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October 22 2014

(SPOILER) A clip from next week's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode "A Fractured House". It's a Fitz and Simmons scene and it's intense.

Yeah Sunfire ... you beat me to it, just saw it. Between this and the Avengers trailer I'm now off to search the Internet for funny baby and kitten videos to balance things out
I'm really afraid of whatever her reason is. I feel a new level of sad waiting for Fitz.
Is it Tuesday yet?
Wait... sad? People need kitten videos? Should I watch this clip??

*clicks button anyhow*
This is killing me! Poor Fitz is so broken! And I'm also scared of her answer... =(

Also, that "#formerly known as FitzSimmons" on Whedonesque's Tumblr is extra mean, you guys!

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I'm terrified, someone hold me, fitzsimmons is broken :(
Yeah I mean, if she doesn't return his feelings that's entirely fair. I kinda think it's not that straightforward though.

Also, that "#formerly known as FitzSimmons" on Whedonesque's Tumblr is extra mean, you guys!

For anyone only seeing the loading gif on
Leo has always been my favorite character, but I hate that he es being unfair to Jemma. I guess I will have to watch the episode to form a full opinion.
I would have thought that he was mad that she left because she rejected him. Maybe he came to terms with her feelings for him before he blew the hatch. I'd have to re-watch the scene. I can imagine that Simmons feels a lot of guilt over what Fitz did for her. (I don't think she should feel guilty, but I could understand why she would feel that way.)

Anyway this plays out, it will be an amazing character moment in the middle of a high action episode. This seasons is just cooking along in terms of plot, it's been a-ma-ziiiiiiiing.
Simmons jumped off a plane to save them from the Chitauri virus. If jumping off a plane and giving up your oxygen supply for someone else doesn't warrant love, loyalty, and endearment, what does? She's probably feeling guilty because he did it for her, and she did it for him (by jumping off the plane) but presumably for different reasons. She was trying to save them all for the sake of saving them all, and he did it out of love.

Of course, Ward did jump out of the plane too (I mean, the parachute may not have opened). And no one likes him.
That scene (and episode) was the moment that I DID like him. :)
I think he's mad about her leaving, but not really about her not returning his feelings (although that certainly makes him sad). And even though he is mad, he was still worried about her... "For all I know, you could have been killed!"... That was lovely.
I agree with maxsummers. I don't think Fitz is mad about Simmons not returning his feelings, but more scared for her safety and the fact that he feels useless because of what Ward did to them. The way Simmons speaks in this clip reinforces my thoughts that she left because of survivor's guilt and perhaps also in order to find a cure for Fitz within HYDRA. They are best friends first and foremost.

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