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October 14 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x04 "Face My Enemy". This episode was written by Drew Greenberg and directed by Kevin Tancharoen.

I brought snacks!
"Hello Rupert" *Takes a drag*
"I brought snacks!"


Nebula1400 -- what did you bring?

I have a water with ice.

But I can grab some pretzels.

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I brought snacks! For me.

Oh fine I'll share.
I did! Everyone else ate them all before you got there.
I officially dub this episode Dancing with Agents of Shield!
I was lucky enough to watch this ep. at NYCC but I'm interested too see it again and catch things I may have missed.
I brought a few choice selections from my drawer of inappropriate starches.
Well I have pretzels for all - endless in fact.
That score reminded me of the Restless score.
OK, the painting back reveal gave me chills.
I want her blue green scooter. Last week it was a sweater -- this week a scooter.
Petty theft! Oh shield, you fallen.
I feel like I've been dropped in the middle of a heist film.
Now all I can see her typing is, "Chloe is awesome, Chloe is awesome..."
Random thought: wouldn't it be hilarious if every week they misspelled Joss's name in the credits?
"Isn't this fun? Look! Cufflinks!" Ha. I love Coulson.
NYPinTA LoL, exactly what I was thinking.

The Chloe thing, I mean.

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It's like True Lies!
"My face hurts."

I love you Mey.
Yes, talk loudly on the dance floor about your spy stuff!
I'm a few minutes behind on the DVR. May laughing is hilarious. "Is she okay?! Is everything okay?!"
Dang Talbot's and his stache are in the house. Drat that stinks.
How's everyone's snacks? Restocking? More pretzels?

(oops double post mods, please delete. apologies)

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I'm a few minutes behind on the DVR.
the ninja report

Hurry, blow through the adverts!
May's winning this show, so far.
I found some old potato chips under the couch cushion!
Is that elevator music?
Def. need pretzels. I'll trade my burgundy. Quite good for the local liquor store, though I'm sure Coulson and May have access to much better vintages.
Are they conversing at an open urinal?
"How's everyone's snacks? Restocking? More pretzels?"

I need some sparkling water. Please...
The cat is half sitting on me so I can't reach for anything right now. But this episode is pleasantly wonderful so far.

I'm live! Hunter is adorable. He's all Britishy and charming.
OH, he should be referred to as Talbot Talbot from now on. Because that makes him sound like a bunny or something.
Are they conversing at an open urinal?


It's a dude thing.
"It is very alarming." Oh Fitz.
"We're modern", hahahahaha -- this ep is fun.
Mey is killing me.
"Yo." hahahaha.
I'm laughing as much as May tonight!
Hrm. That fan seems to lead to the outside with all that sunny sunshine coming through.
Why couldn't May have a pair of flats in her purse? The heels must be killing. Unless there's a gun hidden in the shoe.
Hah! Talbot's a Nazi!
Wait! That' fuzzy faced b*stard is Hydra?!?!? Typical!

(The * makes it child friendly, right?)

Great reveal!
Are there childs on here?
I think that deserves a HOLY CRAP!!
Woah -- Talbot's Hydra. Aw no no, I like him as quasi stupid ally.

And @roddikinathome - here's the bag of pretzels.


This way, we'll be surprised when they're not.
"The heels must be killing. Unless there's a gun hidden in the shoe."
the ninja report

Stilleto's be stabby, yo.
Why couldn't May have a pair of flats in her purse? The heels must be killing. Unless there's a gun hidden in the shoe.

the ninja report

Her shoes hurt me!
I called the Talbot reveal only just before it happened. Good job, show!

Our heroes need a victory.

*reaches for popcorn*
Nebula, right there with you.
I am really distracted by Woody and Buzz crawling on my screen toward Talbot. Did anyone else get an ad for the Toy Story Halloween special?
" here's the bag of pretzels."

Thanks! *Crunchcrunch*
Can Fitz get more than one line? Geesh.
Talbot is giving me the wiggins.
Hmmm.... pretending to like a food vs an ex that needs to be kept in the basement...
"I was a human; she was a demonic hellbeast."


[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2014-10-15 02:26 ]
No... Just Black Widow tech.
Nooooo Agent 33
Oh wow! Talbot is actually creepy Hydra guy. Which means Real!Talbot is probably *not* Hydra?
Yeah. Uh. There is only one May. Good luck filling those shoes, 33.
And that's why I had the wiggins.

