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October 22 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #8: "Return to Sunnydale" Pt. 1. It's the Halloween issue!

I can hardly contain my excitement after reading this issue.
Oh yes. I saw the Bleeding Cool article.
Here's the link to the Bleeding Cool article..I won't have my copy until probably Friday.I don't think I can get to my comic shop until then unfortunately.

I hope they don't go through with it(I don't think they will).There is enough dead characters that have been brought back.
Hmmm. I doubt they would undo something that was very meaningful for the writers to do back in S6, but I would at least hope for an actual Willow/Tara conversation. It would be interesting to see what she thinks of what Willow has gone through. The only thing that would piss me off is if Tara pushed Willow to go back to Kennedy.

I wonder if this will get Joss himself to comment on the comic before the next one comes out? He hasn't really spoken about them since the abortion plot prior to the robot fake out.
I don't think they're going to bring Tara back. At least not permanently.

As was referred to in this issue, Tara is (presumably) in the same position Buffy was after season 5... she's in heaven, she's happy, and she won't want to come back. Willow is more aware of that than anybody, except maybe Buffy herself.

So, we could either have Willow having to stop Andrew from bringing Tara back (which would be very painful for her) or have Tara come back, and have Tara be angry and resentful at being pulled out of heaven after several years there.

Either way... tears ahead for Willow.
I tend to thinkj Tara is amore active spirit, more like Cordelia than like Buffy.
I absolutely adore Tara, but I'm not fond of this 'bring everyone back to life' thing that's been going on. Either way, it should make for some interesting storytelling. This issue had a lot of development, Willow coming to terms with 'Dark Willow', Warren and Tara (which will be stirred up because of Andrew) and Buffy and Spike had a much needed discussion concerning their past, and Buffy gave us some insight into the whole Angel/Angelus being one person or two separate individuals. Great issue, I'm really enjoying this season so far.
Buffy is somewhat inclined to separate the souled vampires from their unsouled selves too much. They are coherent characters and their human self informs the vampire and the demon is still present in the mix when they are souled. It is difficult because they aren't separate people even though they wouldn't commit the same crimes souled as they did unsouled. There is an important difference/distinction needed, it just can't be a complete separation. The way Buffy talks about it always seems to see that break in a more complete way than it exists to me. As others have pointed out, Spike didn't fight for his soul to change himself and let someone else take over his body, he did it to be a better man, to gain those moral boundaries. Angel isn't on a path of redemption because someone else committed all of those crimes and he doesn't struggle with his internal demon and yet remain entirely separate to it. I can see why Buffy has wanted to keep the dividing line so strong, but they obviously aren't completely different people and it reduces their stories to see them like that and makes their guilt illogical. It is good to see the equivalency of their unsouled crimes stated on page though. Some fans seem to struggle with that and want to separate Angel from his as if they are entirely different people in a way they don't then do with Spike for the exact same acts.

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Finally have my copy of Buffy # 8,"Return To Sunnydale Part I."Picked it up yesterday.

Pretty good issue.It was a little exposition heavy but this being a jumping on point,that's wasn't unexpected.

The Buffy/Spike was in line with that as well.It wasn't new info if you
vou've seen season 6-7.Buffy was in a bad place mentally in season 6 and her relationship with Spike was a symptom of that.She forgave Spike for the AR in season 7 after he got his soul just like she forgave Angel for his soulless actions.

Again,I think this was for new readers jumping on with this issue rather then the fans who had watched the series and read seasons 8-9.

I don't usually like Andrew but I do think he has noble intentions although I hope he fails because as much as I miss Jonathan and Tara,I really don't want any more ressurections.I don't thin kAndrew will succeed though.

It was fun seeing Jonathan back briefly via hologram.Actually surprised they didn't get in a Hunger Games joke since Danny Strong wrote the Mocking Jay Part II script.

The Richard Corben sequences were interesting but didn't gel as well for me with the rest of the art by RI.

So again.not a bad issue.

This also was Scott Allie's farewell issue and I'm going to miss him.I know he butted heads with parts of fandom but I thought he did a generally good job.
I quite liked the issue, and I wanna see where this is going.
Whether the resurrection goes awry or is interrupted or something else goes awry afterward, I'm in no matter what.
Oh, and hello, Richard Corben. Not sure if I had heard of him stepping in to guest draw some pages, but I certainly recognized his style when it happened. I was just reading his old TMNT time travel story the other day. For a moment, I was like "oh, looks like a certain Rebekah's been on a Corben binge recentl-- no, that's totally him".

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