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March 23 2004

Fans Try to Revive "Angel". March 23 NY Post article about movements to save Angel...nice picture of David, too.

Ok, now I am really dissapointed...The Sci-Fi channel has now picked up Andromeda...Andromeda for Pete's sake! I really think that Joss's work is either too far out of the norm or he needs some help marketing his creations...If the Sci-Fi channel will pick up Andromeda but not Firefly there is something inherently wrong with either the ME camp or the Sci-Fi camp.
Not all that surprising, I'm willing to bet that Andromeda costs about half what Angel does per episode.
Articles like this just make me cry. I'm so happy this campaign is getting so much attention!
With all of Andromeda's special effects I'm willing to bet that the different in production costs is not extremely different...But you are probably right herb.
Yeah Andromeda is probably pretty expensive too. Although Firefly was most likely the most expensive.

Maybe the big dif for Sci Fi are the words "Gene Roddenberry's..." Tragic though. From what I've seen, Andromeda isn't awful, but it really does feel like "oh another Star Trek but a little different." While Firefly was so much more original.

As for Angel, I think Sci Fi likes SF more than Fantasy in general. Although Highlander and Hercules are on there too in syndication. I don't know. The world is an ugly place.
Pure guesswork here, but looking at the final product of both shows, what Andromeda is spending on effects they aren't spending on their sets, cast, lighting and film stock. Side by side there is no comparison.

EdDantes, I'm continuing to guess, is correct in saying that "Gene Roddenberry" still means more to Sci Fi.
Yeah, but SciFi also got Andromeda's early seasons for another syndication run that starts later in the year. They're starting to show the 4th season this week. Later in the year, they'll show seasons 1-3 before starting new eps for a 5th season. So it's a big package deal, cost-effective and all that. I doubt that Angel could be sold like that to SciFi or any other network until their TNT syndication run is over. Which is a dirty crying shame.

I've seen only one ep of Andromeda (because JM did a guest shot on it) and it was quite awful. I mean excruciatingly so.
And the less said about what James was wearing in that episode the better.
What, Simon? You mean the yammy jammies? All silk, and a little.....well, gayish?
From what I understand Sci-Fi network doesn't have much money.
They really can't afford the higher profile programs and need to take package deals. The mini-series Battlestar Galatica was initially supposed to become a series, but they went with mini-series instead because the series would be so expensive. They considered turning it into a series after the numbers came back, but the production cost is still pretty high along with the talent.

Andromeda may not have as high a license fee as Angel or Firefly. It's a Paramount production I believe - and associated with CBS/UPN group. Also it's initial viewing was in syndication not prime time. Andromeda, like Xena, Hercules, Forever Knight - all were shown at off times or by different affliates. Firefly had a definite time slot and was marketed as a "prime-time" property as is Angel. Andromeda usually aired at 4:30 pm on Sundays in New York, sometimes 6pm on Sat. Finding it is always an issue. Star Gate SG-1, Mutant X and Relic Hunter are similar. Action shows but they sold to cheaper time slot - which means it's a lower price. Time slots after 7pm on East Coast are considered the top price ones (I think), time slots before 6pm or during 6pm - the news hour are considered low price slots.
So, I honestly think Star Gate, Andromeda, Mutant X, Hercules and Xena were cheap for stations like Oxygen, Sci-Fi to get.
Shows like X-Files, Angel, Btvs, Firefly, Voyager, Star Trek Next Generation are much more expensive. Deep Space Nine falls in the weird category - since it started in prime-time, yet was switched to lower priced slots in certain areas - making it impossible to find when it first aired. But I'm willing to bet it's equally pricey and since it was so serialized a tough sell.
That's another issue regarding syndication: anything highly serialized is a tough sell. The more episodic it is the more likely it will do well in syndication because then you can mix up the episodes and show them in any order or even exclude a few.
That's why Law & Order does fantastic in syndication.

To be honest, I find most of what is on the sci-fi network highly unwatchable at the moment, too many Andromeda type programs. As a result I keep missing the good stuff they occassionally do - such as Farscape (completely missed that one), most of Star Gate (I saw the original movie and maybe a couple of the first seasons episodes, I'm told it's wonderful but I've never really caught it), the latter seasons of Highlander - I missed all the episodes with Methos. Instead I've seen mostly crap. But I admit - I like weird tv shows which more often then not get cancelled before their time, here's a brief list of a few of the shows I watched that disappeared on me:

American Gothic (lasted a year)
Now & Again (yep a year)
Twin Peaks (made it two years)
My So-Called Life
The Kindred (I think 3 -5 episodes)
The Flash (about 3 seasons, maybe)
Space: Above and Beyond (yes silly in places, but interesting in others)
Earth 2
Andy Richter Control's the Universe (which ended right as I discovered it)
Keen Eddie (sort of picked up by Bravo)
Millenium ( a year)
Brimstone (also a year)
Prime Suspect (the American version (also huge fan of British version), which I liked, Karen Sillas and the rest of the cast were interesting, as were the plots)
VR5 (Anthony Head's first major American TV role)
Cracker (American version, also sort of fascinating, I liked the main actor...also a huge fan of British version
Nick at Night (later became Forever Knight - so at least I got that)
Profit (that show which reminds a few of us of this seasons Angel with Adrian Pasdar in the lead)

The fact Firefly has gotten picked up Universal and is being turned into a movie is actually a miracle. So, if I find a show interesting - I usually wait for it to get cancelled. If it bores me to tears - yep I know it will last forever. There are a few rarities in this grouping...of course. But not many. ;-)
One show I was devastated to see cancelled was Freaks and Geeks. That was so good.
So once again we hear about Fox's exorbiant franchise fee that has managed to strangle AtS and didn't help Buffy either!
Let's not forget some of Sci-Fi's best known program sets, such as the Giant Bugs Day the Giant Snake Day, and the Roswell Conspiracy Day. Must Flee TV.
@ ocular, hehe...good one those make me cringe.

@electricspacegirl, i LOVED F&G, James Franco was simply an epitome of beauty in a James Dean/Jeff Buckly sort of way.

@s'kat: i agree with most of your shows esp. kindred, now and again, firefly, millenium, profit and birmstone.
it just seems anything that involves an emotional or intellectual investment is game for cancellation.
btw, are you the same s'kat on the ATPoBtVS&AtS board?
if so, let me say that your posts and insights are amazing...hope you'd post on whedonesque more often!

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