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November 04 2014

Extended "Agent Carter" trailer. An extended look at "Agent Carter," which aired Tuesday night during the Marvel special.

"What happens at nine o'clock?"
"The wife and I go to bed."
Awesome! Looking forward to Agent Carter!
Any chance the special will air again? It was preempted here due to election coverage.
I don't suppose Enver is in this trailer, eh?
I did love Jarvis in that. He was rather very butlery, which felt perfect.

I think the setting and mood is going to give this show a really good style.
Are there any Whedon connections in this show? Show-runners? Writers? Producers? Anything like that?

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Penthos, I think the showrunners are Fazekas and Butters who were on Dollhouse, and Enver Gjokaj is in the cast.

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Also this show ties in with AoS, which is a Whedon show. Can't see the trailer in the UK unfortunately.
If you are in the UK - try this link.
Loads of lovely touches, I can't wait.
Are there any Whedon connections in this show?

Yes but there won't be a weekly episode/ratings discussion for the show. As it's the tv equivalent of an non-Avengers MCU movie.
I'm super-psyched that Howard Stark is in this, and even more so that it has a flesh-and-blood Jarvis. Did we know that before?
Has it been said if this is going to be a one time event or a recurring series ? I am starting to get the feel that its the former and that next year they might do something entirely different.
Agent Carter has always been discussed in the trades as a regular drama series and not a limited series or mini-series.
Squishy - We did. The casting was announced a while back.
Thank you, strangeaction. Does anyone know if it has been picked up by any British channel?
Gill, it would seem likely (though not definite) that whoever is airing Agents of SHIELD in the UK would also air Agent Carter as they probably have an output deal with ABC Studios.
Does anyone know if it has been picked up by any British channel?

There's been no news about it but I would say Amazon Prime as an outside bet.
Any chance the special will air again? It was preempted here due to election coverage.

madmolly |

Same here. The local news took up at least 10 minutes toward the end of the special, so the outgoing governor of Pennsylvania could give his concession speech.

As for not discussion of the show on Tuesday nights, anyone want to discuss it elsewhere? If so, where can we do this? Facebook? Or should I look into setting up a site for this? has an Agent Carter site (Link:). I would imagine they would be doing discussion there.
Thanks. I hope others from here will join me there!

1) Tara Butters & Michele Fazekas (who were the showrunners of Dollhouse: Season 2) are the showrunners. They were also the showrunners of Reaper.

2) Enver Gjokaj (who played Victor on Dollhouse) is a main cast member.

3) Firefly writer/executive story editor Jose Molina (who wrote Ariel and co-wrote Trash) is a member of the writing staff.

The only official Mutant Enemy production is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., with Joss himself making the first two Avengers movies. But Guardians of the Galaxy, Agent Carter and Daredevil also feature friends and/or former Mutant Enemy co-workers of Joss' at the helm with various Mutant Enemy writers and/or actors also involved in each. We can thank The Avengers' success as well as Joss' longstanding friendship with Kevin Feige for that. It still blows my mind that Seth Green is Howard the Duck.

Useless fact for the day, according to this CinemaBlend interview with James Gunn discussing how Joss got him the job writing/directing Guardians of the Galaxy, the Angel character Charles Gunn was named after James Gunn. I knew his brother Sean (who was hilarious as Kirk on Gilmore Girls) guest starred twice in the first season as two completely different characters, but his longstanding friendship with Joss and the origin of Gunn's name were both news to me.

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