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October 21 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x05 "A Hen in the Wolf House". This week's episode was written by Brent Fletcher and directed by Holly Dale.

Didn't think I was going to make it here tonight, but I'm still the first in the room!
Trying to get kid asleep. Be right back.
Evening, all. Looking forward to at least two double-crosses tonight!
So, is that the same as a quadruple cross?

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Will Raina buy some Wart-be-Gone? Will Mr Dad with BLOOD ON HIS HANDS get some Bactine? Will Phil get some damn chalk? We find out together tonite on ALL MY WHEDONS...
HA! @roddikinathome

My guy's in snoozeville! Woot! And I'm back to fretting for Simmons.
Talk about being blue in the face!
Oooo, Banquette. Now I'm hungry! Oooo big body count.
It's probably covering the whole desk under all that paperwork.
It's like bad popsicle tongue. Ick.
Came in midway through toast- did I miss anything vital?
Skye's going to do the Snoopy dance...
Poor Flowers. I want to beat up everyone around her!
So that's why he always has blood on his hands. Huh.
@ roddikinathome ALL MY WHEDONS yes!
Don't anger the good Doctor...
Nebula, you're going all soft on Raina! (I'm right there with you.)
Is he literally putting somebody back together for his family?

Snack side bar - I have pizza combos
"Pretty neat, huh?"
Raina is either going to become an ally of the team, or die. Should we start a pool and see who wins?
What's Skye's real name??

*Bows* Feel free to steal the hell out of that. Just remember wer ya got it. :)
I called a Raina / SHIELD alliance last ep!
I don't think I can think of snacks without barfing tonight. I had a tiny piece of chocolate cake, which I'm not supposed to have, and my head hurts!
"Snack side bar - I have pizza combos"

Oooo, Gimmie!
Let's guess at Skye's real name. I say it's Bertha.
"I had a tiny piece of chocolate cake, which I'm not supposed to have, and my head hurts!"

O_o Poor Nebs.
Kinda liking this ep!
I think Skye's real name is that of some character from the marvel comics universe.
I have a Magic Hat beer. *Smug*

Also Carr's Ginger Cream cookies. Any takers?
I'm still waiting for Ninja Fitz...
Skye's not writing. She a bi-planetary being.
That stuff is almost like psychic paper...
It's probably covering the whole desk under all that paperwork.

Creepy, creepy Ward is the best.

Pizza Combos for all interested partakers. I shall have a Magic Hat brewskie please.
Are you saying I'm an alien!?
Well... she handled that well.
I have a Magic Hat beer. *Smug*

I have PBR!
I want to be an alien.
Maybe I'll get some crackers and guacamole. I have to find a way to undo the chocolate damage.
Hello Mockingbird!
Loved that scene "Epic Fail!" That was great. I need to rewatch but have to keep live.

You are already an alien @Nebula1400. I am sorry to break the news.
So we have THREE big threads going on at once... Busy ep.
The A word or the I word. Consideeing they can't use the M word.
Yeah, I wouldn't react negatively to news that I'm an alien.
Oh snap, Simmons!
Yes, Mockingbird!

This is all making me very jumpy. It's been a while since I felt like this watching television - Buffy springs to mind. Now I've got this AND Sleepy Hollow.

Monday and Tuesday evenings = nervous as heck.
Oh snap, Simmons!
NYPinTA | October 22, 02:26 CET

oh, Jemma!
Valantha | October 22, 02:26 CET

[ edit ] roddikinathome | October 22, 02:26 CET

Need a cig?
So guessing lab partner's joy at the possible death of billions helped Simmons feel less guilty?
Monday and Tuesday evenings = nervous as heck.

Constantine on Friday!
Mockingbird is totally helping her learn to hide better.
"You really know how to make a girl feel special."

Raina, stop it.
Mockingbird is really just trying to help Simmons maybe.
sure roddikin :)
"So guessing lab partner's joy at the possible death of billions helped Simmons feel less guilty?"

