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October 22 2014

'Avengers: Age of Ultron' trailer officially released online by Marvel. This post was edited since what was once leaked and in poor quality is now officially available from Marvel in glorious HD.

It looks fantastic!
Oh my...and indeed...God!

That looks incredible!

This looks amazing! I wish it aired during AoS, just to help boost its ratings, but I cannot wait to watch this movie!
Yeah, trailer looks great, but I am sad it leaked... Was hoping it would help AoS ratings as well.
I think it's gone now, so maybe the rest of the internet will tune into SHIELD next week.
Balet!!! Joss put balet in the movie!!! hahahahaha!!!
If one of the dancers is Summer Glau it would be EPIC!
Yep, my favorite part was the Balet. Not just because it was Joss, but because it was dark and discordant and interesting.
Natasha Romanoff's character was brain washed/imprinted with memories of being a ballet dancer in order to strengthen her loyalty to Russia during her time with the KGB. I love Black Widow, so I'm psyched to see her background being explored!
It's getting positive to rave reviews over at the comments section of Ain't It Cool News. That's an extremely positive sign. They have arguably the most mean-spirited and vicious posters in all of geekdom (and possibly the internet). Usually even when something is beloved by the vast major of geeks, at least half the posters will tear it a new one. Joss really knocked it out of the park. Another positive sign is a fair amount of posters are saying they still plan to watch Agents of SHIELD to see it in a higher quality. Thank God for geeks and high definition.

Joss said he was going for a Dark Knight/Empire Strikes Back kind of vibe with the tone and spectacle. Mission accomplished! Knowing he said it's going to be character-driven and emotionally rich like those classics too, May can't arrive fast enough. This summer's going to give rise to a whole new generation of Whedonites. Good for Joss!

[ edited by JesusSavedIn01 on 2014-10-23 01:32 ] is updating regularly as the trailer links are taken down, so it's a good site to track if you haven't seen it yet.

You can also watch it on here.

[ edited by JenskiJen on 2014-10-23 01:40 ]
I think the real culprit is the Evil League of Evil.

Irregardless of the nefarious schemers, that trailer ROCKED !
Well, that was dark and creepy and amazing. It looks like Black Widow, Hulk, and Hawkeye have more to do this time around, though I'm also convinced that Thor dies in this movie.
I told myself I'd wait. I told myself I'd wait and not to ruin the occasion by watching a crappy lo-res, lo-frame rate version before the "official" release on Tuesday. I told myself it's too early to hop on the hype wagon. I told myself ........

Damn I feel so dirty
I LOVE that moment between The Hulk and Black Widow. Looks like the rumors about their relationship were true.
Wow, I was hoping for dark. But wow. No hugs and puppies in that trailer.

Also, it looks: (1) fucking epic; and (2) like James Spader's going to steal the show.
Skizzoid what's the basis for your conviction about Thor? Or are you just kidding?
I'm going to wait to watch it on tv. You all snuck peeks at your presents before you were supposed to open them when you were kids, didn't you? It's better on Christmas.
As I typed that Agents of SHIELD posted a FitzSimmons clip from next week and I am totally going to go peek at that present early. Different rules for different holidays?
Marvel released it on Youtube :
Whoops, never mind about the HD factor bringing the geeks to SHIELD on Tuesday. Marvel just officially released it in glorious 1080p. Oh well.
Yep, saw it on Twitter a few minutes ago. This is now the thread where Marvel officially released the trailer. Poof, magic.
Wow, hot damn wow! I never thought a sentence with the word "strings" could give me chills. I didn't watch until Marvel posted it, and I am kind of glad we get this gift early. Marvel is killing it! I wouldn't be too surprised if this passed the records set by the first movie. Marvel won't let Joss go so easily and that might be a good thing.
Squishy- it's complete speculation centered around the absence of any Thor announcements in Phase 3. And if the rumors about Civil War and Avengers 3 pan out, Thor doesn't seem to have that big of a role in the future MCU plans. I'm also not certain that there needs to be a third Thor movie- it'd be nice to see Loki and Asgard again, but if Thor were to die protecting the Earth in Avengers 2, I think that'd be a fitting character arc over four movies.

