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October 24 2014

Despite leak, "Avengers: Age of Ultron" trailer breaks Marvel record. It received 34.3 million global views in just 24 hours.

Really wish this could have bumped Agents of SHIELD traffic the way it was supposed to.
Yep, my thoughts exactly. Dammit, Hydra!
I just read theres more footage on AOS this week.
@eddy Oh, that would be a brilliant back-up plan! Someone overseas leaked the trailer? Let's show the Comic-Con reel (or something completely new) instead.

EDIT: Here's an IGN report on Marvel Studios' back-up plan for Tuesday that eddy read about.

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Gorram, that's a lot of people.
Well, it's the global effect.

I am not as bummed by the early leak, just wished they had a better digital plan of release. Agents of SHIELD bump effect in the end as relevant as it could have been, the immediate impact is mostly only in North America and on the East Coast and Central areas.

Yes, they could have tried some in conjunction plan, so non-North American markets would've seen the trailer online within a very short time. They probably tried, as the early leak trailer was the one for international markets, probably indirectly resulting in the low quality leak.
I bet many millions of the 35 million were repeat views.

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The Age of Ultron trailer has now reached double The Avengers' three year YouTube view total in just four days.

The Avengers: 21,697,727
Age of Ultron: 42,049,741 (and counting)
4 days?! Wow. Marvel isn't going to let Joss go easily if his movie is already this buzz worthy.
@Dusk According to Devin Faraci at Badass Digest's sources (which are usually pretty solid) the Russo Brothers are not only going to return to direct Captain America 3, they're also currently in talks with Kevin Feige to direct Avengers 3 (and possibly Avengers 4).

I think Joss is going to do exactly what he told Entertainment Weekly two summers ago. When he's done with Age of Ultron he'll join Agents of SHIELD as a staff writer, while focusing on smaller original projects on the side.

I'm assuming (and you know what they say about people who assume) that "smaller original projects" means webseries along the lines of Dr. Horrible and low-to-mid budget movies along the lines of The Cabin in the Woods.

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He'll still be involved with Marvel if only because of SHIELD but once AOU starts bringing in the money then Marvel will probably be more inclined to have Joss around for more. Disney/Marvel could come up with an offer that might make Joss change his mind. Maybe even reduce his immediate workload but lock him into supporting roles for other MCU films, or have him co-direct or something. He seems to love working with Marvel so if he's willing to collaborate with anyone it'd be them.

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