Great nod to the Winter Soldier :)
Someone was teasing that some Winter Soldier tech would appear in this episode. So there it is.
I want the face printer! I wonder if it comes in body size.
Ooh cool creepy comic-book effect.

Why do I have a feeling there's a catch?
Not LMD, just more high-tech swap stuff like they have in TWS. But you know, this is getting to be a little implausible. Agent 33 is clearly Latina or Mediterranean and May is Asian. Totally different skin tones. Did they have something for every inch of exposed skin?

[ edited by the ninja report on 2014-10-15 02:29 ]
If she smiles and laughs, all the agents are going to immediately know that isn't May.
Right there with you on the wiggins, roddikinathome.

[ edited by javelina on 2014-10-15 02:31 ]
the ninja report

Dibs on SkyAra!
Eh, Black Widow played a much older woman in the movie. It's more magic than technology.
***brushes pretzel crumbs off the couch***

So that was sweet -- I didn't see the double reveal at all. I need to rewatch the Winter Soldier. That's a nifty piece of tech.

I like this ep -- there's a lot of gadgets but they are supporting the story and are not the focus of the ep.
"May! Your hands and legs don't match your face!"

Who's going to ask that?
Luckily, I'm wearing... clothing.
I am aware we're ragtag, but we really need a win.
Pretty sure that was a promise, bub.
I find Fitz's internal Simmons disturbing. Anyone else?
And there's that word again.
No, stop talking, Coulson!
I need May to do a Romanov-in-the-chair move right about now.
Oh, shit. Agent 33 knows!
No one electrocutes May tied to a chair and lives. No one.
Fake Mey, You so EVIIL!
Agent 33 the right May answer was "No Phil, I won't let that happen."
Villains should know better than tie badass marvel women to chairs....
May on May action!
Fitz: Less explaining, more debugging!
All we needed was for her to say "This idiot is giving me everything," but May wasn't on the phone.
And we have an ass kicking is the Presidential suite.
Internal Simmons is off because it's not really Simmons. It's another side of Fitz that looks like Simmons. What I find fascinating is that he knows she's not real. So does he hallucinate her, a la Gaius Baltar and Six, or does he actually conjure her in his mind and bring her up to talk to him at will?
"May on May action!"

You lost the game!
Best Coulson line ever!
You lost the game!


By stating a fact?
Did May just spit out a tooth? I'm loving this fight.
I am digging the fight too much.

It just cracks me up that Hydra outwardly displays their logo now.
How did they get out?
Awww.... he called him 'mate'! :*)
By stating a fact?


So, uh, did they "free" 33 or anything? Kill her? Leave her? What!?
"Punch her in the face?"
Wait, why did Fitz need Hunter to help him fix the plane? Confused on that part.
Apparently he's having some trouble with fine motor skills, as well as struggling with words. He knows what to do, but doesn't trust his hands.
@roddikinathome - They got out via balcony I think?
He said his hands were all shaky.
"So, uh, did they "free" 33 or anything? Kill her? Leave her? What!?"

Left her. And she knows Phil is chief. :(
I suspected we would be gutted before the ep started and then forgot. I got caught up in the glitz, May on May, Fitz saving the day and the scooter.

I forgot. And now OUCH.

Good ep.
Ohhh okay. Poor Fitz. He admits he loved Simmons and it's all awkward. Talbot and Coulson need an episode where they're on the road together, antiquing and stuff.
Oh, no! Flowers!
Can I just state for the record how much I love Reed Diamond? He's a great baddie.
Another great episode in the bucket.
Very twisty and turny episode tomight.Not bad.
Wait! What's the scooter?
I thought the scooter was a scooter and blue/green in color. Is it more? Did I miss something?

Alrighty folks, I am signing off. Another fun and virtual snack filled episode. Well done Shield! Well done mods!

I shall ponder next week's refreshments.
Nebula, I so agree - terrific episode!

And Destructo Girl, Reed Diamond is so much fun to watch, isn't he? (He was a wonderful good guy in Much Ado, too.)
You can have the leftover chips!
The scooter is just a scooter, right? Seafoam minty green?
Good episodes. I loved the twists and turns, the funny and the heartbreaking and the disturbing violence. And poor Fitz. It is bad enough that he has been so damaged but the real underpinning - Simmons - has been taken away. He's had her beside him for so long he hasn't needed to stand on his own until now. And cheers for taking that small step.
And a mention of Lola!
"Alrighty folks, I am signing off. Another fun and virtual snack filled episode. Well done Shield! Well done mods!
I shall ponder next week's refreshments."

