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November 04 2014

(SPOILER) Joss talks feminism and Avengers leaks with Vulture. "It's an ugly time because change is happening. It would be lovely to be living after the change has happened."

You should put a spoiler tag on this.
I've added a spoiler tag to be cautious. For those who are interested, the spoiler is the appearance of two characters that was recently leaked by a chatty cast member.

This is a nice read. I'm always curious what it's like to be at the center of the MCU maelstrom.
I would think actors who leak information would be in danger of being sued, to be honest. Disney has sued for much less.
I doubt they want to stir up that sort of animosity. They're remarkably good at keeping a big all star cast quiet. An occasional slip will still happen.
Yeah, the last thing they want is lawsuits and bad blood flying around this movie.
I do wish I didn't find out honestly ... I like Marvel surprising me but I'm not THAT upset, just makes me want to see the movie more ;)

Let's not forget RDJ spilled similar beans and got Joss and the PTB bit miffed as well.
It happens. I'm glad I know because I would have been distracted.

I absolutely adore what Joss said about confronting misogyny. I run into that feeling when confronted with any kind of bigotry. I'm all "what? Wait WHAT?" He just nailed that feeling here.

And who is the fan who gave him a different take on his work? Was it me? You? Admins? That tweeter over there? Who?

He's such a tease.

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I agree, Mirage. It would have been a fun surprise, but the news does make me even more excited for the movie.
I admit to being a bit annoyed with a certain actor who spilled certain beans, especially as I'm a fan of said actor and he came across said interview as a little bit of a whiner

Good little interview of Joss though. Certainly would have expected the interviewer to at least broach the subject of Joss' "slate", it would have been such an easy segue, after he's done with Avengers edit. It may be me, but it seems Joss is much more relaxed this go around and seems to be enjoying the process quite a bit.

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