It would asuage my guilt a bit.
I like how stuff is actually happening faster this season.
Skye isn't going to take "no" for an answer.
So what's Coulson's plan, May?
Ouch, this and Person of Interest... tense....
Aagh. Coulson! Simmons!

Am now counting on Mockingbird to be SHIELD.
Well shit, Simmons' cover is so blown.
Who framed Simmons's boss?
I assumed that "killing billions, yay!" line was meant to help us not judge Simmons for planting the evidence on him and setting him up to be tortured, yeah. And Coulson's not giving in because he knows he has Mockingbird watching her back.
@Squishy - YES to things happening faster.
Oh, shiiit.

Coulson, what is wrong with you? You could've just said "deal," kept Simmons cover, and then had May follow Raina and Skye. Or you could've said "deal," gotten her to delete the photo, and then had your guys arrest her.

Letting her send the photo was just ... stupid. Unless he *wants* Simmons' cover blown? In which case ... Coulson, what the hell is wrong with you?
Coulson knows about Mockingbird and vice versa?
He's counting on her to protect Skye.

[ edited by Squishy on 2014-10-22 02:36 ]
I got so involved in the story, I missed a bunch of comments. Damned show!
I've been assuming she's working for him. This is just speculation on my part though.
Mockingbird was sent by Coulson to get Jemma out. It's why he could be so cool with Raina.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2014-10-22 02:40 ]
I meant to protect Simmons.
Even then ... this decision on Coulson's part doesn't make sense to me. What is he thinking?
Yay Mockingbird!!
There we are.
I got involved in the comments and missed a lot of Raina (the visuals). Damned show!
Well, I like her.
Yay mockingbird!
Aaaand Sunfire wins at predictions.

Also, Mockingbird is badass!
I think Skye is way way more important then any of us know.
Putting aside Hydra and SHIELD, no one really has the right to keep Skye from her father if she wants to go.
Why does that one guy always get beat up off camera? Is it in his contract or something?
Glad these scenes were kept out of the promo.
A "not the face" clause?
Wonder Woman's invisible plane!
My predictions for Dollhouse were ALWAYS wrong.

ooo so IS Raina Lance's ex?
Ooh! Hunter and Raina sitting in a tree...
I said this before. Palicki was perfectly cast here.
He's weirdly familiar with her. But he is weird, period.
Ok show you have 15 minutes for the Fitzsimmons reunion hug I am watching the clock.
She is quite good, Numfar PTB.
Ha, they have Adrienne Palicki jumping onto an invisible plane in her first episode! I love it. :-)
I'm willing to bet money Mockingbird is Lance's ex.

Also, I'm loving her as much as all y'all.
Could Mockingbird be his ex? The ex has come up sooo many times she has to have some plot significance.
I'm with you Sunfire… Fitzsimmons reunion… even Fitz, Simmons, Jemmaginary Friend must happen
Palicki would have made a good Wonder Woman, invisible plane and all.
I'm with javelina too vis-a-vis Hunter's ex
I know, right? She would've been fantastic, with a decent script.
@erindis Right there with you. More people should get to jump onto invisible planes :)
I think Simmons is going to be into Mockingbird. I think she likes women.
Did I miss the part where Raina gave the address of where Skye's father was?
I'm willing to bet money Mockingbird is Lance's ex.

This is my new favorite idea.
What about the other door Skye?
I think we're going to get Agent Cooper and Skye rather than FitzSimmons. Sad face.
I think Simmons is going to be into Mockingbird. I think she likes women.

This is my co-new favorite idea. I did dig that interaction on the plane. Simmons could be bi.
I like Lance, but how does he not get punched in the face more? ;)
the father/Coulson fake-out and the "you're having on hell of a day" so great!
Ugh! Those things are expensive, and he goes and breaks it!
Morsimmons? Simorse?
She said "comply"....
Simmons does seem kind of bi right now. I think she has a crush on Bobbi. And, c'mon, who wouldn't?
Ha! I thought so!
Hahahaha! Yes.
OMG, I love this!
javelina called it.
How does she know that's a picture of her dad?
Oddly, my favorite thing in that whole exchange was how happy Tripp is about it all.
Blond thing explained.....
Agree, Simmons seems a little infatuated with her rescuer.

