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October 24 2014

NEW Avengers footage to air during Agents of Shield. Marvel says "take that Hydra, you can't take away our ratings bump".

Devin Faraci of Badass Digest says he's been invited to a special Marvel event on Tuesday. He was guessing it was to see this new footage.
And what will they do when this new footage also leaks early?
Show the movie after the episode airs.
Good for Kevin Feige. I already knew he was good at planning and strategising, but the way he's handled the leak has been absolutely brilliant.
Marvel are such benevolent lords. It is a privelege to live under their rule.
I hope this helps AoS with its ratings. I can't wait for the Fitz-Simmons reunion!
So... was this a real leak or a planned leak? People always find leaks more interesting than official releases, because it makes them feel like they're in on a secret. So leak the trailer early, then pull it down, and then when you've got everyone's attention focused on that trailer, put the actual HD out a few hours later and snag 35 million views.

And then, with people foaming at the mouth over the trailer, promise them *more* new footage during AoS next week.
This is what happens when you put people in charge who are also fans. Joss, Feige, Alonso etc. can effectively manage profit and how to adapt to the Age of Online Fandom.
So... was this a real leak or a planned leak?

Somebody thought they knew better than the studio. Which is a problem these days in fandom.
@AndrewCorsset I don't think it was leaked on purpose. Kevin Feige has always been hardcore against leaks. To the point that during filming for the original Avengers the actors had to wear trench coats while outside. Even though we'd already seen their costumes IN FOUR PREVIOUS MOVIES! I've never understood that level of paranoia on Feige's part, but I guess he knows what he's doing.

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Oh, nice recovery!
For some reason, with the specific timing the leak occured, I got the impression it leaked exactly one week early. Someone got the weeks mixed up when they're setting up the trailer calendar or something.
Conjecture is it was somewhere in the European channel where it occurred, as the leaked version featured a "coming to cinemas in April" tag. Americans don't tend to go to "the cinema", and it's opening in the States in May
Oh, nice recovery!

@swanjun -- says it all.

Good for Marvel. But they cannot possibly top what they've already put out. (Or, can they?) This week's trailer was excellent.
I didn't think it was so much an issue of people having seen the costumes before, but that they look unflattering as grainy images taken from far away at unflattering angles. When that's the first time people see these redesigned versions they might be more willing to write it off as opposed to when there's the official color-corrected versions.

Then there are always the differences between films. I sort of wonder why they ended up making Black Widow have the same hair as from The Avengers when in her other two films they went much longer or flat-ironed.
I wonder if there's something happening in this episode of AoS that warrants the Avengers footage? Nothing so overt as a RDJ cameo or anything, but maybe a slight reference or plot tie-in?
AOS has really stepped up their game. Bobbi Morse is a revelation.

I hope this new trailer helps with the ratings because I'm starting to get invested in these characters.
I am really loving all the new characters, which is such a good sign. You always hear about new characters that are lame, but that is so not the case here.

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