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October 15 2014

(SPOILER) Sneak peek from Agents of SHIELD's next week episode "A Hen In The Wolf House". ABC releases the first scene from episode 2.05. Another clip can be found here.

Is it just me? Raina is the only character I can't stand. It feels like she's constantly scene chewing.
Is anyone else having that Lexus ad just end, and then nothing happens?
Cap, while I get what you're saying, I think the actress who plays Raina is great at doing that kitsch style of delivery -- almost like a classic fem-fatal archetype. She's one of my favorite charters, and I hope to see more of her.
@cap my wife doesn't like Raina at all. Says she hates the breathless, pouty, overly-sultry vibe she gives off. Personally I really like the character. To me she just comes off as interesting and a little weird.

It's Triplett that really bothers me. He over-enunciates everything, NOBODY talks like that. It completely destroys my suspension of disbelief.

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Count me in the love Raina camp as well - there is an oddness to her that's interesting. If the show had a problem last season (IMO) was there was a uniformity of emotional types - between Coulson, May, Ward and to some extent FitzSimmons, you had an awful lot of taciturn folks who could just as easily be working at an accounting firm as battling super powers

With the change in Fitz, addition of Hunter and Talbot, return of Raina and upcoming long term players like SkyeDad and Mockingbird it seems there are more emotional palettes to play with now
Raina is the best. At being the worst. I'm rooting for her.
Is there any other place to watch this? It just keeps crashing.
Penthos, you nailed it. I like the actor overall, but there are times where he sounds like he's reading right off a script or a cue card off camera. The most recent example was in the season premiere when he's talking to Skye and Coulson walks in.
@C.S.Strowbridge I guess itís this one:

Canít see anything on the abc page either Ö
@Udo Schmitz, thanks. ABC's site wasn't working for me too. I tried it about ten times before giving up, and now I want a Lexus for some strange reason.
I like Rainia -- in her fake condescending, I'm better, hotter and smarter then you ways.

But I'm worried where this is going for Simmons. I just had this thought that we are all going to be wishing we were back in S1 when everybody was new and clueless and had bad lines but were together.

Oh this double agent arc is going to be hard.
There's two clips and they are now YouTubeable on the entry.

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