So with that in mind, there were a couple things in the trailer that stood out. One was the scene where he drops the hammer, the usual fallen hero moment. And right before that, he's front and center "leading" the team. Joss isn't one to play to convention, but trailer cutters are another thing- there's that usual tendency to highlight/prop up a character right before they fall/die.

I'm probably reading too much into it, but if you come in with the preconception that someone has to die (because Marvel needs some consequence to a movie's events), one can come up with evidence to support the idea that it'll be Thor. But like I said, I may just be stretching things to fit my theory.

EDIT- And there's also the scene from the SDCC footage where everyone's trying to pick up Thor's hammer. It sounded light and funny, but one could stretch it to set up his fall too.

[ edited by skizzoid on 2014-10-23 02:48 ]
Marvel Entertainment just posted the trailer to YouTube. It looks fantastic. Spader is even better than expected.

[ edited by garyyager on 2014-10-23 02:46 ]
Yes. Good.
James Spader sounds *amazing*.
Love the music. Which is super creepy.
I have so many questions,like did Tony shows all his bots disney movies?
The trailers looks pretty awesome
You know what really MADE that trailer?

The fact that Disney owns Marvel.

Thus they can get away with using songs from Pinocchio.

*sings along creepily* ". . . There . . are . . no . . striiiiingss . . . to . . hold . . me . . doooowwnn . . . ."
How is it a leak? It's on
Marvel made an official release in response to a low def leak.

Good trailer.

Yes, agreed Squishy -- James Spader, stealing the show with just that voice. How does he DO that?!?! I freakin' LOVE James Spader!

Looks like another boffo box office smash for the MCU.
I only just now realized the string song is from Pinocchio. Awesome move Disney/Marvel synergy!
On the other hand, if Disney wasn't such a bully about copyrights, that song would probably be in the public domain by now.

Still, awesome trailer.
It WAS a leak. Now the link goes to Marvel because they released it rather than spend the next week taking down poorly formatted copies while everyone talks about the trailer anyway.
Regarding Thor, I know nothing's official but I'm pretty sure they're already planning a Thor 3. The Dark World left Loki in charge of Asgard, I don't think that dangling participle is going to be the final moment across the rainbow bridge. Thor: Ragnarok would seem to be a third installment that would finish things off. Although if they wanna kill him off here and make Beta Ray Bill: Ragnarok, we would officially know that Marvel has adamantium stones.

Oh, and the trailer...must watch 30 more times. That is all.
Can't. Stop. Watching it.

And watching it.

And watching it.

OMG, I just realized, where TF is the Vision?!!
If they stick to Ultron creating Vision his scenes may be too spoiler-y for a first look.
Yeah Hemsworth has at least 2 more films left in his contract. Also I still don't buy the Civil War thing until its officially announced. I remember all the speculation up to the first avengers being pretty much 100percent incorrect.
hey,someone said it's thor lying next to cap's broken shield,what d'you reckon?
Someone has to die. Who's it gonna be? Pepper Potts?
don't they dare touch pepper!!
Stan Lee in a cameo next to Joss as Numfar?
@Grack21 Normally I'd agree, but Devin Faraci (despite his sometimes abrasive persona) usually has pretty solid sources and keeps the facts and his own speculation separate. If Faraci says he has something on high authority, more often than not he really does.
Yup, that's thor's forearm okelay.
Eh, it's got Scarlet Witch, they could all die and still be fine at the end :P

Also, man, way to show things without actually showing us anything! That's how you do a trailer.
Also, who's the bearded dude?
My body is not yet ready.
Someone has to die. Who's it gonna be? Pepper Potts?

I think the part at 0:27 shows Captain America, Black Widow, Bruce Banner and Thor in mourning, similar to the original's trailer scene between Cap and Stark. So I think they all survive. If I had to place a bet it would be on Hawkeye. Joss is going to finally make us fall in love with him, and then he's going to die a horrible, painful death. And due to Tony's creation and/or activation of Ultron causing it, Bruce's subconscious blaming of Stark (which Thor is feeling too, if that choke hold is any indication) sends him into a Hulk berserker rage requiring Tony to don the Hulkbuster.

