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October 28 2014

Watch the first clip from Avengers: Age of Ultron. This is the official clip/trailer that aired after last night's Agents of SHIELD episode.

So close Cap!
Yes that was interesting.
Plus, there was the look on Thor's face when Cap almost had it. Nice.
Really liked that small bit of Hawkeye dialogue at the beginning. here's hoping Joss gives Jeremy Renner some meaty scenes.
Renner sounded a lot like Sam Rockwell during that first bit of dialogue at the beginning. It had me confused at first.
I think in the Hulk/Hulkbuster scene, the Hulk looks to be on the side of the police. So Ultron controlling Iron Man's suit?
I've had that thought too, Simon!

I half-wish they released this clip/trailer combo as the main trailer. It shows off the mix of comedy-drama much more. The second the trailer proper kicks in, everything holds more weight having just seen them having fun. Great, great stuff!
Here's the other new scene that Marvel presented in LA yesterday (leaked version anyway):

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^ Just choppin' wood together.
Go Cap! I am so excited to see this! Bring on April 23!!
The clip is heavily edited. In various shots you see Hawkeye on the top of a sofa by himself or with Maria Hill. It goes back and forth. So I'm wondering whether it was edited just to make it snappier for the clip or if there's a big honking spoiler inside and we'll all be yelling in our seats in May.

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Nice to see the extra scene, but the first trailer worked better for me. Ultron doesn't come across as menacingly in this one.
Mystery woman sighting at 0:51
Hm, that mystery woman is definitely not Jane or Pepper. I'm putting my bet on Claudia Kim now.
Also, a TARDIS at 1:59.
Watch Mystery Woman just waltz over a lift it with one hand.

It was an enjoyably fun little scene now that I got to see it. Canada didn't air it last night.
in the back of my head, I heard Spike singing "someone wasn't worthy!"
"I will be fair but firmly cruel." Love it!

"From this time forth, Asgard shall observe Casual Fridays."
-- Tony the First, Big Kahuna of Asgard
If the rumors are true that Jane and Thor are no more (and even if they're not), Mystery Woman is probably Scarlet Witch, maybe with Thor, undercover, in order to get in the minds of our heroes and/or act as a spy.
I loved that Cap did manage to budge it (and I totally expect that will pay off somehow), but I found Black Widow's reaction to be the funniest. Deftly takes them all down a peg.

The more Widow in this movie, the better.
This is basically what we saw at SDCC. And yes this clip was edited. We also saw Banner try to lift the hammer, Ultron talk a little more, and Widow and Maria Hill reach for their guns. At the end it looked like all the Avengers were dead/unconscious in a pile of rubble and Tony was standing over them horrified.

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Outtake for the gag reel.

Five minutes earlier,
they're all down getting their drinks at Chez Stark.
While they're not looking, Natasha casually picks Mjolnir up,
effortlessly does Clint's drumstick twirl and sets it back down
exactly where it started. Then walks on and rejoins the group
without batting an eyelash.
Does anyone want to bet that Ultron will find a loophole that makes HIM worthy to lift Mjolnir?

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