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November 01 2014

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy Season 10 #9. The issue is out November 19th.

I love Giles's dinosaur dressing gown.

Oh, and Buffy and Spike dealing with the no soul thing.
I was just in a discussion about how Spike could have loved Buffy in season 6 without a soul. I guess now that's going to be addressed.
The memory of love? I always thought of him as still having a lot of William in him. I'm not sure I want to know in canon, honestly.
So Spike without a soul didn't loved Buffy? That's what they are trying to say in the preview? Some fans will not love this. Christos Gage is really brave.
I've always had the opinion that True Love (in the Princess Bride sense) was impossible unless you had a soul. Spike may have felt like he loved Buffy (and Drusilla said that vampires love "all too well"), but I always saw it as a selfish kind of love. I want this person, rather than I want to be there for that person. Spike only found out what True Love meant after he got his soul back.

That's only my opinion, and I like that Cristos is talking about Spike's feelings.
Dru said "We can love quite well. If not wisely." It isn't totally straight forward to say Spike's soulless love was selfish, there was plenty of that for sure, but he also endured Glory's torture and stayed when Buffy died to look after Dawn. I expect that it will be that his feelings souled showed him the lack of what he felt before though and as the AR prompted him to seek to change it makes perfect sense that he would be critical of his feelings/actions presoul.
I think this Jian Ghomesi thing has Spike re-thinking whether you can love someone and hit them.
I don't think I can watch Intervention and not believe at the end that Spike loved Buffy.

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