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October 31 2014

(SPOILER) Synopsis and cast list for Agents of SHIELD 2.08 "The Things We Bury". There are a few very pleasant surprises among the guest stars.

Another Dollhouse star joining this verse! :D
Oh, I just did the dance of joy!
Dichen! And Hayley Atwell! And an actor who is presumably the son of Lou Ferrigno, voice of The Hulk!
First Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon, then Enver Gjokaj and now Dichen Lachman. Marvel Studios is making great use of the few positive developments that came out of Dollhouse. Here's hoping Fran Kranz is next!

By the way, is anyone else thinking that Dichen's playing a more important character than just a random "young woman"?
Also, although she was already part of the whedonverse, Amy Acker.
That's right! I forgot about Reed. Whitehall's a fantastic villain. He's like the lovechild of Holland Manners and a Nazi. Just, you know, immortal. I'm glad we're getting more WWII flashbacks with him and Agent Carter.
Yeah, I really hope we see more of Amy and Patton Oswalt. They seem to have pretty busy schedules, though.

On a non-Dollhouse note, I can't wait for J. August Richards to return as Deathlok. Mockingbird and Deathlok backing up Coulson and the rest of the team would be epic!
While we're bringing up Dollhouse connections to the Marvel tv shows, don't forget that the showrunners for Agent Carter and Daredevil were all writers on Dollhouse.
I loved Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas' Reaper. It's a shame it was so short-lived. And although I'd rather have Drew Goddard's Darevdevil, Steven S. DeKnight's Inside Out and Shells are among my favorite episodes of Angel. I'm really looking forward to Agent Carter and Daredevil.

By the way, Guardians of the Galaxy's writer/director James Gunn has been a friend of Joss' for years. His brother Sean (who was hilarious as Kirk on Gilmore Girls) guest starred on Angel twice during its first season. And James was reportedly the inspiration for Gunn's name.

Joss and his friends/collaborators have really become a huge part of Marvel Studios the last couple of years. Mutant Enemy conquers Hollywood!

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My eyes!! Not only are they bringing in every single awesome guest character (sans Raina though) of this season, but they added Dichen?? Yay!! Sorry... got really excited.
Fran Kranz tweeted then deleted this!

[ edited by Barry Woodward on 2014-11-01 18:09 ]
The character Fran tweeted about, Robbie Baldwin, becomes the superhero Speedball. In the comics, the collateral damage from his battle with the supervillain Nitro triggers Civil War. Is it a coincidence Marvel Studios just announced Captain America: Civil War? Hmm...

[ edited by Barry Woodward on 2014-11-01 17:15 ]
Let's just hope Fran escapes with his life, if he's leaked something big. Better keep quiet about it for now. :D
Ah yes. The old "quickly deleted tweet" routine. :-)

The producers are wising up to the fact that people won't tune in to watch cool stuff unless they know beforehand that there's going to be cool stuff.
Damn, sounds like Franz could potentially have a pretty big role that would mark the first time AoS had an influence on the movies in a visible way. Of course, they could play it many different ways, but still. Interesting possibilities with that tweet for sure.
Yay, Dichen! I totally agree she's being set up for something more significant than "a young woman."

And if Fran is on board, I will be even more thrilled. He needs a scene with Iain de Caestecker, like pronto.

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