dan Humphrey? Whaaat?

And I loved Breaking Bad but one wouldn't dare to call Heisenberg beloved.
I would have put Buffy at number one but beyond that I don't really have strong feelings. I must admit I do love Rachel, Walter White, and Homer Simpson.
this list sucks ... that's all
All such lists are subjective and irrelevant. And yet they get the job done, from the website's perspective, because we click on them.
Hahaha,not the only one who thought of Hawkeye Pierce as well. I wonder how many of us old Whedon fans started our life of TV fanness watching M*A*S*H. Of course, I self corrected -- 20 years....

But I have to say this list is just odd. First, Buffy should be higher. Second, what about Rick Grimes? And what about a character from my teen's go to source of all memes,
Sponge Bob Squarepants.

This stuff is a randomly generated click bait for the hulu adds in between each listing and I fell for it. I remember when internet lists used to mean something.
Ah, yes, hann23, I remember that time, too. It was a good week, as I recall.

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