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October 16 2014

Celebrating TV music: 15 unforgettable tracks from our favorite shows. Buffy and Angel songs are featured.

Figured it had to be Close Your Eyes. One of my favorite pieces of film/TV score ever. So simple, so effective.
I love Close your eyes, but Sacrifice just makes me tear up every time.
We were so lucky with the composers for both Angel and Buffy. Christophe Beck and Rob Kral created such amazing themes for both shows.

Beck's music for Season 2 to 4 of Buffy was absolutely incredible, which the composers that came after him just could not match,

Angel was lucky to have Kral for its whole run (with help from a couple of other composers), to create a cohesive musical whole which Buffy lacked.

I adore my Angel original music CD, and listen to it sometimes when reading the comics:-)
I was sort of hoping it would be Angie Hart's Blue from CWDP. I love that opening sequence, "Here we go..."
I kinda would've liked to see Magic Snow mentioned too... It just feels so comforting to me. But also because every time I hear Snow and Charming's theme from OUAT, it always makes me think of Magic Snow... it's amazing how just three notes can trigger it...

I'm glad to see Lost at the top of the list though. It was kind of amazing how quick the tears hit when the main theme of Life and Death kicked in...
"Sacrifice" and "Close Your Eyes" are indeed tearjerkers. "The Final Fight" is also nicely epic. alexreager, a note on another entry said they'd disqualified anything with vocals, so "Blue" was out; it's a truly haunting piece, though, and really set the tone for that episode. Season 7 had a few good tracks.

As with everything else I do here, however, I have to stand up for "Restless," or in this case its suite; the music that plays over Buffy looking out at the desert is just magnificent. I've used it many a time to help me calm down and find my inner Slayer strength...

(Side note: always good to see "Passacaglia" get some love. Bear McCreary is a genius, and I'm a little sad he hasn't produced anything comparable for AoS yet. The show could use the help.)
All three hours of instrumental music from "Buffy" is epic; I often listen to it while writing fan fic, even if the show I'm writing about isn't "Buffy."

Love "Magic Snow Music," both versions of "Sacrifice" and "Slayer's Elegy." Tony Head's haunting vocalizations over "Remembering Jenny" really help the emotional impact of that track.

But I have to say my favorite track is "Westbury Field" by Douglas Romayne; it just evokes a peaceful English countryside so well.

And "Broken Yellow Crayon" (Xander & Willow's theme) is terrific.

Douglas did some great tracks for "Angel," as well. "One Day to Live" from "A Hole in the World," for example, or "Cordy's Journey" from "Inside Out."

And he arranged & produced "Mrs" from "Selfless."

Surprised they didn't mention Angelo Badalamenti's work for "Twin Peaks." Who doesn't snap their fingers during "Dance of the Dream Man"?

Good to see Mark Snow get mentioned for X-Files. Would've liked to see something by Velton Ray Bunch, though. Maybe "Bite Me" from "Blood Moon" or "Dogs Up the Butt" from "Lee Harvey Oswald." "Sam's Prayer" from "Single Drop of Rain" or the suite from "Leap Home" and "Leap Home II - Vietnam."

Wish there was an official soundtrack released for "Dollhouse" - some of those tracks are awesome. And no "Firefly" love?
I just recently finished watching Avatar's series' finale for the first time. That piece of music was extremely memorable and made a moment I expected to be epic into something surprisingly sad and emotional and beautifully artistic all at the same time.
Close your Eyes is great, but, for me, honestly one of the least of the iconic Buffy scores. I'd rather have the Buffy/Riley love theme, or the suite from Hush, or the theme from Chosen, or the suite from Restless. And the undisputed greatest ever just always has to be 'Sacrifice'.
The first time I heard Sacrifice coming out of my CD player I got really emotional and started to tear up. But the funny thing was I didn't remember it from "The Gift" so I didn't know why! Once I figured it out and made the connection it made sense.

The Angel "Hero" they used was really beautiful. Also the music played at the ending scene of the wishverse in "The Wish" Really all of the music of Buffy is simply outstanding. Both the orchestral music and the pop songs that were chosen. It is a huge part of my enjoyment of the series.
Xane That's "Slayer's Elegy." The tracks from that particular episode are "Bizarro Sunnydale," "Blood Machine" and "Slayer's Elegy."

As I said, I have three hours worth of instrumental music from the show, but still would like more. There's nothing available from the first season, oddly. And very little from Season Six, other than "Dawn's Lament," "Dawn's Ballet" and "Broom Dance/Grr Argh" from "Once More, With Feeling" - all that's out there is the alternate version of "Sacrifice" from "Bargaining, Part 2." I'm fortunate to have a demo track done by Douglas Romayne called "Broken Yellow Crayon," which he did for "Grave."

If I had a way to rip musical tracks from the DVDs I'd be in heaven.
I'm not a great fan of soundtracks, but the past years presentations of Doctor Who did a great up for the episodes.

In an offtopic sad news, Nick B had some problems after a comic con.
In my opinion, the love themes in general got stronger and stronger -- "Close Your Eyes" is sweet and haunting, the Buffy/Riley love theme is more mature, and the Buffy/Spike theme from S7 is quiet and a little sad -- all perfect for where the relationships were at the time.

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