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October 22 2014

Ratings for last night's Agents of SHIELD episode. When the final ratings now in, the show got 1.6 in the 18-49 demo.

Series low, and if adjusted up say a tenth, it would still be a series low I believe. Beating a dead horse here but ABC HAS to do something with 'Manhattan' the lead in program to SHIELD. It scored a 0.7(!) There's a recent NPR article about this fall season so far, and one of the primary conclusions they draw is that even in this DVR/Online age time slots STILL matter and pointed to the success to date of shows like Laura, NCIS: New Orleans, Scorpion, Black-ish, and Stalker as examples (all of whom have large lead in programs)
It's a mighty helpless feeling, when a show this good just keeps going down and down and down.

Viewers are continuing to lose interest week to week, and I just can't understand why. It can't just be the lead-ins... the show has had the same lead-ins all season and the ratings continue to drop every week.
I'll say it again. My best guess is they are going to move it back to 8 PM. Those sitcoms cannot stay there for much longer. At best they'll make it to holiday break in December. SHIELD is still ABC's strongest show of the night.

Being against the viewer mothership of NCIS and the genre mothership of Supernatural does not help.

I gotta admit though, this is disappointing, maybe they should have made the first season a miniseries or something to deal with mainly the effects of The Winter Solider. Nothing really important could be shown until after that and the negative press and hand-sitting this caused really hurt the show.

It might see a bit of a bump next week if only because of the AOU trailer and a few die-hard movie fans jump in, but most people will probably just wait for it to be posted online.
ABC doesn't get paid on preliminary L/SD ratings. They get paid on C3 (including VOD). The ratings are fine.
If it can stay at this level it'll be fine. Marvel has an image stake in the show being on the air, and a number of shows get renewed around this level.

That said, it's in trouble if it falls below 1.4.
I don't think it's "just" the lead ins, but the Manhattan ratings plummet and SHIELD's steady tick down are not a coincidence, at least for a tenth or two. I promise you the suits at ABC are having "WTF we do about Tuesday" conversations. Have always thought that it made more sense to pair SHIELD with a show like Resurrection or even Once Upon than a pair of rom-com sitcoms.

Also - highly doubt Avengers trailer does much for ratings. Chances are it'll pop up that day or earlier online. If ABC is smart they'll debut it in the middle of episode to "make" people watch some of the SHEILD content and not just tune in during the last 5 minutes to catch the trailer
Actually, a Once Upon a Time/Agents of SHIELD pairing would make a lot of sense.
They plugged their Thursday hole by making it Shondaland. I don't know they can pull something like that again for Tuesdays. I would be hesitant about Sunday. Sports overrun on Sundays could do worse damage to the show. OUAT can open the night because it's fanbase doesn't seem to have too much overlap with sports. SHIELD probably has a lot more overlap.
Are the C3 ratings falling at the same rate as the overnights? Or are viewers increasingly time-shifting? It seems to me the trend is more cause for alarm than the raw numbers.

I hope the A2 trailer next week will bring in eyeballs. The show has become everything the fans wanted it to be (except for those few clueless ones who expected Iron Man or Thor every week)... but they don't know that because they stopped paying attention last year.

Quality can only impress viewers who watch... and for some reason, the buzz just isn't bringing people back.
Let's not forget. The World Series was on.
C3 ratings are never made public but L3 ratings for AoS are great. It's a top 20 show that wins the night in men. The panic in this thread always baffles me. Daily ratings is very faulty incomplete public info that tells you next to nothing. It is however, fantastic click bait for tvbythenumbers.

Carry on.
I must admit, I always enjoy IrrationaliTV's calming influence on this thread!
That's higher than the averages for Revenge, Resurrection, Forever, Last Man Standing, Selfie, Manhattan Love Story and Cristela. So seven series are ahead of it on the chopping block. Not to mention any upcoming mid-season replacements that will ultimately fail.

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Castle should be the lead in for Shield.
Once Upon a Time/Agents of SHIELD pairing?


Plus, AoS would be destroyed by the competition on Sundays at 9 pm.
Castle should be the lead in for Shield.

Castle has always been a 10 PM show despite looking like an 8 PM show, with its lack of sex and violence and gore. And it has a Whedon connection in Nathan Fillion. But, it has an older-skewing and female-skewing audience and AoS appeals to a younger and more male audience.

Plus Castle has always been pretty solid in its timeslot on a competitive night, and ABC might not want to mess with that.
Ahh the world series, good call, I forgot about that.
Finals up a tenth.

IrrationaliTV One problem is that the 98% of the L+3 ratings have disappeared from TV by the Numbers since the second weeks
show. And of course we can't make any kind of judgement at all based on the L+7's. If people are shifting from live to time
shifted we can't tell anymore.

