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October 28 2014

Ten reasons why you should be watching Agents of SHIELD.'s Charlie Jane Anders lists why the show is now "brilliant, must-watch television".

Just how "must watch" it's become kind of snuck up on me, personally. I was definitely on board and enjoying S1, but suddenly I find myself absolutely on the edge of my seat in S2 and waiting anxiously for each new episode.
I've enjoyed it since the start too be honest, although I'm not sure how much I would be interested in watching early season 1 again. Season 1 post Winter Soldier was got a lot more interesting with its plot and what it was prepared to do with the characters, but there were still some issues to work through.

Season 2 has stepped up the game even more and I would say it was a genuinely very good show now. I don't think we are "must-watch television" yet though. The cast is great now and really in the groove with their characters, as is the writing, but I still think they need to do more with the way the show is shot. It feels a little soulless and, at best, generic. The action sequences have improved this year, but, besides the first time we saw Simmons, there hasn't been any interesting directorial choices going on that could really raise the show to another level.
It's must watch for me. I gear my whole evening around getting infront of the TV at the anticipated time, which is not a small undertaking.

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Definitely must-watch for me, although I admit I DVR it - as I do every show I watch. I'm stuck at home during the day and like to watch when I can fast forward through the ads. I hope articles like this will encourage more people to try it.
We watch it On Demand, because I work nights. But, since I'm not a Nielsen family, it seems watching On Demand may actually be better, since the networks apparently have access to those numbers, unlike the average live watcher.

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