I loves me some salt & pepper chips.

Next week kiddies! *Smootchies*
I smell an allegiance between Raina and SHIELD.
I have a psychological block against scooters.
I'm very worried about Raina now. But that one line about confusion did suggest she does have some sort of special manipulation ability after all.
We all like Raina now. This includes me. Amazing.
Raina and SHIELD and Skye's father are all going to have to be introduced to each other, otherwise Reed Diamond is going to rule the world with his many testicles.
After Whitehall gave Raina his Evil Speech of Evil in the car, she should have said, "Wow, that's pretty badass. Now let me tell you the story of my boss and a certain Chinese village..."
I think we might find out what Raina will become this season.
@AndrewCrossett Yeah, I was thinking that Whitehall doesn't realize what kind of land mine he just tripped over. But I don't think Raina's boss is the kind that wants to have to step in for his minions and instead wants minions that can handle their own issues...
Damn good episode. Like so many Whedon shows it promises glib frothy fun (May! Dancing!) and it DOES deliver that, but throws in twists you don't see coming and some pathos that stays with you.

I'm thrilled they've moved the ball downfield on the Coulson drama. It could have stayed inert all season, but they've cranked up the stakes quickly. The scene with Fitz at the end where he gamely tries to bond - that flashing moment when they toast to "moving on" - his face is all "whoaaaaaa, I didn't say I was ready for THAT".... damn you feel for the guy.

The May stuff was super fun, always up for some Raina, and it appears next week brings us our first Mockingbird and hopefully Skye / Dad reunion. I'm digging the pace this season
> Left her. And she knows Phil is chief.

roddikinathome, she also knows that something is seriously wrong with Coulson that he's anxious about and not in control of, and that May is his chosen successor.
I think Skye-dad wants Raina to handle her own issues, but when it comes to the Obelisk, it's not her issue anymore.

I want to see what Skye-dad is capable of. For he IS the Kwisatz Haderach!
Better known as Special Agent Dale Cooper.
I wonder if Skye's father is a known Marvel character and if so, who. I assume there's been speculation on this point and I just missed it and/or forgot.

I think Raina's one of my favorite characters. And Ward too.

I'm a little disappointed that Fitz is starting to get all rehabilitated. I was hoping he'd be going down a long dark path.

Does anyone else feel like Coulson's talk of euthenizing seems bizarrely premature? His symptoms don't seem any thing like Garrett's. And they seem really mild.

Slinky-dress-May vs. Underwear-May was epic. And I loooooved the Winter Soldier tech.

Hunter is funny. Mac is cool. I like the bigger team.

Also, with more people on the team, they can kill off a character or two. Make us feel like folks are not safe. They need more of that.

I would also like to see them stop resolving everything so neatly at the end of each episode. Like they could draw out Fake-May's infiltration over more than one episode.

I like the increased complexity of the plot and all the different competing interests in the mix. In addition to SHIELD career folks and Hydra you also have SHIELD contractors, people like Raina and Skye's dad, and Talbot and his people. Then you have Ward, of course, and somewhere out there is Deathlok. Hopefully theye will make good use of this mix to work in some more complexity and surprises. It's also nice to have likeable, morally ambiguous characters rather than just white hats.

ETA, Almost forget to say how much I loved the moment where Fitz makes that hilariously awkward attempt to bond with the new guys over past flames. But then after a cringingly awkward pause, they totally accept him. That exchange was the best writing in the episode IMHO.

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The show has not yet conveyed any sense of why or how Coulson is so badly off that he wants May to kill him. "Oh no, I have to draw weird diagrams every so often. Kill me. Kill meeee!"

I can just imagine what Nick Fury would have to say to him about that.

If he's worried about turning into Garrett, I'd think he'd take some solace in the fact that he's shown no signs of turning into a megalomaniacal killer. Seems like that would be key.