The male demo thing is interesting. How much more valuable is it than the female ?

One other thin. Ime almost ALL shows shed viewers over the first 5 shows of a season. This is normal, sad but normal.
JDL, just maybe it doesn't make sense to parse, disect, theorize and stress over incomplete and/or unavailable information then? Ratings and Ad revenue is such a tiny bit of the whole and a genre show like AoS has so many other revenue streams that you can't measure against an "NCIS: Whatever" that basically has no other revenue streams except eventual syndication to a cable channel. 5 to 10 years ago overnight ratings was a very important indicator to the health of a TV show. Now it is almost meaningless yet sites like tvbythenumbers profit off fans deep need to try to predict the unpredictable through 2-3 times daily ratings articles as clickbait. There is almost no info to be gained off these numbers.

And thanks, MrArg. I try although it really does feel like spitting into the wind most of the time. I know my rationality is ignored by most. :)
JDL, I don't know that the male demo is specifically more valuable, but it is more valuable to ABC because their viewership skews very female, so adding male viewers opens them up for more advertisers.
IrrationaliTV Its like an addiction. I KNOW it's bad. I KNOW I shouldn't drink the Kool-Aid. And still I find myself back in the
same old bad habits when the trolls start scraping their fingernail's on the blackboard. Arggh!
QingTing based on prior posts of IrrationaliTV they do charge higher rates for the male demo.

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Huh. That's weird to me, considering that women do much more of the purchasing.
Next week will be higher. Mark my words. 😀
QingTing, men are the rare birds when it comes to broadcast TV viewing therefore the advertisers pay a premium to reach them. Especially, young men and that is where AoS excels. Young men 18-34. Destroys all the NCIS's what not in that demo.

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Thanks for the clarification as always, IrrationaliTV. Maybe by Season 3 we'll all have made our peace with the ratings worries and let them go?
I too thank IrrationaliTV for his cogent and reasonable thoughts, comments that I generally agree with ...

That said I envision a time a year from now, when we're all online celebrating SHIELD's steady ratings climb back into the mid-2's, and patting ourselves on our collective electronic backs that we survived those early ratings fears ... only to have IrrationaliTV show up and say .. "Oh no - what this really means is the show is totally screwed" LOL
I have a theory about the switch to dvr viewing that has nothing to do with shifting the time or skipping the commercials. Simply
put a LOT of people prefer this style of watching, especially when its a show they really like and will re-watch a lot. The more they
like the show the more likely they are to record it. A recorded show can easily be paused, "rewound", etc, etc.. A lot of the control
is in the hands of the viewer now and they like it.
Nowadays there are really only 2 reasons for anyone to watch a TV show at the time it airs.

1) You don't have a vibrant social life and are looking for something to do in the evenings. (More common with older people and families with children.)

2) You want to be able to go online and discuss the episode with other people while it's still hot. As you know, if you wait just until Wednesday to watch AoS, the discussion is mostly over and the topic might have even moved off the front page of this site. The last episode got 222 comments on here, most of which were made before the episode even ended.

I only have a small handful of shows that I make an effort to watch as they air. Not much can motivate me to sit through 20 minutes of commercials per hour.
Let's hope I remember that next fall, TallMichaelJ, so I can punk you with that. :)
Then there's this, which makes ratings for the show look less bleak.
So, Agents of SHIELD is tied for 7th out of ABC's eighteen scripted shows in the 18-49 demo. Solidly mid-tier and in little-to-no risk of cancellation. I knew it was beating most of those shows. Didn't know it was beating Castle though. Thanks for the link.
You know I just realized what is a large part of the root of this obsession with ratings. Chuck. The perception of the unwashed is that fan
proactivity gave that show an extra season or two. So now any show on the bubble has a chance to develop a similar tendency in its fan base.

[ edited by JDL on 2014-10-26 08:21 ]
"The perception of the unwashed" is a pretty horrible thing to say about your fellow fans (or anyone, for that matter), aside from the reality that fan campaigns have, in fact, been successful at giving shows a reprieve from cancellation in the past. Ask the creators of Jericho how they got a second season. Better yet, ask how Star Trek got a third season; hint, it had something to do with fan mail, including over 50,000 pieces in one month alone.
Flip ? Irreverent ? Yep. But Horrible ? You've got to be kidding. The fact is that the nets haven't said much at all about the renewals
you mentioned so evidence is lacking. OTOH belief is through the roof. Sorry but I just can't agree with you.

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A fight in the ratings thread basically is like that time Xander fought Harmony. Best stop while you're ahead.

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