Kudos @javelina
Duh! We knew it was a map!
Wait, how does she know it's a map? Did I miss something there?
@Sunfire Maybe seeing a larger version of it made it obvious to her or something? (Guessing.)
Bobbi is Lance's ex. Yes!


And finally an answer wrt all that carving. Thank heavens.
She's been looking at it for weeks now, trying to come up with a theory. Maybe she's been thinking this for a while, and now that she sees a bigger chunk of it, it makes her think she's on the right track?
I'm with you Nebula, Simmons has a huge crush/hero-worship thing for Mockingbird.

Javelina wins!
... or maybe she just kinda knows because she's an alien and it's an alien map.
Oh! So he's crazy, too.
I really like how fast the plot is moving this season.
Wait, hold up. What did they say about the AOU trailer?
I kinda like Skye's dad? For a crazy murderous alien monster. He seems fun.
The way Simmons said comply kinda scared me too.
Oh no, my head went right to Dora. I really didn't want it too. I've seen too many pop culture memes on the internets.

So I shared.

And yes, @Sunfire crazy Kyle MacLaughlin is just loads of awesome.

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Where and when did javelina win what?
Destructo Girl, I guess the Age of Ultron trailer will premiere next week.
I'm really hoping Simmons is not compliant. Shudder.
So theories on the map? I've got zilch.
Awasome episode tonight.Probably my favorite of the season so far and of the series actually.Loved Mockingbird's intro.Nice twist having her be Hunter's ex(in the comics,she's Hawkeye's ex).Also nice nod to her being blonde in the comcis.

This was across the board a strong episode.And Skye's dad is real bad news.

And The Avengers's Age Of Ultron trailer to debut next week during the show.
Javelina won cookies!!!
The map is from the galaxy in Guardians of the Galaxy.
Wow. MacLachlan does ScaryCrazy really, really well.

So Coulson says Mockingbird is joining the team... does that mean she's an every-week cast member now? I would think that makes May kind of redundant, but I guess she's taking Ward's place as Second Ass-Kicker.
There were symbols like that in the movie. They were a flash, but I recall seeing them. Either that, or I'm delirious.
Maybe Skye and Star-Lord are related. ;)
Kyle M. was freaking terrifying. Able to stand up to Reed Diamond's HYDRA awfulness, which I expected, but still ...
oooh @NYPinTA that's a cool theory.

And my guess is that with two big bads leading into Ultron there's plenty of big bad evil for all the gals.
NYPinTA, I like the way you think.

Those two would fight like cats and dogs.
Maybe, MYPinTA. I still think we're looking at a Kree storyline. Maybe a Captain Marvel/Inhumans story line.
Kyle M is good.
Nebula, I won the who is Lance's ex sweepstakes :)

Edited to add: Starlord's dad is also an alien, so he could be a Kree as well? (I don't really truly think so.)

[ edited by javelina on 2014-10-22 03:17 ]
Thanks, guys. I was a little distracted when they announced that.

Overall, I really liked this episode. I was wondering how long it would take for Fitz and Simmons to reunite.

[ edited by Destructo Girl on 2014-10-22 03:16 ]
Lance just loves Princesses. Amazon princess, warrior princess. He's got a type!
I got that after looking at all your comments. I'm just a little slow tonight. I blame the chocolate migraine.
I honestly thought that Skye and Lance would become a thing (and wouldn't be surprised if it eventually happened).
I think if they keep up that pace the whole season, the ratings will get better.
So to summarize:

Jemma is way too much into Bobbi for Fitz's good.

Lance and Bobbi had a thing. Didn't last.

Agent Dale Cooper goes into a Hulky range with sharp objects.

Skye has two daddies.

Skye and Star-Lord may be related.

It's a map indicating where the Kree home world is, even though it looks like an electronics schematic.

Ward is still Hannibal.
I had the same notion, Destructo Girl. They are far too snippy with each other to not become a thing.
Can someone remind me who Lumley is?
Hey guys? I think from now on we should all refer to "the Diviner" as the "Continuum Transfunctioner" 'cause you know, it's mystery is only exceeded by its power.
@Nebula - Chocolate migraine is the worst!

