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October 29 2014

(SPOILER) Brett Dalton says Ward does not have a "typical redemption arc." EW interviews him following last night's episode.

The writers also teased a bit about the Mystery Man Covered in Tattoos:
So, is it going to be an atypical redemption arc?
@KissingToast - that would be my wild guess, yes :)
He could just arc - into an even more interesting antagonist. He's way better when he's working against the team.
Why doesn't Ward work against everything, from his brother to SHIELD and HYDRA, and still wind up saving the day? As long as it lasts until next May, that will be great.
Honestly, I associate compelling with Ward after what amounted to a character rewrite. He can work for or against the team and it will work just as well.

He was just so meh as a "doesn't get people" good guy, the antagonist looked great by default.

Pay off a long term arc of Ward having to be on his own and he very much fits a compelling protagonist or X factor. His attachments seem to suggest it. Antagonist... I just don't see the beef honestly. You have to make him more flat psycho.
I can see him working well as a rogue element within the universe... someone like Alex Krycek from the X-files. Someone who you are never really sure if he's a good guy, bad guy, or just out for himself. Someone like that can be such a good catalyst for the show.
Personally, I'm not a fan of how both Hydra and SHIELD have treated him. So working as a third party (like Raina is, now that I think of it) seems best for him, in my opinion. It's also more interesting to me.
When I say antagonist I mean more what LaneMeyer is describing. The show has too many "I want to rule the world" type villains already. Raina is quite nice as a contrast. I could see Ward becoming a similar wild card. He has his own motivations and a skill set SHIELD would need to be wary of. As a free agent he could be pretty compelling.
I think his arc will be him finally making decisions for himself. Because so far his entire existence has been to follow someone else's orders. Even his deluded thoughts about being on Coulson's team I saw as him not knowing how to be whoever the heck he is without having someone above him. Not sure SHIELD, or anyone else for that matter, is going to like who Ward is once he finally does take full control of his life. But I bet it'll be fun to watch.

And then May kicks his ass. The end.

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