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October 13 2014

Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day - Buffy and Angel Complete Series on DVD. The site is also doing a Joss Whedon Deal of the Week. There's offers on Dollhouse and Firefly DVDs and Blu-rays.

Excellent, I need to replace the copy of Firefly my brother moved across the country with.
already have the dvd waiting to replace them with bluray
Yeah… Jim, if you haven't been following the high-def remastering of Buffy lately, it is not going well. Someone on the unknown remastering team has been turning medium shots into closeups - even when the same shots are seen later in "previously on Buffy" recaps as medium shots! Hundreds of examples have been documented on the "BuffyHD" FB page, but perhaps none as outrageous as the ruining of this epic tracking shot, presented here in this video with red lines indicating the grossly-zoomed-in new image: [link deleted]

So, in short, the DVDs might be as good as it gets!

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Oops I broke the internet. Try this instead:
Just because fans have expressed issues with the new HD remastering doesn't mean FOX isn't going to do a blu-ray release. If there's money to be made, they'll do a blu-ray release regardless of fan complaints.

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