It makes sense from a real world perspective too. Jeremy Renner gets the nice juicy (and narratively crucial) role that he's been publicly requesting since the original came out. And one of Marvel Studios busiest actors suddenly gets the time for his other projects in the process. Seriously, Renner's the Guillermo del Toro of actors. He seems to always be attached to a dozen projects at the same time. And unlike del Toro, they all mostly go into production. I think he's pulling a Michael J. Fox circa 1984 and just straight up isn't sleeping.
Grack21-The speculation I'm seeing is maybe he's Claw a Black Panther villain.
@Grack21 The bearded dude is Andy Serkis from Lord of the Rings and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I'm not sure who he's playing, but I think this might be his first non-motion capture acting role since 13 Going on 30.
Isn't Hawkeye set to appear in Captain America 3? It's hard to sort rumor out from fact sometimes. Pretty sure they won't kill any one permanently whose contract isn't up though, considering the way Marvel handles the moneyz. Which would make me put good money on Fury being the one who dies(I think his contract is over after this one).
Epic, but didn't give us much new information. Definitely a teaser trailer in every sense of the word.
@Grack21 I remember Joss saying back in the interview where he revealed the Age of Ultron was darker and someone could die that Kevin Feige wouldn't let him kill off a potential franchise unless it was really, really crucial to the story and there wasn't another option. That rules out pretty much everybody except Hawkeye, Fury and RDJ (because he finished his trilogy).

Downey was my original bet. He was pretty vocal about Iron Man 3 being his last solo film. Joss has a history of killing off the main character when he's finishing a run on a project that's entirely his and not one of his friends' (see Buffy and Kitty Pryde). They had the fake out in the last movie. And, yeah, he signed on for Avengers 3. But who's to say it wasn't for a flashback/dream sequence extended cameo.

But then the news broke about Captain America 3, so now it's either Hawkeye or Fury. Renner's hinted he wants to move on. Whereas Jackson publicly seems to want to ride this out as long as they'll have him. He's even said he wants a part in the new Star Wars projects too. Plus, like Nick Cage he doesn't really turn down projects (good or bad), so if Feige offered him a contract extension I doubt he'd turn it down. He genuinely seems to be having a lot of fun.

[ edited by JesusSavedIn01 on 2014-10-23 05:43 ]
Only 7 months to go!
MrArg- I completely forgot about Ragnarok and Civil War (I chose to erase all that from my memory banks), but the other Ragnarok rumor is more interesting (though it seems pretty unlikely). I don't think we've seen the last of Loki, but I'm not entirely convinced Asgard has more stories to tell (it's always played second fiddle to Earth).

Grack21- I knew there'd be some factual argument against my theory, but that doesn't rule out the Ragnarok clone above if Thor's dead. :)

okelay- I caught that too, but I think it'll be a dream or vision or something similar.

Squishy- Pepper is another possible candidate.

JesusSavedIn01- The scene at the 0:27 mark has Banner in that blanket, which makes me think it comes after he's stumbling through the woods after Hulking out (and is visibly shaken by it). But Hawkeye's also in those woods, and someone's got to fly the jet, right? (it does look like someone's in the pilot seat)

Still, I do like the Hawkeye theory, just maybe not the chronology. Just to add more fuel to the fire, Renner has been wishy washy about wanting a solo movie, almost like he's had to cover up what happens to him in this movie.
There's definitely a guy in the pilot seat. Going by the hair I think it's Tony. But then again it's the back of a head and really far away too, so who knows. Good eye, by the way. I've watched it on the big screen over a dozen times and never spotted the pilot. To be honest I didn't even think to look for one.

[ edited by JesusSavedIn01 on 2014-10-23 06:08 ]
Good stuff. Feel vaguely sorry for Marvel not being in control of events but it's a powerful trailer.
Thanks for Sunfire for keeping up with things. Due to local Daylight savings time, between the time the original low quality leak going up and then down, I was already in bed, before the official HD version was available.

