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October 29 2014

Rotten Tomatoes declares Firefly "Certified Fresh". The popular site has finally gathered up critical responses to the series.

Hopefully Buffy, Angel, and other television classics aren't far behind. Thus far, the site has focused on keeping up with current series, but it appears that that's changing now.

"Firefly earns its audience's adoration with the help of Nathan Fillion's dry delivery, a detailed fantasy world, and compelling storylines -- even if it doesn't stand with creator Joss Whedon's most consistent work."

I disagree with the 'consistent' part. Firefly is just as good as the first seasons of all of Joss's shows (and better in some cases). The difference is they were renewed.
Maybe they used the wrong word. Or they used consistent wrong and meant something similar to reference the fact that Firefly was so short lived...?
Yeah, I think it's the most consistently good TV show Joss ever did. I know it was only 14 episodes, but there wasn't a stinker among them.
Yeah, I feel like it's by far his strongest first season. And the negative review critiques seem odd to me. Like maybe they walked in expecting a completely different show and are kind of pissed about it. Then again, these days it's harder to find reviewers that'll judge a story on its own merit.
Also the choice of "fantasy world" is odd considering Firefly is clearly Sci-Fi. The two meld and make things debatable in a lot of SF shows (Lost comes to mind especially) but... Firefly is pretty grounded.
We were all ahead of the curve on this one! We knew it was fresh!

For me it his most consistent series. For me it is the perfect miniseries boxset.

Some of the reviews are for the complete series boxset, and others are from when they show had recently premiered on FOX. That might be why some of the reviewers seem thrown for a loop.

They're reviewing the (intended) second and third episodes of a serialized mash-up genre show involving nine main characters that was inaccurately marketed as a mostly comedic romp ("And a girl in a box"). They're reaction is the same as mine was back in 2002 (I liked John Doe better, for some bizarre reason).

When I saw it again on DVD I fell in love with every episode. Well, except for Safe and Heart of Gold. Strong concepts with poor execution by Drew Z. Greenberg (then fairly inexperienced) and Brett Matthews. I loved the scenes Tim and Joss ghost wrote for them, though.

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Firefly was nothing if not consistent. The only less than great episode was "The Train Job" and that still had Mal throwing the big guy in the spaceship thingy and drugged Jayne.

You could compare Firefly with the best Buffy seasons and it would not come at a loss.
If Avengers does well with critics, I hope Joss returns to complete a Serenity trilogy.
I thought "Heart of Gold" was the weakest of the show's episodes. I'm glad I'm not the only one (outside of everyone in my family) who wasn't in love with it. I wasn't in hate with it, but it wasn't as interesting or polished as the other episodes.
I so miss it.
Firefly's delight for me has waned a bit. It's Joss at his least feminist, with only Kaylee being a real subversion. There's something a bit inherently problematic in stealing the post-American Civil War setting and framing the losers of said war as the good guys. And, as many have pointed out, for a half-Chinese 'verse, there sure as heck aren't many Asians. And the kick-a-guy-into-the-engine gag just isn't as funny for me any more, since it's a flagrant violation of Mal's rule about killing (that is, said person to be killed will be facing him and armed).

That said, the characters are exceptionally well-drawn, it's beautifully shot, and eps like "Out of Gas" and "The Message" are just heartbreaking... and "Well, my days of not taking you seriously are definitely coming to a middle" is still one of the funniest lines I have ever heard.

It's not a revolutionary show, like Buffy; it leaves quite a few things alone. (Maybe it would have poked at more of those things had the show gone on longer.) But it's a real warm and welcoming show.

Indeed, maybe it's as simple as this: Firefly is the comfort food of Joss's menu.

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