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October 11 2014

Someone's seen 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' trailer. According to Dennis Barger Jr of Wonderworld Comics, "The trailer has everything it needed to lock this down as the movie to see in 2015".

That's good, because I was going to skip the movie if the trailer wasn't perfect.
Such becoming sarcasm you have there, Bunnies


I am so psyched for when the AoU travel is rolled out publically!
I was still going to see it, but if the trailer wasn't perfect I would have waited til 2016.
I waited 12 hours to get into Hall H at ComicCon to see this trailer... And man, was it worth it.

No spoilers, but it's epic in scale, the music is orchestral and sweeping, and it's dark....

I can't wait to finally talk to everyone about it soon :D
I sound stupid saying this, but... when does the trailer come out?
Apparently it's attached to the Interstellar movie when it comes out in the US on November 5th. So I guess online by the end of this month?
Keep your paws off my bunnies! No, I mean the furry, long-eared ones.
They should just post it when the time comes rather than do the thing where they show a teaser for the trailer. The Avengers trailer appearing on YouTube will make its own news.
I cannot friggin' wait.
I can't believe it's almost time to trailer drop; it feels like May 2015 is so far away.
Was it the same trailer as the SDCC one? Anyone know? I would think they'd have more footage to play with now. But SDCC's was impressive *__*.
The SDCC footage was a bit longer than a trailer's worth - so I'm guessing it'll be an abbreviated version?
That's what happened with the Captain America 2 trailer last year!

The one they showed at ComicCon had an extended scene before it, so the one they eventually released didn't have that.

There was a scene before the Avengers 2 trailer, so they'll probably cut that for the trailer

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