Seems like the source of the original leak is the usual, "it's bummer Disney can't do everything in house, with people who won't leak stuff", as somewhere on the process to send it to one of the international markets, where we are getting it a few days early on April, someone in the chain leaked it. The HD version on Youtube, has the May message, matching North American release.

Seeing Marvel Hydra tweet, made me wish they actually built a social web release plan than included Hydra leaking parts of the trailer (with grainy effect) ahead of the Tuesday broadcast, instead they had to rush in and share the HD version anyway, as every major news outlet online was picking up the leak story.

As the Tuesday night tease, goes a lot beyond boosting AoS ratings in North America, as the second season is a few days behind in certain key markets or haven't barely started. It really needed a proper online presence plan, for the buzz the talk about the trailer was generating everywhere, and I do mean everywhere, not just the North America-centric outlets.

Excited for the movie. I expect tears and sad stuff. Pain. The Joss usual.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2014-10-23 09:34 ]
Havne't heard anything abut Renner wanting to move on, last interview I read he said he was happy doing more marvel. But really, who knows, Marvel is good with the disinformation stuff.
@Numfar PTB Yeah, besides the April instead of May thing "coming to cinemas" just sounded really, really British to me.

[ edited by JesusSavedIn01 on 2014-10-23 07:18 ]
Trailer looks amazing.Darker then the first film.
My youtube only has a 720p version. If someone has a link to the trailer in 1080p …
Wow. I like that this is a mood trailer rather than one that feels like it spoils the first half of the film. I'm going to try my hardest not to analyse it frame by frame. It's impressive that the trailer music is matched by the actual content.

But dammit, 'I've Got No Strings' was one Disney song that never creeped me out!
This trailer is awesome! Ever since I saw "Sex, Lies, and Videotape" I have been in mad love with James Spader. His speech during this trailer was chilling! I only have one small grip: IMO it is dissappointing that it seems we won't actually "see" James Spader when he acts his part. It looks like we may see his motion capture - but not him.

JesusSavedIn01 - I LOVED the character Andy Serkis played in "13 going on 30". I really like the whole movie and if anyone hasn't seen it, it is worth watching. It is a light, fun, romantic comedy film. Added fun - Mark Ruffalo is in it!
Andy Serkis is in this? Awesome!
That music really gave me goosebumps, and the Scarlet Witch's special effects were super neat. Awesome teaser trailer.

This may just be me, but I really don't get the Hulkbuster. Tensile strength does not scale with size (after a minimum size) and if the Iron Man suit is what is powering the Hulkbuster, then Tony has all that extra mass to maneuver and accelerate. Not actually useful for subduing a Hulk…
Did anyone else want Sandy Shaw's 'Puppet on a String' being played at the end?

Also what's up with all those cargo ships?
Joss is finally back at Disney. With his second Avengers movie he made a new Pinocchio adaptation (with Avengers characters).

Will the third one finally be the classic animated musical he went to Disney the first time around for ? (With Avengers characters of course)

[ edited by Kesty on 2014-10-23 14:05 ]
I don't think one of the superheroes will die. Remember, Scarlet Witch has the ability to change perception; what you see might not be reality. And there's probably going to be a Thor 3 considering Thor 2 ended very open-ended.

AFAIK, these actors (who appear in Avengers 2) still have movies left on their contract: Renner, RDJ, Evans, Johansson, Ruffalo, Hemsworth.

Granted, RDJ only has one left on his contract - but he's supposedly joining Cap 3, if you believe the Civil War plotline is going to be used.

