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October 15 2014

Neil Patrick Harris to host the Oscars! This is great news.

No it isn't. Now I have to decide whether or not he is worth watching the Oscars.
Neat. Something cool to look forward regardless of films and talent get nominated. Nah.... who I'm trying to kid, I always enjoy these awards ceremonies, for some warped reason, thus just more reason to enjoy it more.....
I'm sure I'll will watch when the time comes. I don't like awards shows but they keep picking NPH, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler as hosts. Although sometimes not even a great host can save it.
At least he's unlikely to do a song about tits.

No, really, I am delighted. I watch the Oscars no matter what, but there's often a lot of the "what." NPH should help a lot.
About freakin' time.
Props to that guy! He's perfect for the job.
He is an amazing host. I do wish they'd cut down on some of the shenanigans though. But then I also wish they got lists from the winners before hand of whoever it is they want to thank and they run them on a scrawl and tell the winners to a) have a damn speech ready, don't pretend to be humble and not have anything prepared and b) it has to be entertaining but on topic and c) short.
Cool! I'm happy for him.
YES!!! This means NPH can host anything, he's the best host/showman we've got right now. I just hope the awards show won't be Horrible.

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