But if he did turn into a psycho killer, why would he follow May to a cabin in the Australian outback?
Agents of canceled...
I don't think May's plan is dependent on Coulson going willingly.
crhobbs42, do you have anything to say about the episode? You've already stated your opinion about the ratings in the relevant thread.
AndrewCrossett I think a lot of Coulson's fears are rooted in the time he spent as head of the TAHITI project. And yes all he knows
is what was on that report video but in a way that's worse, more is left to the imagination. He clearly feels that SHIELD is more
important than he is and fears undermining it.
But maybe if things got that bad, a better way would be to confine him in one of those fancy glass Magneto cells while they try to figure out how to fix him.
A lot could have happened in the 6 months between the "Beginning of the End" and "Shadows" that has not yet been revealed.
Neat special effects. But that Reynolds Wrap space dress they put May in. Yikes, and it kept pulling my focus away from the action. Really loving this season so far. Forgot. May tied to a chair, shades of Natalia in Avengers. What is it about Marvel projects? :=) Effective.

[ edited by Tonya J on 2014-10-15 05:43 ]
I think they've been hinting at it in shorthand - certainly the end of Season 1 where is involvement in Tahiti was revealed, and then May videotaping what is inferred to be yet another trance state of crazycarving an episode or two ago. In the car May mentions that his hand is shaking and getting worse. While I could quibble that they could show more, I prefer to get to the meat of it - "Is Coulson Terminal?" - than showing symptoms for 6 weeks in a row while promising something big is about to happen - which is how Season 1 would have handled it
I thought this episode was a complete clichéd mess. The show has been sliding for me since the great premier and it's definitely starting to feel like season 1 again. :(
That was my LEAST favorite AoS episode so far this season (aside from the Agent May(s) fight). Also I hate the face-changing/'masking' tech. There are so many logistical issues with it.
While I think there's more coming re: Coulson's condition, I think that the stuff we've been introduced to in relation to GH325 shows a less than rosy picture: almost all the subjects barring Coulson and Skye rapidly lost their mental faculties after receiving an injection of the drug and Garrett was the only post-Avengers treatment subject Phil has seen (remember, he just has any reports and vlogs about Project TAHITI he made before asking for it to be shut down, rather than all that and full memories due to what was done to him to him to get him "back"). So, Phil being worried about falling down the madness rabbit hole isn't completely without merit. Though I am a tad disappointed May and Coulson didn't grab Agent 33 for a reverse brainwash or to interrogate her as an enemy combatant.

Still, I loved the episode and watching Ming-Na Wen just decimate the imposter May - that Hurricana finale with the head pile driver! - was epic!
I thought this was one of the best episode so far O_o
I mean the beginning had its flaws but was funny and then Talbot wasn't Hydra, and then May, and then fake-May infiltrated them, and then Coulson against May, and then May against May. I mean ! May against May, people ! Best fight I've seen in a long time on TV. And it kept going on and on. This was technically amazing (and reminded me of Orphan Black, only better because it was a fight).

Oh and meanwhile the rest of the team is finally bonding (maybe in a forced way, but it was funny indeed to see them as friends)and Fitz is starting to get better.

Can't wait for the two next episodes because the trailer is promising in term of storylines.

I don't know where the 40 minutes of the episode had gone, because it felt like 10 minutes. I was really into it.
I think this episode was a definite improvement over most of last season's episodes, though certainly not as good as last week's. I do appreciate the lighter tone to this one and that they don't feel the need to shoehorn Ward into every episode. That said, each season is 22-23 episodes so we'll inevitably get a few duds. If the duds look like this, we're still in good shape, quality-wise. Hopefully, the ratings will hold or increase.

I like that Fitz is getting better. His struggle is dramatic, but also gets in the way of the plot if Simmons is back sooner rather than later because it seems like things will kick into a faster pace now that hydra knows who the new director is. I like that his subconscious is the reasonable one, telling him he needs to join the crew. He did save the day and he got a few funny quips.

Btw where is that "Fitz needs a therapy monkey" campaign?

And I wonder whether hydra knowing Coulson is the new director is how the Avengers eventually find out. If that happens. It's all connected but it doesn't necessarily have to be shown.

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While this was probably #4 on my list of favorite episodes so far this season (out of 4), it was way better than pretty much any of the pre-Hydra episodes from last season.

I was angry for a moment when they cut away just as May was charging Bakshi... I wanted to see her take him apart and I was thinking, "Oh great, they're going to chicken out of yet another awesome fight scene." And then we got May vs. May and all was forgiven.

The hem of that slip she was wearing would have been clearly visible with that high-slit silver dress... but I guess having her fighting in her underpants would have been a bit much.

The poor Avengers must be the only people in the world who don't know Coulson is alive at this point.
"I smell an allegiance between Raina and SHIELD."