@Everyone - I really liked this episode. Lots going on, tense and interesting. May had very little to do but she did have a big episode last week. Since she's pals with Romanov I'm assuming Mockingbird won't put her nose out of joint.
If it's the Diviner, what is it divining?
Nebula1440: "Skye has two daddies."

Perfect! And alien-daddy is miffed that she prefers her human-daddy.
@Squishy - Lumley was in an episode last year about agents who had gone into hiding after dealing with Baby Skye. "Death follows her," or words to that effect. Lumley was one of them.

And hey, what happened to Raina?
Valantha: Coulson is going to be stalked by her bio-dad, who will try to kill him. Then Skye's monster side will manifest.
Thanks, Javelina!

I think Skye's dad might not be as evil as people think. He's a bit of a whack job, but he loves his daughter.
I don't think he's necessarily evil, Squishy, but he has a homicidal side to himself that he tries to keep under control.

He could be human (of inhuman), and he's what Coulson will become over time.
Yes, definitely homicidal. And VERY disrespectful of apple products.
I wonder if we can assume that Skye and and her dad are NOT aliens now that theyve hyped up that theory so aggressively this episode?
So, I think the possibility of Simmons being compliant is still in play, but I think it's MUCH more likely that Mockingbird is... hence the cutaway shot in the hallway during the very convenient getaway... She's actually being sent in to be a repurposed Hydra mole in shield.

Or maybe not. But I feel like they (the writers) would play with the brainwashing angle at some point this season. So these are my early suspicions.
I think they are Inhumans, who are technically not aliens.
I suspect her dad was injected with the same stuff used to save her, Coulson, and Garret. He has lived with it longer, so his insanity has manifested to make him become whatever he becomes. Remember Raina wanted to ask "What will I become?"

Coulson will also run the danger of becoming something monstrous, but Skye, who was born with the alien DNA mixed with her own, will not become an uncontrollable monster. IF she becomes anything, she will be able to control it.

That's my theory.
Having Simmons be compliant would be awesome. Hydra did suddenly start focusing on her a lot at the end. It would be a more shocking reveal than if Bobbi were compliant. Do we know yet who framed Simmons's boss?
Oh, Agent, I hope you're wrong about Mockingbird! You're right that the camera work during the escape left a lot of wiggle room.
Damn - this has become a great 60 minutes of fun. As I've mentioned, and others tonite on this thread - the pace of this show has so much more energy than last season. My son and I were watching and at the 30 minute mark he just exhaled and said "I can't believe we're only halfway thru"

I thought the Coulson / Raina dinner was well played, although probably was more stressful for those who weren't familiar with the Mockingbird comics character. Still, Coulson using Raina as human bait was surprisingly ruthless.

And .... can we just give Kyle the award for "BestCrazyDude" on TV in 2014 now? Can't wait for more Kyle/Reed interplay. Actually, with exception of boring Hydra 2nd-In-Command guy, I'm really delighted with the entire cast right now and all the options to bounce of each other. That said, it IS a pretty big cast so ........ yeah.

All that plus an Avengers trailer in 7 days. It's all good
@Squishy, I think Simmons framed her own boss. Which of course makes me worry about Simmons, even though he was clearly eeeeevil.
The Inhumans theory is intriguing. But somehow I'm skeptical that they would introduce the Inhumans, who are a potential franchise, in this show.
Also, and I'm bummed no one else has figured this out, but Skye's dad is clearly "Agent Cooper", aka Bob. The real poor bastard never got out of that Lodge after shield got dispatched to Twin Peaks...

(and Skye's age makes the timing of that perfect!)

How did she move that thing out of her desk when everybody had to get up and stand away from their desks?
Hey, Agent, I said he's probably BOB last week!

More cookies, please.

