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October 20 2014

(SPOILER) Video of the full Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. PaleyFest panel. Scroll down to the final video on the page for the full panel. There are some spoilers for this week's episode.

I'm just hoping there's a storyline coming soon where Skye gets caught in a strange beam of light that makes her bangs instantly grow back out. And then she tries to have them cut again - and the scissors shatter! And that could be her new superpower - indestructible attractive S1 hair! Whenever someone tries to shoot her, they always aim for her head and she just flicks her hair (in breezy slow motion of course: ne-ne-ne-ne-ne) and the bullet just goes ricocheting away!!! Or I suppose I could settle for just losing the bangs...

Sometimes I'm a very shallow person.
Does Skye's hair 'Whoosh' even in slow motion, like Xena?
This was a fun panel. I couldn't quite finish it yesterday but it was worth getting to the end and hearing the fan questions. Clark Gregg was very considerate about trying to answer as many as possible.
Why wouldn't it whoosh? It's whoosh worthy.

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