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October 22 2014

SMG says no to another Buffy role. When asked if she'd consider coming back to reprise her role as Buffy, the retired Slayer says "nay," unless her walker was a stake.

Something tells me that if Joss were to pick up the phone, she'd be there. I think this is the Joss-effect. Most actors (and civilians) are powerless over it. I know I'd hop on a plane in a heartbeat if he asked me to sweep his garage.
Poor Sarah. She just doesn't want to play Buffy anymore, but people keep asking her about it, and she has to keep coming up with ways to say it that won't offend the fans. So we have her claiming to be a feeble old lady at age 37.
To echo what alexreager said, I don't think she's put any consideration at all into it. And she shouldn't in response to questions like this. Now if some serious effort was being put into it by Joss, she'd give it some thought.
As I said elsewhere: Easy to say you won'\t take a part in something nobody is planning to film.
OT - at the same time I was reading this thread I heard an ad on TV that sounded a lot like SMG - Time Thieves - In Store Pick Up at Target
Eden good call. It certainly sounds like her in that commercial. I myself have given up on the idea of reprising Buffy. It would have to be set much later due to the aging, which would be fine, but Spike couldn't be there unless you seriously CGI'd him and that's probably not going to happen. Since I'm a Spike-centric Buffy fan I no longer have any hopes for a Buffy reprise.

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