And... damn.
Squishy--I think that was a misdirect. I think the drawer she was looking is was his, not hers... she'd already framed him. Where she was looking was out of her arms reach I think.
I don't think Simmons has been brainwashed, but I do think it's possible (though not probable) that Mockingbird is a brainwashed triple agent. The only reason I say that is the fact that Bakshi was still standing there at Whitehall's side, despite having just allowed the most appalling security breach... Simmons was bad enough, but a S.H.I.E.L.D. mole as head of security?

I have a hard time imagining that Whitehall would tolerate a lapse like that unless it was a set-up. Still, Bakshi has failed at every mission Whitehall has sent him on so far, so who knows?
I am only a third of the way through the episode and one thing I don't get about SHIELD's dead drop technology is why Simmons complained a few episodes ago that the dead drops involved too much fast food. She clearly doesn't have to eat any food in order to have a wrapper to throw into the trash. Also, even if she did have to eat some food, she could generate something healthy. Quinoa patty? That sounds gross, but you get my point.

I like Hunter! He's right. Everyone is making a fuss about the petite lady in the flower dress. But Flowers be deadly, guys.
The tiny woman in the flower dress is going to become a giant.
If the ratings drop again this week, I'm gonna start taking hostages.
I don't know why they would drop, but I don't think we're going to see them go up. Everyone I know who hated it/slammed it during season 1 has had the same reaction to season 2 so far. I mean, I think they have crap taste, but its not exactly drawing in the skeptics, for whatever reason.
So good episodes here and last week. I didn't say much last week but I did enjoy May and Coulson's conversations, they had wait even though in the back of my head I know he's not going to die or go insane, at least permanently.

Mockingbird was badass and I did enjoy how tight the plot was and how Coulson one-upped Raina. So Daddy and Whitehall are working together with Raina as a rogue again but our team can track her when they want and she's got to go underground.

If it is a map, it might be the Dead Alien's desire to go back to the (probably Kree) home. Maybe the alien was shot down after his race created the Inhumans one of whom is Daddy. But that does not explain how Whitehall is ageless...

My only major problem is a carryover from the finale last year: Why the hell didn't Coulson grill Fury about what the hell the Alien is/was? He should have done it for his safety and mental health as well as Skye's. You could hope it happened off screen but if it did it should have come up in Coulson and may's private talks. And if they wee going to show the audience that anytime soon we'd have heard about SLJ appearing on the show again.
If those of us watching all take hostages, maybe we'll get enough captive viewers to push it up a few notches.
I think Whitehall being ageless is a different mystery we might see solved or theorized in Agent Carter. Part of the benefit of having two shows connected like that is you can tag team plot lines. If Agent Carter can figure out why Whitehall is ageless, then SHIELD won't have to.

I think the alien map could be from the kree. Has it ever been established that kree have their home world or home system grafted (for lack of a better term) into their DNA? Maybe that's a thing. If that's so, I'm not sure Star-Lord is kree. Nova Corps analyzed his DNA and didn't happen to say "btw, here's where your ancient relatives live."
Random- Anyone else think the show is setting up Al MacKenzie to be gay? I could be wrong, but when the guys were discussing ex-girlfriends in a previous episode, he just said he had ‘exes.’ I have a feeling the Fitz attraction thing on tonight’s episode was also foreshadowing Mackenzie’s sexuality.
@the ninja report-Good guess about Agent Carter, hadn't thought of that.

I wouldn't be surprised if the ratings went down a tick again, but as I said before, I'd only be worried if it goes below 1.0 and think their is a real chance it will move back to 8 PM at some point.
I don't know about Mac, but there's something that's causing Jemma not to feel the same way about Fitz that he does about her. Could be she's Hydra. Could be another reason.

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I think we are looking at stories connected with the Skrulls. They may have made Whitehall forever middle aged. Skye may be a Skrullian Deviant, with the power to shape shift.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2014-10-22 22:06 ]
Pretty positive Marvel can't use the Skrulls because those rights are tied up with Fox and the Fantastic Four.
And yet, Quicksilver is allowed in both X-Men and Avengers.
I also thought I caught a glimpse of a very young Scarlet Witch watching TV with her brother at the end of Days of Future Past.
You did, Squishy.
Hands down I am having so much more fun this season. Thank god they didn't drag out the Mockingbird thing at all. Only nitpick this week: they really stiffed us on the FitzSimmons reunion.
That's actually not Scarlet Witch/Wanda in Days of Future Past- it's Wanda and Pietro's younger sister.

