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November 04 2014

Agents of SHIELD got good by forgetting about superheroes. "It's taken a few more months before I was ready to say it in public, but I'm coming out of the closet: Agents of SHIELD is probably among my four or five most anticipated shows in a given week."

That was a good read.
Yes, very thorough and, in my opinion, accurate assessment of the show from its inception until now. I would only quibble with the view that the current level of quality began at the end of last season. I agree the end of last season showed improvement over the beginning. But I think this season is significantly better still.
That was a good read! I wish AoS was on tonight! Instead, we get some crappy Marvel special. 🙊
Any show is going to have lots of repeats/pre-emptions because there's way more weeks in a year than there are episodes. So I got to watch a Marvel special in network prime time about comic books and it was great!
Arrow started out as a very strong show, and while it got a bit soapy it' still very entertaining and has a strong style (and excellent fight choreography). AoS was pretty bland and tame in comparison, but has really grown to be as good as (or better than) the other DC shows. All the current shows are great at giving nods to a larger superhero universe: references to the Justice League in the Flash, introducing Victor Szasz in Gotham, adding Hydra and Mockingbird and possibly the Kree in AoS.

I've always preferred Marvel over DC, and I love Maurissa and Jed, so Agents remains my favorite show.
Before the start of this season, I would've said I liked Arrow more, but that is no longer the case and I am happy as I can be about that! :)

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