I'm thinking the preview says no, she still is working for 'Dad'. And still intends to deliver Skye to him.

"We all like Raina now. This includes me. Amazing."

No, I fear for her, but that's it. She's still a bad, though a Bigger bad will crush her like a beer can if she doesn't 'comply', she still has her own body count that must not be swept away.
"Better known as Special Agent Dale Cooper."

WITH BLOOD ON HIS HANDS every time we see him. *Jibblies*
I enjoyed this episode, definitely on the lighter side, but it still had a lot of development. I really enjoyed Fitz's progress. He seems to have come up with his own conclusion on why Jemma left, and he is making friends with Mac and Hunter. It should make next Tuesday for an interesting episode, since Simmons might rejoin the team if her cover has been compromised. I loved the May and Agent 33 fight scene. I had no problem with Natasha using the mask in Winter Soldier, so I just thought it was cool that they had another tie-in for AoS. I loved May and Coulson's talks throughout this episode: from their first undercover mission together to the contingency plan.

This was a great funnier-toned episode that I think we will all appreciate after we watch the next episode. I have a feeling that the next ep will put us through a lot of angst between Skye meeting her father and Simmons being exposed as a SHIELD agent. I still can't really believe Mockingbird is working for Hydra. I wonder if they brainwashed her like they did Agent 33?
This season keeps getting better and better. Really love this show, and totally digging the Fitz story line; so tragic it hurts.
>> "Better known as Special Agent Dale Cooper."
>> @Nebula1400

Agent May missed some damn fine coffee.
Maybe he is BOB?

Crossover potential! BOB must be an 084, right?
>>Agent May missed some damn fine coffee.


And some cherry pie!
DUDE great ep but that RECENT CALLS List though! "Nat" totally Black Widow. Knowing that these two are still in touch!

P.s. Gotta hand it to Adrian Pasdar - when Coulson walked up to Talbot and chatted with him - I immediately suspected he wasn't who he was because of the very subtle confused look he gave Phil - like 'who the hell are you/what are you talking about'.
@Mirage - Ooh, I missed that. Will have to rewatch on Hulu. In a freakin' week. GET IT TOGETHER ABC.
Wait, someones phone listed 'Nat' as a recent call?! Who's phone and when did they show it?
I like how Talbot's attitude toward Coulson and his team seems to be slowly moving from "angry" to "snarky."
I'm glad Talbot wasn't Hydra, I like the snarky relationship between him and Coulson. (They should totally have an episode where the two are stranded together..) But it was a neat fake out.

I do wonder if with the damage May did Agent 33's face, if we've just seen the origin of the MCU version of Madame Masque? (An old time Iron Man villain..) That would be pretty cool. She could be like the equivalent of Baroness from GI Joe! Since we probably can't have Madame Hydra due to the Wolverine film using her as Viper..
@hpgwbtvs - May's phone lists "Nat" as a contact. She's been chatting with Romanov.
No way, I totally didn't notice that! Nice Easter Egg!
But why didn't they kill or imprison the Hydra Agents? I know they love to let villains go in tv, but come on. They were right there!
Just a guess on my part but;

1) Killing people where you have to leave bodies and other evidence is not acceptable.

2) Any jail is pretty labor and cost intensive. Not something they can handle beyond a very small number atm and at a guess it would chew up too many resources that they are very short on.

[ edited by JDL on 2014-10-16 09:54 ]
Who's the hardest working guy in Hydra?

The PR guy in charge of branding.

He gets a kickback from the company that makes the Hydra labels they sew onto everything. What do you expect, he's evil.
Thoughts about next week's episode:

May told Sky that there are other spies within Hydra.
One of the previews at SDCC had the two Koenings gushing over Mockingbird.

Suspicion: Mockingbird will help Gemma keep her cover, possibly outing herself so Gemma can infiltrate deeper into Hydra. As a scientist, Gemma is more likely to get important information (and understand what she sees) than Bobbi, who is "just" head of security.
I wonder what the Fitz/Hunter shippers are going to be calling themselves. Huntz?
Fitz/Hunter shippers? How can that possibly be a thing when we have the glory that is Fitzmac?
Expected Mockingbird line after kicking numerous Hydra butts:

"There isn't a detergent made strong enough to wash MY brain."
I liked the episode. The fight scene was probably the best SHIELD has done to date. Also the Coulson/Talbot shippers probably tripled after this episode.
There are Coulson/Talbot shippers? I don't.... that does not compute.

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