Bryan Singer said: "“I even had a line which I cut, where Quicksilver’s mother says to the little girl, ‘Go up and bug your sister,’ and the little girl says, ‘She bugs me!’” he recalled. “You never see the older sister, but it was to imply that there is an older sister for comic book fans. I ended up cutting it.”

[ edited by libradude on 2014-10-22 05:52 ]
Squishy--Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were particular exceptions to the overall X-Men/mutants deal. Krull didn't get that exception for reasons not readily available. Also, don't forget Marvel was in bankruptcy when brokering those deals.

Kree (apparently "partially owned by Marvel" which could have a lot of legal implications? Rights are typically owned and then licensed, so perhaps there's an outside rights holder to the Kree... not sure who created them for Marvel, and how shrewd his deal was):

Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch (definitely shared rights, though "tricky"):
Aren't Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch twins?

And yeah the skrull thing is all messed up. Technically the baddies in Avengers were Skrulls under a different name, but it gets weird.
libradude - totally agree on the Mac thoughts. (though my perspective was : are they setting up Fitz for a suprise relationship with Mac? like we all think Simmons will end up with Bobbi, but it's a distraction so we don't see Fitzmac coming?)
Definitely my favourite episode since Turn, Turn, Turn and possibly of the show this far. The pacing was fast and it was funny and exciting. It gave some more resolution on the Skye and Obelisk story lines whole giving more questions. Fantastic episode.

I have to say, though, that I'm tired of Ward in the cage. I think everyone agrees he can't stay there forever. Either he's going to be let out, escape, or come out to help SHIELD or Skye. I'm tired of waiting for that to happen! I thought it might be this week from the promo, since I thought Skye would go with Raina, but no. It's got to happen soon, right? (I personally think Skye will get in some sort of trouble and Coulson, knowin Ward, will let him out to help. But can it please JUST HAPPEN.) If he dies fine. I'm just bored by that storyline and want something to happen already.
I like Ward in the cage. It's the only interesting that character's ever been. But it is, I concede, getting repetitive.
Is Simmons or Morse compliant? Both?
They laid a lot of ground work with brainwashing. The escape was shot / cut to leave some of flexibility in the timeline. There's are many interesting ways for those scenarios to play out.
Watching Kyle MacLachlan and Reed Diamond trying to out-evil each other is a special joy. It's like watching Lex Luthor and Brainiac.
One thing I forgot to note last night, and was touched on later this thread ... I loved the way they handled the FitzSimmons reunion. It was everything it should have been. Uncomfortable, awkward, and maybe a little resentful. I don't think we'll ever see the FitzSimmons team happily chattering away in their own corner of the bus (or wherever) again.
WarrenEBB, it's definitely possible. I love the idea of Fitz ultimately being bisexual (not just bi-curious as tonight's ep suggested). It would be great to see his relationship with Mac explored. The MCU needs more of LGBT presence. DC has added a few LGBT characters to their current crop of TV programs.
I think it would be very interesting if he was, and we were able to explore that. But I'm not sure whether these are croutons or breadcrumbs, meaning I'm not sure I'm reading into it because the scene seemed so deliberate, or if he was just making remarks to themselves as regular people do.

My initial thought is that when people comment on others of their own gender, they're not so much bicurious as they are comparing themselves to others. And Fitz is currently feeling isolated, awkward, uncomfortable with his own brain and probably feeling like his body is betraying him. Mac is, physically, the strongest person in the room and part of Fitz has to be attracted to the idea of being strong and able to overcome things. Season 1 Fitz was also insecure with his own physical abilities, but could still be absolutely confident in his brain. Now he has neither.
This episode was great, loved it. Can't wait to re-watch. Mockingbird was phenomenal. Watching Raina squirm was pretty cool too.

