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October 23 2014

A breakdown of The Avengers 2 trailer. There's a number of these articles knocking about the place, io9's feature is one of the better ones. Could that really be who Serkis is playing?

All the speculation about about who's the woman in a certain scene is quite intriguing.
I would love to see a main character crossover from AoS (in addition to Coulson) ... I may be alone in this, but I DO hope that mystery girl is Skye. I find her acting to be some of the most convincing on the show.

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Heh, some fans would be..unhappy if it was Skye. So I now hope it is. :P
It is so definitely not Skye.

Unless maybe her powers have manifested and she's a new Avenger?

No, its probably that Asian actress whose name escapes me at the moment who has been said to be one of the main 3 female leads after Witch and Widow.
Is Thor wearing Malcolm Reynold's coat? 😃
It's been a while but I think the SDCC trailer gave us a decent look at that extra woman. It actually showed a good chunk of that scene. She was either the Asian actress or an unknown. I'd think I'd remember if it was Skye but I'm not positive. Anyone else see that trailer?
My money is on the Korean actress Joss personally cast as well. Character TBA.
Kim Soo Hyun (AKA Claudia Kim)
A few people on another site that went to SDCC said that the only women in that scene were Natasha Romanoff, Jane Foster, Pepper Potts and Maria Hill. Personally, I have no clue who she is.

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Check out the cast credits on IMDB, and someone plays "Klaue's Mercenary", just to pile on to the evidence of Serkis playing Klaw.

And Kim Soo-hyun is listed as "Doctor", which is of little help.

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Jane Foster is in Ultron?!
Didn't think Foster or Pepper was in Ultron.
The mystery woman is the Korean actress Joss chose for the film. It does seem that neither Natalie Portman nor Gwenyth Paltrow are in the movie but Devin Faraci said Jane was in that scene in the script. So maybe there was just some scheduling issues with Natalie Portman if she isn't in it or maybe the tone didn't work.
Portman has expressed some disinterest in more Marvel because of what the director kerfuffle the happened with Thor 2, but I don't know what her contract is like, or if that was just a one of comment in an article.

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