I think Jane or Pepper might die, since Thor 3 is not predicated on Jane and there is not likely to be an Iron Man 4. The problem I have with Pepper dying (aside from the fact that Pepper is great) is that now we've got a fairly minor female character being offed to propel Stark's story, or at least to further it. The MCU doesn't have enough women as it is; I'd like for the MCU to at least introduce a few more first.
I was hoping Andy Serkis might be motion-capture Ultron! But I'm glad to see his face onscreen again. Here's to a darker Marvel film, and what looks to be some gorgeous cinematography!
@Valantha I'm pretty sure the Hulkbuster armor is just meant to look cool and to look like it MIGHT keep up with The Hulk. Maybe the extra mass helps pack a bigger punch. Also I think it might have an additional power source somewhere in there, Tony wouldn't forget about that :)).
WhatsAStevedore, James Spader did all of the mo-cap for Ultron. Serkis helped Ruffalo with his mo-cap for Hulk, but as far as I know, Serkis is playing a character who isn't mo-capped (or at least is only partly mo-capped, since you see Serkis himself in the trailer).

[ edited by the ninja report on 2014-10-23 14:57 ]
@Boto I can total get behind a cool look (especially in a comic book movie) but you can't have a bigger punch without acceleration. An extra power source certainly could be the answer, but still, it's just unnecessarily big so that Tony and The Hulk can play together easier.
It's not just that big so that it can punch the Hulk. It has to be that big to *take* a punch from the Hulk.

I'd want more armor between me and him, too.
It's going to be a loooong week waiting to watch this after Shield...

Sunfire - re: Christmas presents... I was able to satisfy my curiosity by helping a friend sneak into her presents at an annual Christmas party. Wouldn't ever use it on my own though... It's a shame, I was real good at it too. Not sure how to use that metaphor to hold me over till next week >.<
For what it's worth; in the shot of Cap's broken shield, that's Thor laying next to it, not Cap.
@Valantha Perhaps it has some badass hydraulics to also accelerate it and well F=MxA, if it were me in that big armor I'd also find a way to dissipate a lot more of the Hulk's force, not bear the brunt of it, you know?
Ok, so that time machine will be ready Tuesday? I hope I can wait that long.
I know it's stupid but Black Widow's hair really bothers me.

Great trailer though.
Seems to be speculation that Serkis is playing Klaw.
RDJ Joining CA3 is still rumor at this point, but I believe they would have to pay him a buttload, since he's supposedly locked for Avengers 3.

And for Pepper or Jane to die in the movie, they would probably have to be IN the movie.
It's all guesswork now though, I mean there are several characters confirmed to be in the film that weren't in the trailer at all. I saw nothing of Mario Hill.
I suspect that Joss may have taken the "Can't kill Character X" thing as a challenge. "Okay, I can't kill Cap, because Evans still has to make other movies. Fine. I'll just make Cap want to die."

Honestly, I think that would make for a better movie. He can't keep killing SHIELD people.
Wow. The James Spader voice-over is giving me serious chills. Can it be May now please?
The Age of Ultron trailer just overtook The Avengers trailer in number of views on YouTube. The Avengers has 21,646,832 views over the course of three years. Age of Ultron has 22,733,157 (and counting) in just a day and a half.

[ edited by JesusSavedIn01 on 2014-10-24 08:50 ]
I really like it, but I know someone who didn't - she only watched the movies, is not at all familiar with the comics, didn't get the Pinocchio reference and thought it was just more fighting and made it look like an extension of the first film.
I didn't get the Pinocchio reference, either. The message was still pretty clear. There's a robot. He's telling them that they're being controlled by others, but now nobody is controlling him. I don't think you actually need to recognize that it's coming from Pinocchio.

It's perfectly fair that she didn't get excited from this. This was just a teaser trailer to get across a certain mood. I guess that aspect didn't excite her. I'm sure later trailers and commercials will have more about the characters and plot. Perhaps that will appeal to her.
It looks good, apart from Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. They look nothing like the characters in the comics. Terrible!
I think they look fine. But I'm a little concerned with how their origin story will be handled. I know there are rights issues with mutants, but Wanda and Pietro should be born with their powers, not get them as the product of experimentation or something.

Oh well, not a big concern when the trailer otherwise looks so totally freakin' exquisite.
I have high hopes for Ultron as a villain ever since they cast James Spader in the role. If he says he wants to show us something beautiful and there are no strings on him, I buy it.

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