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October 14 2014

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 10 solicitations for January 2015. The covers are down at the bottom.

That was my guess too.
The solicits seem so detailed these days they give too clear an indication of what has passed in the preceding issues. Too spoilery in a way they never were before.
"Andrew introduces some new friends."

I wonder if they're finally going there?
Love the Angel and Nadira cover. New powers coming perhaps?
Anyone else sensing Riley could be the aforementioned 'bad guy'/possible Big Bad for the season?
I'm not to sure about Riley being the 'bad guy' they mentioned, but it is in the realm of possibilities.

Does anyone else think Faith is holding up a mask of Buffy?
I really miss having a strong, singular villain with delicious dialogue to root against. I think this season is a step up from last year but is seriously lacking focus and momentum.

Also, say what you will about season 9, but the first half of the season was filled with buzzy, attention grabbing stories (entertainment weekly even did an article about the abortion, when's the last time the comic had mainstream attention like that?) this season doesn't really have much of anything going on. It's strange that the comics never quite got the balance between big and epic and chatacter like the show did without going off the rails.
@hpgwbtvs That definitely looks like Buffy's face.

It would surprised me if a big bad weren't revealed around this point in the season as it's nearing the midway point. Riley seems like the most likely already known character for that role.
The Buffy covers are fantastic. I'm blown away. The birthday one is fun. I love the Buffy/Spike cover; really pretty. And then the variant by Rebekah is just outstanding. I'm in love with that one. And so glad to see Olivia! And Alwyn (that's her name, right?); I hope she makes an appearance. This issue sounds really fun. And Andrew introducing 'friends' during an issue about love lives? I wonder...

I like the Angel & Faith ones too. They aren't bad. I just am way more into the Buffy ones. I love the image of Faith holding up a Buffy mask though; very clever. I wish they'd remember that Nadira is also a slayer though.
I'm not keen on the BtVS covers, Spike looks bad in both, particularly the Steve Morris(?) one. Artists seem to really struggle with him and I'm not sure if it is because he is difficult to do and capture the actor well or if it is because they overly rely on the cheekbones/hair being sufficient.

I have been enjoying the A&F covers more, really symbolic. I assume that the mask, if it is Buffy, is just about representing the body swap and having 'worn her face'.

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