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October 27 2014

(SPOILER) Details about Agents of SHIELD S2x07 'The Writing on the Wall'. has the synopsis and the guest stars (bonus if you're a fan of The 4400 and Cougar Town) for the episode that will air on November 11th.

When can we get Britt, Palicki and Simmons promoted to full time cast members....
"All of Coulson's secrets and lies come to a head" whoa Marvel what are we doing the rest of the season without those?
Don't worry they still have Skye's Daddy secret, Raina's secret, Whitehall's Secret, Ward's Family Secret and Fitz Brain Trauma to make us fuss about!

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Then there will be the inevitable tie-ins to Age of Ultron, and that's going to create more problems for SHIELD. Then the team will be divided in the Civil War. Then stuff.
I was curious about that. Does supporting character just mean you aren't in every single episode? I can recall when Amber was a supporting character in Buffy... from half of Season 4 to almost all of Season 6!
@chrisobrien I think they're "almost regulars" like Tara, Lorne and (for a season at least) Ms. Calendar, Faith and Harmony were. I figured this would probably be the case when they were included in the complete cast promotional photo.

As was the case back then it's probably due to a combination of budget restraints and actor availability. I remember Joss and Jeffrey Bell had to fight tooth and nail to get Andy Hallett full-time cast status during Season 4. And I know B.J. Britt is a cast member on BET's Being Mary Jane.

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Question - seeing as Britt works on another show, does that mean that Agents of SHIELD could not legally (for want of another word) call him a regular?
Simon, I think it's about availability and time, based on the contracts he signed. He can't be considered a regular on two shows if the contracts he signed states he must be available for X amount of time for that show per week.

So he's probably a main cast member on Being Mary Jane and not SHIELD because he's required to be on set or has more scenes for that show. Even if he's not in a particular episode, if he's required contractually to be available for it, he might not be able to spend that time filming SHIELD. And because he can't be available for SHIELD during that time either, he's not fulfilling the amount of hours a typical main cast member would need to fulfill.
I think if you're a full regular cast member, they have to pay you for every episode whether you're in it or not. So budget-conscious shows have to limit how many people they can give that status to. Which is why Andy Hallett had to wait until the final season of Angel and Amber Benson never did get it, except for that final-episode stunt.
Thanks to both of you, those are good answers.
So Brian Van Holt plays Sebastian Van Holt? Sounds like a crazy random happenstance.
So the moral of the story is: if they get promoted to regular status in any given episode be afraid, be very afraid. I wouldn't get too attached to any of the recurring characters.

ETA: Is anyone familiar with Craig Titley?

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