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October 19 2014

Marvel to rerelease Joss Whedon 'Runaways' arc as part of new collection. Runaways: The Complete Collection Volume 3 is a paperback collection to the series scheduled to be released on April 2015, including Brian K. Vaughan's final arc, Joss' contribution to it (Runaways #25~#30) and some tie-in material to Marvel Universe events Civil War and Secret Invasion.

Mostly for completists who'd like to get a more unified collection of the series.
Volume 1 from this new collection is already available collecting the same issues from original Volume Hardback collection, with Volume 2 scheduled for December.

Of course, the original trade containing Joss' arc by itself can still be found in most retailers.

Bleh, Runaways is the worst thing Joss has ever written no competetion.
Brian K. Vaughan actually.
Brian's issues were fantastic. Joss' were... okay. I agree, it's probably some of his weaker writing, but that's not really saying much, seeing as most of his writing is also fantastic.
I think even more so for me I hyped it up so much that it was a let down. Had it not been Joss who wrote the exact same story I probably would have different feelings about hit. Higher expectations for Joss.
It's may be my favourite of Joss's comic things. Love it.
I didn't enjoy his run as much as the earlier arcs but I did still like it. I stopped reading at that point though, since I didn't like the look of the next team's work when previews came out. I'm happy to see the entire series is being collected. Will make for a nice reread at some point.

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