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October 24 2014

(SPOILER) Concept art shows Ultron's ultimate form. James Spader's robot body is revealed.

Muscley and robotic at the same time. Nice.

Someone in the comments said they're terrified of James Spader, and since Ultron looks like him as a robot, they're already freaked out.

Guess I'm going to have to watch IM3 before next May so I know what's going on here. And CA2. Do I need to watch Thor 2, too?

Ultron has Spader's trade mark head tilt, and his stagger (he has a bum leg).
ShadowQuest, the only one of those I think you need to see is CA2 because Avengers 2 will probably go deeper into Cap's thoughts about working outside SHIELD and how he might feel about Ultron.

Thor 2 has nothing to do with Avengers 2 and IM3 will give you some glimpse into Tony's personal trajectory going into why he's created Ultron, but the plot itself has nothing to do with Avengers 2.

With those gifs side by side, it's going to be the Spader Show when we finally get Avengers 2.
Is that a codpiece? Why does a robot have genetalia?
@theninjareport Thor 2 has nothing to do with Avengers 2? Um... did you watch the ending credits?
I'm watching Blacklist right now & I really really want to see Spader in A2.

But if anyone can capture maniacal mechanical Spader - it's Joss.

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