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October 31 2014

Almost every reference in The Cabin in the Woods explained. Youtube Channel GoodBadFlicks takes a look at the various influences on "The Cabin in the Woods".

Wow, this was really good. Compiling this must've been a ton of work!
Very well done. I watched another similar video that used stills from the movie, and noticed for the first time how much the doctor being impaled by the unicorn looks like Angel being impaled by Buffy in posture.

Some of the monster names amuse me - Angry Molesting Tree. Zombie Redneck Torture Family. Dismemberment Goblins.
I just disagree, about the "Angry Molestibg Tree", which could from William Friedkin's The Guardian.
So there's an 'angry molesting tree' trope?
I guess it's a good thing the kids never got too close to the Whomping Willow in Harry Potter.
It apparently is a trope: I thought the Angry Molesting Tree was a reference to Poltergeist myself.
How is it I've watched the film so many times and never noticed the electric jolt that makes Dana drop the knife?

I'm impressed by how many views the video has. I didn't know The Cabin in the Woods had become that well known. And yes, when Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard mention 'Vampires' I'm sure they're referring to Nosferatu...
I'm a little curious about the explanations. For example, how do we know that "clowns" references a specific source, instead of just the idea a lot of people have that clowns are creepy?
@Bluelark Same here. I can't believe I didn't notice that. It was a nice subtle touch on Drew and Joss' parts.

"Angry Molesting Tree" as a trope is something I'd never really considered before. There are a lot of them. The one in The Evil Dead is way too rapey for me, though. I prefer Raimi's more tasteful (and creative) approach to the tree in Evil Dead II. That scene was brilliantly edited.

I really liked how "The KKK" is just randomly thrown out there without comment. Never noticed the Reaver before either. This video makes me respect Drew and Joss even more for how much thought and effort they put into the movie. Often for great background details that go unnoticed but add a ton of texture to the piece. It goes off Netflix in a couple days. I need to rewatch it before it's gone.

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TV Tropes doesn't separate the molesting trees into a different category, but they do have a section on the angry vegetation trope.

As always, be careful not to lose days of your life when entering TV Tropes.

When Trees Attack

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There is also the tree from Lars von Trier's Antichrist, which was very.... intimate with Charlotte Gainsbourg's character.

The video was impressive and I hadn't noticed many points, as the Reaver and the small shock, but other minor details are fusy and can be from different sources, like the sphere could be a version of Hellraiser's cube, the dolls may refference the Puppet Master and Kevin could be from We Need to Talk About Kevin or, my favourite Home Alone.
There's ever so many evil dolls. Not scary like evil clowns, though. I collect action figures and my daughter had a friend who wouldn't go near them - phobia about little reproductions of people, I think.
I thought the angry *molesting* tree specifically referenced "Evil Dead." Otherwise, it could just be angry tree, which goes back to "The Wizard of Oz" :)
Who knew trees where so versatile. (P.S. Ents. They got pretty angry, IIRC.)
Wasn't there an Angry Molesting Tree on Angel?

Fred and Gunn were out on a case and it turned out there was some sort if creepy tree behind it all?
And we can make a big turn, putting a stressed Groot in the role.

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