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October 12 2014

FMK with Amber Benson. Buzzfeed asked Amber which Buffy characters she'd...

The (sorry adam) got a good giggle out of me.
I know options are limited, but...marry Caleb? Click here.
Aw poor Xander. But I would marry Oz - wouldn't kill Xander but friend-zone him for sure.

I would K Riley but I'd M Spike instead and F Angelus (with a safe word of course).

YES KILL KENNEDY. :D Wait. She'd marry Tara? lol

Yeah GreatMuppetyOdin, I would totally kill Caleb. Adam can be reprogrammed, Caleb is just messed up.

Is she and Adam still together? Always thought they were cute.
If Amber married Tara, wouldn't that be like kinda confusing when she woke up groggy in the morning. "Turn on the light. Clear my eyes. Ah, yes, there's the mirror... Oh, no wait..."

Mirage: No, Amber and Adam broke up. They're still friends, though.
quantumac Things would get a bit more confusing if she'd gone the F-route with Tara. Eesh.
Mirage, you're not allowed to acknowledge the friend zone :)

As for "Marry Caleb"... I mean, it's still the Fillion, right?
KingofCretins: You've got it wrong. The friend zone is real and exists. It's just that it's a wonderful place. I for one love the friend zone. Unironically.
Oh geez. There's no way I'd marry Angel. I couldn't handle a lifetime of brooding. I'd F Riley, M Spike, K Angel.

And as long as I was promised survival I'd choose to F Caleb and K Adam. The green scales are a definite turn off. Who wouldn't want to check out the Corporate Tool?
Oh come on peeps;
Marry Willow, F^#k Ken Doll, Kill Harmony (she's "dead" already).
I watched Firefly and Buffy when it aired, and for me personally, Mal and Caleb were two very different people. I didn't really like Firefly when it first aired, so after I watched 'Dirty Girls' I really hated Nathan Caleb. I would kill Caleb, Glory and Adam. And I wouldn't mind M or F any of the 3 slayers listed or Buffy's 3 boyfriends.
I would marry Giles. <3

Also I'm sad Jenny Calendar wasn't in any of the groups. I'd marry her, too.

For the Slayer group, I'd F: Buffy, M: Faith, and K: Kendra. (This is assuming that I could have reformed, non-homicidal Faith, and that I absolutely have to kill someone. I like Kendra. But not in a sex way.)

The Adam, Caleb, Glory one is hard. Adam definitely gets the K, but the other two ... there's just not a good option there. At all. O.o They're both gorgeous, of course, but the characters are just so monstrous!

Anyway, Amber's answers are fun. And I love her smile in all the pics with her answers ... she's so cute. :-)

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