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March 24 2004

The Path of Wesley Wyndham-Pryce. DarkWorlds' resident Angel writer expounds on how Wesley's recent darkness has always been in him.

Interesting. Personally, I miss some of Wesley's goofiness. I'm glad he evolved but would he really have lost all of that? I think it would be nice to see a sort of co-existence of these qualities. And Alexis Denisof is so good at physical comedy.
I think we would've seen a return to Wesley's slightly more goofy side had he and Fred been together long enough.
If you step away from the affection that we have for Willow (because, really, who doesn't adore Willow?) and look at the situation objectively, he was correct. Even though Buffy and her army of fellow students stopped Mayor Wilkins shortly after he became a giant demon-snake, many still died on Graduation Day, including Principal Snyder, Larry, and Harmony. These deaths could have been averted if they had sacrificed Willow. And, had they not succeeded in stopping him post-ascension, the death toll could have been far worse.

No offense, but wouldn't they have lost more had Willow not been around during the finale? I'm just being a smart-ass about that comment.

Really good article though. I agree on the same level that one of the more interesting characters on Angel has been Wesley.
I love this article - because not only is Wesley a very well written character with excellent personal development over the years, he is also HOT! Oh! It's like having some eye candy that also stimulates the mind! Oh!
...was able to shoot an underling for poor prioritizing skills...

Isn't quite accurate. The underling was impeding the process of saving Fred, using resources that could have gone to the most important cause. He was a threat and was disabled.
Isn't quite accurate. The underling was impeding the process of saving Fred, using resources that could have gone to the most important cause. He was a threat and was disabled.

I'd call that poor prioritizing. I'd call any prioritizing that gets you shot "poor".
Yeah, i'm being a bit picky. Just trying to point out that the guy was shot for more than basic poor order in his daily task list, he was a problem that could lead to a delay in Fred being cured.
I think Ms. Berner's intent there was humor, m'self.
Good stuff. Wesley might just very well be my favorite Buffyverse character.
It really is a shame that the WB has failed to capitalize on Wesley's appeal, on his complex personality. I remember their preview for 'Lineage' did not include Wesley at all. In general, a strong ensemble show ought to be promoted in a way that emphasizes the appeal of all the characters (not just Angel).

And I think Alexis' good looks help with that, too; it's about the character and the actor, both.
"Most of the attention might be paid to the undead on ANGEL, but for my money, the most fascinating character on the show is Wesley Wyndam-Pryce."

When I first starting watching Angel and they brought Wesley back my first thought was, "I can't believe they killed Doyle and then we get Wesley on top of it. He'll never be right for the show." Once again Joss & Co. proved me wrong. That statement above is so true. Wesley is my favorite character on Angel, possibly my favorite in the Buffyverse... I still love my Xander though :)

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