As an aside [steps up on soap box] the "gay-watching" on this thread is getting a little overboard. We're like the kid in The Sixth Sense except we're going around saying, "I see gay people" ... who cares? The sooner we as a society stop pointing out every time we think someone's orientation is not hetero the sooner we can get on with real equality. Love or hate these characters because of who they are, not because of who they love. [Steps off of soap box]

As for "Ward in the Cage" ... Now that Garret is dead, Ward serves only his queen, Skye. The team will have to trust that loyalty at some point (maybe next week if the previews are to be believed) to get what they need. Kind of reminds me of how Spike eventually became a good guy because he fell in love with Buffy and was essentially bound by that love to do her bidding.
Personally, I interpreted Simmons' reaction as hero worship. A super-tall ninja just rescued her. A little "That was awesome!" seems inevitable.
Being gay or not is part of who they are, and part of why we love them. The more you see and notice gay/lesbian characters on screen, the more you realize they are part of everyday life, part of normality.
Best episode so far for me. I wish I can comment on it all but that'd be too long to write.

I had to check a couple of times that the episode wasn't over an hour long due to the amount of awesome that was hitting me at fast and precise pace.

Coulson being the BAMF we fell in love with in the movies - there needs to be more of that. He can lay it hard on Skye, make Flowers herself squirm and beg, and then be a fatherly shoulder for Skye to lean all - beautiful.

Fitz, I know what you mean about Mac. Mmmm, yes, sir.

I have this head-canon now: May, Nat and Bobbi (quite familiar with each other) have a kickass club where they exchange asskickery secrets - (RIP Izzy).
@chris- As someone who was born and raised in Key West, Florida, I can tell you that we didn't go around categorizing people as gay or not. Nor did we decide whether we liked that person because he or she was or wasn't gay. Is a person's sexuality part of who they are? Yes. But should it be any part of the calculation in whether or not we like that person? No, absolutely not. To behave otherwise WOULD BE prejudicial.

To paraphrase MLK with some poetic license, we should judge people on the content of their character, not on the content of their bedroom.

Realistically, in any given population the proportion of LGBT to straight is usually around 10%-15%, but to be generous, let's say it's 20%. So in this crew of 10 people let's assume there are 2 gay people (which is far fewer than have been fan-outed). To then assume that these two would want to hook-up with each other (if they happen to be the same sex) JUST BECAUSE they both happen to be gay is not a reflection of reality and insinuates that all gay people are automatically attracted to each other. Which, in point of fact, is not true.

I would find it far more refreshing that IF two people DID turn out to be gay, that they couldn't stand each other. That would be breaking stereotypes.

[ edited by Penthos on 2014-10-22 16:51 ]
The only reason I brought it up was that something is holding Simmons back from seeing Fitz as a romantic possibility. It could be many things, such as feeling unsure of herself, or her loving him as a friend, but not as a potential romantic interest. But while she did show some infatuation with Triplett, in the end, she may prefer the company of women. It's a little bit different than speculating whether or not someone is gay, just for the sake of conversation.
Penthos, I hope Chris will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the intent of that statement was less "we love them because they're gay" and more "we love them for who they are, and being gay is part of who they are".
Great episode, and I agree with Mirage about Coulson. In some of the episodes his character has been a little off, stern boss-guy not meshing very well with quip-guy, but they wrote him really well in this ep. (I think Gregg's always good. When Coulson doesn't work for me, I blame the writers. :))

Also, I like Ward in the cage. We got a lot of Ward-time last season and everyone was so burned by him. I appreciate him being on the back burner for a while.
Penthos, it will indeed be a great day when it no longer matters. But as that day has not yet come, people are hopeful that AoS is helping it get here. Simple as that.
I'm late to the party here, but I would argue that speculating on possible same-sex attractions IS treating potentially gay characters exactly the same as heteros. This group has done nothing but speculate on every possible hetero romantic pair-up since day one the show began - from Fitz-Simmons, Fitz-Skye, Simmons-Ward, Skye-Ward, Sky-Trip (I'd still like to see that one), May-Coulson and on. Throwing gay pairings into the mix isn't singling them out, it's treating them equally.

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